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Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
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Starting shipments to EU and Asia

Posted by (Creator)

Dear backers, 

We are happy to announce that about 20% of backers already got their Co2 Second Chance copy, as they pick up their copies in Essen and Lucca Fairs! 

For other backers, this is the situation: 

  • Shipments to EU will start next Monday! We will take care of them directly from Italy and they will be completed in about 3-4 weeks. 
  • Shipments to Asia are starting now too! VFI Asia already got their game copies and will start to ship them asap. 
  • For Australia, the vessel with CO2 copies is on its way. Aetherworks will start to ship them as the game arrives there (about 2-3 weeks). 
  • The vessel for USA/Canada delayed a bit for Customs operation and is leaving China now. As soon as they will arrive in the USA (about 3-4 weeks), Quartermark Logistic will fulfill their games there and Boardgamebliss will do the same in Canada. 

Enjoy it!

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    1. Missing avatar


      Kind of lame that an extra effort was made to get games for those attending game fairs while the rest of us have to wait months.

      What is the name of the US vessel used for shipping?

    2. John Medany

      ANy idea on UK deliveries yet ?

    3. Hugh Manatee on

      Man... I wish I could act like this company. "Yeah yeah yeah! Your payment is totally on the way!"

      Wait a month or so " Oh, OK. NOW your money is on its way."

    4. Missing avatar


      So you have had the game in your possesion since mid October, and its possible EU will not ghet it until mid December. 2 months. Hey dont hurry it too much

    5. Missing avatar

      Johnkoch12 on

      I’m not confident it is leaving the port for US due to sketchy communications from Giochix throughout this process. Can we get a vessel number to track?

    6. Missing avatar


      Out of curiosity, how do I get in contact with them for missing pieces? I don't have the control hexagons in my set which I picked up from Essen 😢

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris H on

      I am curious why these ships didn't leave at the same time as the one bound for Europe? That way, fulfillment for all countries could start at roughly the same time. I'm still ok with games being sold at Essen and Luca, but it does feel slightly bad that the games going to Canada/US basically sat in China for 2 months while others will be enjoying the game long before us. Even with customs issues, it seems like a long time. So, with these timelines, I estimate that Canadians won't receive their games until probably January, which kind of sucks, but I have plenty of games to pass the time until CO2 arrives.

    8. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper

      Thank you for the update, boardgamebliss is good to work with in my experience!

    9. RobGThai on

      Good to know things are moving! Not super keen on VFI tho. Never seems to get notification from them. Last package the courier didn't even have the data in their system lol.