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Launch the tour of "Generation 9/11: So Far / So Close"'s video poster

A one-man show about how people in my generation were affected by 9/11 from afar, based on your stories. Fast-paced, moving, and funny. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 7, 2011.

A one-man show about how people in my generation were affected by 9/11 from afar, based on your stories. Fast-paced, moving, and funny.

About this project

Any money above the original $5000 goal will be used to bring the tour back to the US after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thank you for your generosity! Here's to Edinburgh and beyond!

PS An informal, somewhat silly video I recorded about this final push can be found here:


Thanks for stopping by, Kickstarters! With your help, we'll be able to take this one-man show to the venue below:

in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland:


during August 5-27, 2011. That's it in a nutshell.

About the show.

Where were you? Generation 9/11: So Far / So Close is a one-man show about how people in my generation were affected by Sept 11th at a distance. It’s based on the real stories of everyday folks who found out about the attacks via the TV, internet, and word-of-mouth. A fast-paced, multi-character, and deeply human collage, it’s frequently moving and surprisingly funny.  

How you can help.

By supporting this project, you’re launching the international tour of the show, starting at the largest arts festival in the world: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

You can:

A) Donate: Help fund the show, and get one of the rewards to the right (and up a bit.) You can donate any amount >1$.

B) Communicate: Send this page to your people, telling them how great the project is.

C) Follow: "Like" the Facebook page. Follow the show on Twitter.

D) All of the above!

Why back this project?

From Performer/Producer Chris Wolfe:

"As we approach the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, this show is an attempt to understand and to share. To try and comprehend the enormity of an event that has defined my generation (roughly, 18 to 38-year-olds.) For me, the best way to understand is to talk to as many people as possible, to listen, and then to perform their stories on stage.

Other projects have explored the stories of survivors, rescuers, victims, and family members, powerfully and far better than I ever could. The text of Generation 9/11 is inspired by the stories of people who were not there -- people affected indirectly and at a distance.  Some stories are included in the show the way they were told to me. Others are changed, mashed-up, turned into movement, etc. The end result is a complex and storied portrait of where we are 10 years later.

So much has happened in the past decade. The points-of-view around 9/11 (and everything that has followed) have become increasingly polarized and simplified. Theater, especially solo performance, is able to engage with the multitude and complexity of these voices in a way that the media can or will not. The show is not about easy solutions; it explores the diversity of responses, and reflects where we are now and how we've changed.

The show's time is now, at the 10-year anniversary. I've performed a short version of the show (“Speaking the Names”) throughout the Bay Area (San Francisco, Berkeley, etc.) and in Los Angeles. People always come up to me after the show and want to talk about their experience, where they were and how they responded. Often, people are surprised by one or more of the stories told: "I'd never heard that before." That's why I am passionate about this show: because I believe our personal stories about 9/11 need to be shared with others.

In short, you're not only helping launch the tour of this show in Edinburgh. By backing this show, you're keeping alive the personal and collective memory of 9/11, and enriching the discussion about how 9/11 has affected us all."

What your money does.

Simply put, your backing gets this show up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

More specifically, your money will pay for:

  • Venue Rental: $3000
  • Marketing: $700
  • Transportation: $650
  • Registration & Fees: $650 ----> SUB-TOTAL: $5000

This is the absolute barebones budget we need to put this show up Edinburgh. Additional funds help bring the team to Edinburgh and expand our marketing and touring efforts.

  • Show Operator: $500
  • Production/Marketing Team: $2000 (this would include Show Operation)
  • Bring the show to SF: $3000 ($1000 travel / $2000 marketing)
  • And more! ----> TOTAL:  $10,000+

The more money raised, the more cities visited, the farther the show goes!

Why Edinburgh?

Three reasons: People, press, and producers. All three will be at the biggest arts festival on earth.

People: Last year, there was an international audience of just under 2 million. We want them to see the show. (Though probably not all of them. At least not all at once.)

Press: Getting good press at Edinburgh makes it much easier to promote the show elsewhere. A show “hot off a hit run at Edinburgh” has clout.

Producers: The festival is one of the best places to find new writing and shows, so producers come from around the world. For example, a friend toured Europe for a year after their run at Edinburgh.


Thanks for helping to make the show possible!

For more information, find the show on Facebook.

To contact: stories(at)9-11SoloShow(dot)com



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