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A great epic strategic game for 3-9 players with hundred army miniatures, lot of tokens and cards and a multi-level strategy
A great epic strategic game for 3-9 players with hundred army miniatures, lot of tokens and cards and a multi-level strategy
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Medioevo Universalis



This campaign runs on several platforms. The game and stretch goals are the same on each platform. THE TOTAL COLLECTED is 327.000€!
Note: we will be able to unlock further SGs because in the other two platforms the campaign last up the next week and the income collected values also for KS.

Note: some users are moving from KS to GS today for installments. The total amount will remain unvaried.

You can see the total at any time on:

We are very proud to introduce to you the project for the realization of the game Medioevo Universalis by Nicola Iannone.  

Important note about the game name: there is a gentle discussion about the game name with Paradox company. The game will be probably product as "Medioevo Universale" name to avoid any confusion with their famous videogame.

Medioevo Universalis is perhaps one of the biggest board games ever. The game is for 3-5 players, expandable up to 9 players, and lasts about 2-5 hours.

Players will lead one of the great medieval kingdoms of the thirteenth century by developing an intricate commercial network, advancing its technology, and weaving diplomatic relations with the other players. A number of possible adverse events can occur: natural disasters, and barbarians that will hinder military conquests or the creation of an empire.


Note: Barbarian miniatures will have their own miniature designs. 

-> The Rulebook is available in Italian and English. It includes base and advanced rules. 

The Standard version of Medioevo Universalis, which is available with the Eremita reward, doesn't contain miniatures and metal coins. But there are the following additional elements:  

100 tiles Infantry  
50 tiles Archer
100 tiles Heavy Infantry
50 tiles Knight
40 tiles Barbarian Infantry
20 tiles Barbarian Archer
15 tiles War wagon/War wagon 2nd level
10 tiles War wagon 3rd level
15 tiles Caravan/Caravan 2nd level
10 tiles Caravan 3rd level
18 tiles Galea/Galea 2nd level
12 tiles Galea 3rd level
18 tiles Condottiero/Condottiero 2nd level
12 tiles Condottiero 3rd level
15 tiles Mercantile/Mercantile 2nd level
10 tiles Mercantile 3rd level
12 tiles Cathedral
10 tiles Castle
10 tiles City
12 tiles Bombard
50 tiles coin 1 florin
25 tiles coin 10 florins
25 tiles coin 50 florins
25 tiles coin 100 florins
50 tiles coin 500 florins

Note: should the buyers for the Eremita version be too few to allow the printing of the additional elements of the standard version, we will propose an alternative solution. In this case the buyer will obviously have the possibility to cancel his order, if doesn't like it.

 Locked SG will be available in Pledge manager phase.

This project is presented simultaneously on three crowdfunding platforms: Giochistarter, Kickstarter and Spieleschmiede. The game and stretch goals are the same on each platform. 

In order to calculate the total funding reached by the campaign and any unlocked stretch goals, we must total the amounts pledged on all sites. That total sum is automatically calculated on Giochistarter, at the top left of the page. 

-> On Giochistarter is possible to pay in 8 installments (no interests) with Paypal (any customers is welcome, not only Italians).


 Official prototype by Nicola Iannone


  • Because you will make the realization of the English edition of this beautiful game possible, one that otherwise would be impossible to produce. Indeed, all previous publishers have given up publishing the game, due to its high costs and the manufacturing difficulties. Together, we can do it! 
  • Because it will send a very strong and positive signal to the gaming market, thereby making possible the publication of other games, which to this point were thought to be impossible to publish. 
  • Because, even if the campaign is successful, due to the cost and size of the game it will not distribute and will be very difficult to find the game in stores. Only here will you be guaranteed to get it. 
  • Because it is a game with simple mechanics that entwine to create a wonderfully strategic and intriguing game
  • Because you can gain exclusive stretch goals and add-ons.

You can add some additional elements to your pledge. It's possible to do that during the campaign, or also, during Pledge Manager Phase, which will be active after the campaign for some weeks. 


