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12 eye-popping cut and torn paper art images by Patrick Gannon adorn the 12 months of the year in the 2013 Cut Paper Art Calendar.
127 backers pledged $5,583 to help bring this project to life.

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Turn the Page - The 2015 Cut Paper Art Calendar (+ T-shirt) Campaign

Posted by Patrick Gannon (Creator)
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you once again for your support in making the 2013 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign a success!  I was so pleased that some of you joined us again in 2014, and I hope that everyone will consider supporting my art project this time around.

Once again, I'm back on Kickstarter with the new Calendar project, a handful of new art alongside old favorites, plus some fresh ideas I'm really, really excited about. 

The 2015 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign

A Tiger on a Tee

I've always wanted to wear my art. The time never seemed right, before. Happily, this feels like a great time to add a new stretch goal and print a t-shirt.

We've spent the last 2 months talking to t-shirt printers all around Fukuoka. We've found one we like. Our plan is to do a print run of 100 (or more?). We're looking at printing a full-color direct-to-garment design. The color of the shirt will depend on which looks best. More info as we get close to the goal.

We should have some pictures or a video up soon, showing a prototype of the design - the same tiger who graces the cover of our calendars. I'm so excited for this, and really, really, really hope we get the chance to move forward!

Four Legs and Hooves

Each year, I try to freshen up the calendar, keeping the things you love while adding a dash of the new. As the Year of the Horse gallops into the sunset, the Year of the Sheep has ascended the craggy peaks to take his place.

I had a lot of fun making this new piece, and am really happy with the way it turned out. Who knew a sheep (okay, a ram) could be so grand.

Paper, Paper, & More Paper

Our sheepish friend is just the first piece of new art. Frigid December waves goodbye to a cardinal to greet a pair of foxes and their friends. August will also get a new piece (I'm still weighing my options there).

More Papery Goodness

There's also a new video (I got the chance to dabble with some animation), new Thank-You rewards, hopefully a new lasercut, an upcoming chance to vote for artwork and more.

Thank you again for your support last year! I know a handful of you have already sauntered on over to the new project. I hope the rest of you will come by, check us out, and consider supporting us!



The 2015 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign - Learn More

Coming Around Again - the 2014 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign

Posted by Patrick Gannon (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much again for helping to make the 2013 Cut Paper Art Calendar campaign a successful one! I had a fantastic time getting to know all of you.

This year, once again, I've come to Kickstarter to fund my Calendar project. I'm amazed with our progress. The campaign has only been online for a few days and we're already successful!  In fact, we've blown past our initial goal and the first 2 stretch goals. The biggest advance over last year is the timing.  We've started this early just so we can get the calendars out before the new year (and hopefully in time for the holiday season!)

I hope that you enjoyed the calendar, postcards, and other rewards this past year, and will consider joining us for another 365 days of Paper Art.

The 2014 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign

Vote For the Cover

There are a few new twists this year. 2014 seems like the right time to pick a new cover, and I'd love for the backers to help me choose.  I've narrowed the choice down to three possibilities 'please see the photo below).  Voting is ongoing!

New Bonus Rewards and Stretch Goals

We're right on the cusp of the 3rd stretch goal - the Year of the Horse Lasercut!  Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to offer the lasercut free with calendars.  Some of you may remember the drama of having to switch laser cutters last year.  I may not have mentioned it, but the price of the cut ended up being roughly triple what we had been promised by the first company.  On the plus side, I will be offering it as a Reward for backers to purchase at a significant discount over the price I'll be asking on my website shop!

Thanks Again for supporting me last year. I know a few of you have already found your way over to the 2013 calendar, and I'd love to see all of you join us there!



ps: **We got great feedback from the backers last year - they really loved the calendar! However, I should mention that I never received survey results from 3 backers. Because of this, I could not ship out your rewards :(   Sorry! I don't receive a mailing address until I get the surveys, so can't ship until you answer. Also, one person received the first group of rewards, but has yet to reply about which print they want. I've tried to email directly, but have received no answers. If you're one of these 4 people, please contact me soon, and we'll resolve this!**

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The Big Wrap Up

Posted by Patrick Gannon (Creator)

Hello again Everyone,

This will most likely be the last update for quite awhile - perhaps until Autumn when I start digging in my heels and working on the 2014 calendar campaign.

