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Eminence: Xander's Tales is a card collecting role playing adventure which takes place in a world where fantasy and science collide.
Eminence: Xander's Tales is a card collecting role playing adventure which takes place in a world where fantasy and science collide.
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Eminence is on the iOS app store!

Posted by Aeterna Studios (Creator)

Greetings Alchemists!

We're excited to share with you that the game has been approved by Apple and is available to download worldwide on the iOS app store. You can download it now!

From the day we launched our Kickstarter up to this point, we've taken a long road filled with many challenges. We're excited to finally release Eminence: Xander's Tales onto the world and look forward towards the next chapter. Thanks to all of you for enabling us to begin the journey. We'll be doing a full post mortem at the some point in the future to share our experience and learnings.


As we announced in our last update, our intention was to run the beta for a little longer than planned but unfortunately we've fully exhausted our development fund. The Android build is nearly ready but we haven't tested it to the level we'd like. Following the iOS launch, we'll shift our focus to prepping the Android build so it's publicly ready. We'll keep you guys posted but please keep in mind that it will be delayed due to very limited resources so ETA on an official Android release is TBC. 

The Eminence Team

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    1. Aeterna Studios Creator on

      @Nick in the next couple of weeks. We'll start off with distributing card packs and coins. There will be an update on this very soon. But when we're ready to issue these rewards out we'll need you to provide us with your in game username.

    2. Nick C

      So I created an account and logged in. It looks cool and I need to mess around with it more tomorrow. I haven't been paying lots of attention, so when will we be receiving our digital rewards (packs etc) in game?

    3. Raven Daegmorgan

      That is much clearer than the vague explanation above. The "we don't have the resources" bit still makes me extremely twitchy, however. Thank you for the response!

    4. Aeterna Studios Creator on

      @Game-O-Gami: It's still on our roadmap but will depend on how the game does.

      @Raven: We definitely plan on releasing an Android build. As we've stated in our last update, bar one task around integrating the IAP, the build is nearly ready. We just didn't get a chance to thoroughly QA the build to the level we'd like. Now that iOS is out, we can shift focus to the Android build and getting that out of the door. Unfortunately, we only had one iOS dev at the time so we prioritised accordingly. We do apologise for the inconvenience but plan on keeping everyone in the loop about the Android release.

      @Alex: Thanks so much for the kind words :). Yes PS4 is still on our roadmap but that will depend on the overall resources/support Sony will be able to provide to help us get the game on there. We'll keep you posted on this in the future.

    5. Game-O-Gami on

      What about Steam/PC launch?

    6. Raven Daegmorgan

      "We're now supporting iOS and Android devices from launch."

      Come on, guys, this means a bunch of us paid money so iOS users could have a game. And all your other backers might, maybe, get one, eventually, sometime down the road, in some distant and undefined future. Perhaps. If you have time.

      You must see how unacceptable this is.

    7. Alex Hemming on

      Congratulations guys!! This is amazing news :D Can't believe it's been 3 years since I first played this back at EGX. I'll wait patiently for the Android version, but have fun all you Apple folks!

      Random bit, but I remember speaking to you at the time and you mentioned it may come on to the PS4 and PS Vita at some point, is that still something you're considering?