During the 13th century A.D., the Middle Ages were slowly coming to an end. The Pope and the Empire, the two universal powers that dominated the previous centuries, were breaking apart. Municipalities were arising in Italy and, with the founding of the first universities, they were serving as centers for the spreading of knowledge, while the Maritime Republics were thriving to the detriment of the old Byzantine Empire.

To the south and the east the Arab potentates and the barbarian hordes were pressing against Christian strongholds. Spain, Anatolia and the Sarmatian steppes were lands in dispute, while the Holy Land was being devastated by the Crusaders, who were coming from all over Europe in defense of the Holy Sepulcher. Meanwhile a terrible new threat arrived from the east: the Mongols!

After the darkest centuries following the fall of Roman Empire, science and technology were beginning to flourish again. Society was rapidly changing, as cities revived and gained autonomy, while the feudal system was beginning to crumble. Businesses gradually became more powerful, while monarchies were evolving into national states.

In this age of religious wars and struggle for survival, you have the opportunity to lead one of the great Kingdoms of the time while taking control over many aspects, such as trade, diplomacy, infrastructure development, technological progress and military strategy.

You can build forts and fortifications, expand cultivable lands, discover new technologies, protect your caravan and your convoy, fill your treasury with gold from the major cities on the continent, repel the barbarians who are pressing on the frontiers, search shelter from bad events and disasters, recruit armies and fleets, forge alliances, use your spies to infiltrate other kingdoms, prepare to expand your kingdom, declare war as you deem opportune, exploit the land, defeat your enemies in battle ... and most of all ... plant your banner in new territories.

You can gain Honor in many ways: trading, holding diplomatic ties, winning battles and organizing intrigues. At the end of the game, the player with the highest number of Honor Points wins, and the others are forced to become his vassals. Alternatively, the game can end abruptly, if a player’s Kingdom expands to the point that it acquires all of its territorial objectives.

Medioevo Universalis is an epic war management game for 3-5 players. Highlights of the game include a game board that reproduces a detailed map of the time, hundreds of army units, a plethora of cards and tokens, strategy on several levels, and the integration of elements of war, diplomacy, and technology. The author, Nicola Iannone, was able to blend in an original way the characteristics of a traditional wargame with those of an intelligent board game, paying particular attention to the historical aspects.  

Armed conflict is the heart of the game, as well as one of the ways to achieve victory. Unlike other games, Medioevo Universalis is not the classic game where luck is king. Thanks to truly innovative mechanics of conflict resolution, you can appropriately plan the outcome of a battle, which takes into account the numbers and types of troops, the use of siege weapons and fortifications, as well as many other factors.

Gain absolute power!

Medioevo Universalis is a management game set in the middle of 13th century which develops in the following decades.

The map shows Europe, North Africa and part of the Middle East; it is divided in land and sea parts and features the most important cities, rivers and different kinds of terrain that influence the movement and the number of inhabitants.

Each player begins with the same conditions and a Kingdom of 7 territories; the remaining territories are occupied by barbarian armies.

The players have a player board which resumes all the basic information as well as the game turn sequence; the card decks are in certain colors to ease the identification of the different cards and the combos between different decks.

The aim of the game is to acquire as many HP (Honor Points) as possible, which you can gain or lose during the game through the main game strategies: Trade, Technological evolution, Diplomacy and Combat.

Trade: the player can choose to trade 8 different goods, using land and sea transport. You will empower merchants or ask for loans; and with the earned florins, build and/or expand cities, forts, churches, siege machines, transportation and more. Taxes and the spoils of war obtained by defeating the barbarians' commanders provide further wealth.

Technological evolution: 38 technologies, divided into 6 families and arranged on 4 levels, allow the player to improve transportation, strengthen the attack and defense, raise taxes, change the nature of the population of the territories, and defend himself against disasters.

Diplomacy: diplomatic options allow you to create alliances and engage in betrayals with the other players ... twists abound at every turn!