About Rewards

I am very pleased to say that most of the reward packages have shipped!  "Why most and not all?" you might ask.  Well, as it turns out, I'm still waiting for contact information or reward selections from a couple folks.  If you haven't answered your survey yet (there are 3 or 4 of you), please do so soon.  Your rewards are ready to go as soon as I hear from you!

The LaserCuts all shipped out by April 4th.  Hopefully yours has arrived and isn not meandering around the world via post.


Check it out, your name is on the internets!  The 2013 Cut Paper Art Calendar Thank-You Page is live.

Momentary PaperScraps

I hope that you have enjoyed my cut paper artwork, and all the rewards.  If you have, and you would like to keep up with me, my work, exhibitions, and that sort of thing, please consider signing up for my newly redesigned newsletter.  It is temporarily called PaperScraps - I'm currently looking for a new name to go along with the relaunch.  The first issue is about a trio of competitions; two which I am hosting, and one which I entered.

You can sign up here:

Or check it out in the current issue here:

And so it goes

That about wraps things up.  The new rewards (prints, postcards and laser cut) are now available in my online shop for those who would like to give them as gifts (or build a papery hoard of your own); .

Mostly, I just want to, once again, express my gratitude.  Without your assistance and encouragement, there would be no calendar or LaserCut (about which I am still giddy).  So, thank you all for your support!  I hope to see you in the Fall for a (*finger's crossed*) more timely 2014 Calendar!



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Posted by Patrick Gannon (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

I'm recently returned from the opening in Changwon, South Korea (a very nice town with a ton of museums and, I think, more cafes than people) when today, an envelope appeared in my mailbox containing the LaserCut Proofs!

This is my first LaserCut, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Considering all of the angst-ridden conversations with our new (and improved) LaserPeople, I honesly believed that opening the envelope would reveal the smoking, twisted ruin of my snake.

Happily, the Snake looks amazing!  Mostly amazing, anyway.  There are still a few lines that were too thin and the laser burned through.  And a couple cuts are a bit smooth and curvy for my tastes - I do like my jaggies.  Overall, though, they did a great job.  It's Friday night here in Fukuoka, so I hope to make the corrections and submit the final serpent sometime Monday.  If all goes as planned, I should have a couple days at the tail end of March to pack these wrigglers up and ship them, along with most of the remaining rewards, to you.

I'm excited!


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The Rollercoaster

Posted by Patrick Gannon (Creator)

Hello again, and Happy March!

Things here in the studio have been exciting since the last update. Many calendars and postcards have shipped out, and found their way to the four corners of our round world. I held my solo exhibition here in Fukuoka - and that solo exhibition will take it's first road trip to South Korea next weekend. In the meantime, I've already gotten started on next year's calendar image for the year of the horse ( you can see work-in-progress shots on my Facebook page).

Postcard Pack 4

Things are progressing here too. Cast your eyes downwards to the bottom of this update and you will see the color proofs for Postcard Pack 4 - along with some other cards which I was running out of. I expect those Postcards to arrive before the end of this coming week. If I have the chance, I will begin shipping them out to the backers who asked for them before my trip to Korea. If not, they will go out as soon as I get back on the 12th.

Backers who requested JUST Postcard Packs will be shipped to first.

Backers who requested Postcard Pack 4 along with the calendar (which, in most cases, has already shipped) are asked to be a teensy bit more patient until...

The LaserCut

Ah, the LaserCut. Over the past month, it has taken up much more of my time than I had ever expected. It's a long story, really, that began with one company telling me that they could produce the lasercut, no problem, back when I first announced it as a bonus reward for this project. They never were particularly clear on how to prep the files for it, and it's been a long, arduous road of trial and error. Finally, they admitted that they can't handle the job. I was displeased.

Luckily, we have finally found a new company that actually can produce the laser snake. We're still talking to them about what kind of paper we can use - it may be necessary to switch to a black snake instead of white as burning by the laser seems to be an issue. It looks like an A5 card (about 6" x 8 1/4") is most likely, but if there are too many difficulties, it might be necessary to go to B5. I still might need to fiddle with the file a little more in order to widen the lines enough to allow the laser to cut properly.

But these are just details. The important news is good - we have a laser cutter. I've seen some of their work before, and it is superb.

Turnaround could take as long as ten days after editing is complete and the file is accepted, allowing us just enough time to ship within March, as announced. I'll be sure to post an update with news, good or bad.

Thanks again for your support and patience!  This has been an educational experience and I'm very happy all of you could come along on the journey.


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