Combat: land and naval battles, sieges, raids and destruction, mercenary armies, Greek fire and more allow the player to pursue a military policy of expansion toward the creation of an empire.

Characters: a deck of cards consisting of Empire characters that the player can customize to gain new powers and possibilities.

Many other aspects enliven the game: random events that affect areas of land and sea, the barbarian armies reacting to attacks and fighting back, calamities - very rare, catastrophic events that can disrupt the game if players do not possess the right technologies to mitigate their effects - the pope who seeks to control Christian players and to organize crusades, threatening excommunication for those who do not follow!


Nicola Iannone was born in 1972. Since he was a child, games were his passion. It started with toy soldiers and things built with Lego, and then grew into the classic games "Monopoly" and "Risk", to the more complex "Marco Polo" and wargames such as "Garibaldi the Hero of Two Worlds."

In the years '83 -'84 he started experimenting in creating custom board games, inspired by fantasy books such as "Tunnels & Trolls," and the discovery of the world of RPGs with "Dungeons & Dragons." Scout and avid reader, especially of sci-fi books (his favorite author is Asimov).

Nicola spent a lot of time with his cousin Roberto, playing their first games together on the Commodore 64, then learning to program in BASIC language, and finally enjoyed drawing World War II aircraft using a Commodore 128.

At 17 years old (a bit late) he discovered rowing at the Rowing Iseo Lake, and fell in love with the sport. He entered a lot of races in the first three years (best results 3 bronze medals in national competitions), then became an instructor for private courses, a level 1 coach, indoor rowing instructor ... over a time period of 23 years of rowing. Those were the best years for his creativity in game design, because his rower friends often played board games, but they were not satisfied with the usual games such as Risk. This gave Nicola the opportunity to present his ideas to them, leading him to develop over time various prototype versions of the game.

After high school he attended the biology faculty at Pavia, but after less than one year he lost interest in pursuing further education in that field and did not continue. He served in the military service (in the Alpini of the Julia brigade that saw him participate two times in the "Vespri Siciliani" operation after the death of Giovanni Falcone). Meanwhile, he became increasingly passionate about wargames: from Afrika Korps, D-Day, to all of the modules for Advanced Squad Leader.

Nicola next began work as a laborer, and attended night classes in computer science ... his ability at technical drawing became recognized, and in 1997 he started working at the technical office of Lucchini Lovere.

He never stopped teaching water sports, and is currently an instructor of canoe and SUP at the Sportaction asd of Solto Collina on the Lake Iseo. Nicola is married and a father of 3 children, to whom he is transmitting his passion for Lego ... will this be the beginning of a new chapter?

English subtitled.


Here you can find the Antenna 2 TV interview to Nicola (in Italian): 

Teacher at "Scuola Superiore d'Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco", Fabio Porfidia has illustrated novels for many publishers in Italy: Armando Curcio Editore, Astro Edizioni, Plesio Edizioni, A.Car Edizioni, Linee Infinite Edizioni, Astro Edizioni, Watson Edizioni, GDS Edizioni, Nocturna; for scholasticism with Fabbri Editore.

In games he worked with Triple Aces Games (England), Alluria Publishing (U.S.A.), GRAmel Justyna Korys (Poland), Wyrd (Italy), Serpentarium (Italy) and Eleven Aces (Italy) for roleplay games; with, Loquendo and il Barone Games, Eletria Games for board and card games.

 (by Nicola Iannone)

I would like to thank all the people who worked (directly or indirectly) toward the achievement of this important goal.

Each of you has left me something, maybe just a little hint, a criticism, or an encouragement to continue ... I always listened to all, either from the forums or during the conventions; and for many of you, even if our meetings were many years ago, I remember them as if they happened yesterday.

I thank all of the conventions that hosted me for free during these last 10 years, in primis the fantastic PLAY of Modena and all of its staff; thank you also to the Area Autoproduzione with which I participated to a few conventions during the first 3 and a half years.

Special thanks to the Tana dei Goblin (Goblin Nest) Italian forum, IDG (game designers forum) and Dragon's Lair forum who accompanied me practically since the beginning of this adventure, and on which I posted pages and pages of history and development of this prototype.

Also very many thanks to the modders MTW Italy and "Silverwolf" for their help on heraldry.  

There are hundreds of people to thank, but not being able to do that, I would like to mention the people who stand out with regard to contributing to the evolution of Medioevo Universalis:

  • Thank you "Tinuz" for the first idea of how to divide the map, "Khoril" for the initial idea of a new mechanic for the management of the barbarians, "Fabien" for half a dozen ideas including miniatures.  
  • Thanks to my friends "Deply", "Mozzy" and "Zamein" (with whom I played hundreds of hours) who during an evening (and maybe a few too many beers) had the idea for a new combat system, "Figlia del Brigante" for the beautiful angel (which I consider the second logo for the game), Omar for the amazing work done with the designs of the cards and the boys of Cranio Creations who finally convinced me to change the trade table.
  • Thank to BSM Model who followed me and advised me on miniatures and to Valerio "Conan" Laurenzi who gave me many tips and hosted me for free at LuccaComics 2008. 
  • To my family, thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you always supported me in this crazy project, and to my wife for often helping me and most of all coming with me to so many conventions around Italy. 
  • Last but certainly not least, thanks to Giochix for believing in my project and the passion that I put in the development of this boardgame ... you might not believe me when I say this, but for me, this was not a job but a game!

 (Nicola Iannone explains why he created Medioevo Universalis)

I wanted a game that could satisfy three fundamental requirements:

- HIGH NUMBER OF PLAYERS: I was part of a competitive rowing team, the weekend after the morning training session we used to organize a game at someone's house, but there were no games able to involve everyone, sometimes 12 people. Note: the game here produced will be for a maximum of 9 players.

- A GAME AS COMPLETE AS POSSIBLE: I already owned a dozen board games, but each was was limited to a specific aspect (trade or conquest or strategy or diplomacy ... etc.) and none of them covered all of these aspects.

- A GAME WE LIKED: enough with playing games with rules that were unsuitable, incomplete, or that we disliked! We wanted a custom game with just the things we liked!

In 1988, after hundreds of games of Risk, Monopoly and Marco Polo, we created the first version of Medioevo Universalis, then baptized Mesciòt ("mix" in my dialect), in reference to the fact that we used many parts of other board games: a map from Marco Polo, panzers from Risk, and money from Monopoly.

As my collection of games increased (Civilization, Shogun, Serenissima, Age of Renaissance, etc.), we borrowed components from those games, and found a way to improve Mesciòt, by adding new rules and giving new meaning to the decks of cards that we added, step by step.

Later, I must admit, PC games provided a remarkable help, not only for ideas but also for the material: an inexhaustible source of images, backgrounds, icons and tables. Those things allowed me in 1999 to obtain the economic and technological know-how, and to start thinking seriously about a version of the game made to fit.

In one year of work, I created the new game, from the rules to the production! Treasuring all the experiences and playtests, I collected all of the available information in a notebook, and then started the long process of analysis and synthesis in order to define the core mechanics of the game (still almost unchanged), and a large number of combos.

Until 2004, we played almost every weekend, almost exclusively that version of the game, achieving an excellent level of playtesting and rule balancing (or so I thought); then for some years the game remained in my drawer, save for some sporadic appearances for short periods of time.

 In July 2007, driven by the encouragement from my friends, I began seeking publication of the game, posting my creation on Tana dei goblin and IDEAG: people liked a lot my ideas! Encouraged, I showed the game to the public in September at ModCon 2007, just as it was in 1999 (the “1999” version) ... that version definitely had a remarkable visual impact in terms of size and parts, although it was commercially impractical.

Thanks to this success, I started to participate in other gaming conventions, listening to and assimilating every comment and advice that people gave me, from medieval historians, gamers, to professionals.

All of this information led to a slow but relentless restyling of the game and of the rules: I worked hard to make the prototype as complete and definitive as possible, both for playability and historical accuracy, graphics, size, etc. ... all was done by me privately, both in terms of money, but especially of time.

I worked primarily on the historical setting: the 2000 version had no historical period that would meet the needs of the game. It was not so easy; I was attracted by the Napoleonic period, but in the end the choice fell to the second half of the 13th century, as this allowed me to keep the maximum number of players to 10 (which I did not want to give up).

Another problem: I had to reduce the size of the game because, due to its given size, the production was not possible ... the map had to be rebuilt five times in the last seven years, both to correct historical errors and to find a way to be able to divide it into several parts, so as to create a base game for 3-5 players, to which you could gradually add expansions.

Another big problem was to make the mechanics historically-based, that is, to give them a purpose that made sense and reflected the historical period ... it would be a continuing endeavor that required me to read several books and to do a lot of online research. The most time-consuming research involved the boundaries of kingdoms, the heraldry, and trade.

The playing time for the 1999 version was very long, there was no a real goal, and we played for the pleasure of playing, preparing the next attack and counter-attacking for the hits suffered. After many improvements, we can now have a victor in just after 2 hours; however, a good game is normally around 3-4 hours.

I also worked a lot on ergonomics and the final layout of all the individual parts, trying to facilitate the learning of the game simply by referring to the components, almost completely canceling the need for the Rulebook ... the game has very simple rules that are intertwined: my goal was always to have a complex game and not a complicated one; over the years I have continued to remove minor rules that previously seemed essential to me, but which I found later were not. Over time, I learned which rules were truly essential.

Time was my best friend for all of these changes, because it allowed me to study various aspects of the game over time in different contexts, in order to find the best solution. In addition, time allowed me to gradually digest the evolution of the prototypes, without remorse for the choices I made.

Michele, Federico, Chiara and Virginia: 2 boys and 2 girls crazy and in love with board games. This is! A small publishing company, full of passion and initiative.

We love how board games bring people around the same table, letting each player find their own way to play and try to win. We love to create something new, to bring fun and passion to other people. Developing games is the most interesting part: exploring new ways to play and new ways to think while having fun is fantastic!  

For nearly 10 years, we have realized many board games, trying to do better with each successive project! We made Virus, VEC, Bomarzo, The Foreign King, Historia, CO2, Romolo o Remo, De Vulgari Eloquentia and, for the Italian market, Race for the Galaxy, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Princes of Renaissance, Fief, Mare Nostrum, Kanban, Tesla vs. Edison, Tiny Epic Kingdoms and many others. Check our web site for more info:

We worked with many international partners: Rio Grande Games (US), Stronghold Games (US), Zman Games (US), Eagle Games (US), Elfinwerks (US), Gamenyl Games (US), Arcana (US), MYBG Co. (CN), Heidelberger Spieleverlag (DE); Lookout Games (DE), Juegamos Games (ES), Black Book Editions (FR), Gigamic (FR), Matagot (FR), Artipia Games (GR), Arclight (JP), BardCentrum Gier (PL), Lacerta (PL), NSKN Games (RO) and Hobby World (RU).

Michele Quondam, CEO of Giochix: “The first time I saw Medioevo Universalis I was speechless. I immediately thought it would be an impossible task to publish it: too many components, too big of a board, virtually unmarketable, etc.

However, just a few years after the birth of giochistarter, everything has changed. Now the impossible can be a reality. Medioevo Universalis is a great game, but not only for the number of components and the space it occupies. It is also a simple game, one that is intriguing, and full of surprises and possibilities; and one whose multiple layers provides increasing strategy. But this is not all. MU represents, above all, a commitment—Nicola's commitment, perseverance, unwavering determination, passion and desire to play. It boils down to a single question ... Giochix ... how can you not accept it? :)  

I know that this is absolutely a non-commercial project. No publisher has tried it, and I must say, that is with good reason. But that does not matter.  

In my opinion this game is a little masterpiece (even if it's huge) and deserves to be published. If you think like I do, it will be published. Whatever happens, we will put forth our best possible efforts!"

This project is USA-Friendly, EU-Friendly, Canada Friendly and therefore no additional charges or fees will apply regarding taxes or customs. 

Shipping costs will be calculated during the pledge manager after the end of the campaign. There will be different solutions available (Postal service, Courier, UPS pickup). 

Thes are the shipping prices for 1 game copy with the cheapest solution for different Countries: 

European Union: 19.95 euro (Portugal 29.95 euro)
USA: 29.95 euro 
Canada: 34.95 euro
Brasil, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia: <59 euro
Other Countries: to be determined <79 euro.

You can also pick-up your copy free of charge at our pickup point in Rome, Italy, at, if the game will be ready in time, our stand at the Essen Fair (Germany) or at the Lucca Comics and Games Fair (Italy). If the game will not be ready, shipping costs will be due.

Games will be shipped approximately from December 2017-February 2018.

Pledge manager will be active for some weeks after the campaign end. There will be possible also to add to your pledge the campaign addons.

We'd like to support game stores around the world by offering the special Kickstarter version of Medioevo Universalis to retailers during the campaign. Giochix does not have a distributor in the USA/Canada and probably, due to his cost, Medioevo Universalis will not distributed by our normal channels also in Europe: the only certain way to have the game is to order it now. The minimum order is one case (3 copies); you can contact us to have your retail price or go on Giochistarter website to register there as retailer and buy there the Shop pack.  

You still have doubts? Are you uncertain?  

1) If you will not be satisfied with the game, you may return it and have a refund.  

2) Should there be any problem in the production, after 90 days of delay you may cancel your order and ask for a refund ... no doubts about it.

Giochix realized more than 40 board games in 10 years. It did so by working together with the most important board game factories from all over the world. Among these are Ludofact, Cartamundi, Panda games, Longpack, NSF and many others. All of these companies are well known for the quality of their products. Medioevo Universalis will be produced in the same manner, with great attention to detail and materials used, probably using one of the companies mentioned above.

Risks and challenges

Production. A distinction must be made between games that are printed by Giochix directly and those that are printed “indirectly” by another publisher.

In the first case, we have direct control over the entire printing process and we can intervene quickly to adjust for any potential issues where necessary.

In the second case, we may only interact with the publisher that prints the game, without any ability to make immediate changes during the production process.

This means that once the games are printed by us, the shipping date that we have indicated in the project will be a reasonably safe deadline. While we are confident in our abilities to meet the designated timing, unfortunately, delays are always a possibility and this must be taken into account. In the second case, for “indirect” games, the shipping date is purely indicative.

Unfortunately it can happen that the deliveries suffer a delay and this should be considered before making a purchase. Of course we will inform you immediately if something were to happen.

-> Medioevo Universalis is printed by Giochix. It is therefore a “direct” game.

Components. Game specifications and components are to be considered indicative of the final product and may be changed during final production.

Project pages. Sometime there can be small vartiations between the pages of this project in the different languages. In that case, refer to the project’s English page.

Fairs. It is possible for the game's shipment to be scheduled to occur during a time frame close to a larger game fair, such as; Essen Fair in Germany or Lucca Comics and Games in Italy. It is important to note that we will be showing/selling the game at these fairs independently of campaign participant shipment status. Attending these fair events is vital to the game's chances for success.

Canceling/Refunding. An order can be canceled/refunded before the end of the campaign by clicking on the specific button in the order page. After the end of the campaign, the order/pledge is considered as valid and is not cancelable/refundable.

Warranty on game delivery. If when the game arrives, you are not satisfied how we made it, you can return it and ask for a refund. First contact us to obtain a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). Then you may send the game at your expenses at the given address (Rome, Italy). The game must arrive within 60 days from the shipment date and within 30 days from the delivery date.

The game must be still in its plastic wrap or, if opened, it must be in perfect conditions, intact on any part and without any missing pieces. The refund will be given only after our verification and our unquestionable approvation. If a refund is not approved we may send you back the game, but you will be responsible for this new shipment cost.

The refund does not include any shipment cost (neither the first nor the following ones) and does not include game addons (i.e. sleeves, accessories, additional contents, etc.) and additional games purchased togerther the game object of that campaign.
Moreover, whether for any reason it were not possible to obtain the refund of the transation costs (Paypal, credit card), these too will not be included. These costs are 4% on Giochistarter and 10% on Kickstarter.

The refund will be available as a credit on Giochistarter, or, after specific request, given as a deposit on your Paypal account.

We suggest to ship the game in a packaging that protects its content and also with a trackable shipment. We will not be in any way responsible for damaged packages or lost shipments.

It is possible to ask for a refund also when the games have not been shipped within 90 days from the announced date. In this case as well you will have to contact us and apply your request. The refund will be equal to the 100% to the amount paid and will be available as credit on Giochistarter, or, after specific request, given as a deposit on your Paypal account.

Warranty is valid only for private backers, not for companies/retailers.

Shipments. We ship by postal service or by supported courier (UPS, GLS, SDA, etc.)

We reserve the right to separate the contents of an order into different shipments or to merge the contents of different orders in the same shipment to improve the shipment's delivery speed and any required logistics management. If this happens, there will not be any additional costs to you as a customer (nor right to any refund).

Shipments made by courier or by insured postal service can be tracked and are considered insured.

Shipments made by the postal service are not insured and cannot be traced. While rare it is also possible that a package may be lost (0.1-1%). The insurance option for postal services costs an additional 3 euros.

Courier shipments may take about 1-2 days for Italy, 3-6 days for EU/US/Canada and 1-2 weeks for the rest of the world. Postal service shipments require about 1-2 weeks for Italy, 2-7 weeks for EU/US/Canada and 4-8 weeks for the rest of the world. Please note that the postal service in the same case can be slow and may suffer several weeks of additional delay. This happens very rarely but it is still a possibility and is out of our control. If you would like a faster delivery, or wish to avoid any risk of a long delay in the arrival of the package, please use a courier service.

Courier shipment insures against package loss, destruction and package damage. Postal service insurance insures against package loss or destruction. Insurance requires a customer claim to be made when the package is delivered. Ask the postman.

If the game failed to arrive because of your mistake (wrong address, recipient absent, not picking up at courier/postal warehouse, etc.), you will have to pay an additional shipping/warehousing cost for us to re-send/re-deliver your game. This cost will also include the return costs of the game. On the other hand, if the error is ours, we will send it again to you at our expense. If the package is lost or destroyed, we will reship it at our expense only if it was insured.

Please note that we will not reship any game without first having investigated what happened to the first shipment. This can be processeed quickly through the courier service option, but may require an additional 1-5 weeks through the postal service.

If you live outside of the European Community, custom's taxes may be added. This usually doesn't happen for boardgames; however, please check your country's rules and regulations as this aspect will not be our responsibility.

We will no longer accept complaints related to this campaign after 12 months from the date of shipment.

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    A deluxe game copy + all unlocked stretch-goals (MSRP 299€). Shipping is not included in the cost of the pledge. See "shipment" section for details.

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    105 backers

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    Double Capitano

    2 deluxe game copies + all unlocked stretch-goals (MSRP 299€ x 2). Shipping is not included in the cost of the pledge. See "shipment" section for details.

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    18 backers

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    All included for 9 players

    This reward includes all deluxe game contents and addons for 9 players: base game deluxe + all unlocked stretch goals, expansions 6-9 players, 9 player boxes, 9 metal daggers, 1 bard card, sleeves for cards, additional dice for expansion. MRSP 799€.

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    50 backers

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  8. Reward no longer available

    Pledge €159 or more About US$ 176


    A deluxe game copy + all unlocked stretch-goals (MSRP 299€). Shipping is not included in the cost of the pledge. See "shipment" section for details.

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    Reward no longer available 92 backers

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