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Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
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A fantastic Essen Fair!

Posted by (Creator)

We are finally back from a great Essen Fair!

A lot of people enjoyed the game at our tables and many customers admired the beautiful layout of CO2 game.

Thank you to all the 800 backers which came at our booth to pick up CO2 Second Chance game. 

Now we are at the Lucca Comics and Games Fair, the biggest fair in Italy with almost 200'000 visitors, as soon as we will return to Rome we will start to ship CO2 to the remaining backers starting from EU and then other world countries. 

Containers with copies are already heading towards US/Canada and Australia, and as soon they will arrive, fulfilment will also start there.

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    1. Missing avatar

      szymich on

      Has the game already been sent to backers in Europe?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cash on

      Do we know who the fulfillment center will be for the United States? Also where can we see more Essen pictures of the booth or test games at? Thank you for the update. Very excited to get this to the table and teach a new way to show my kids about global warming.

    3. ACGalaga on

      Uuuuugghhhh.... so long to wait to get to Asia!! So I guess it did go from China to Eu and then back again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris H on

      Do you know when the ships will arrive for Canada/US fulfillment? And who will you be using to fulfill the games?

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Percival on

      A lot of concerns coming from those who got copies at Essen. It seems like the punch boards and game biard don't have the promised linen finish and the insert doesn't fit the components.

      More troubling is that Giochix is dismissing concerns in a rather insulting manner (see previous comments).

      Vital himself weighed in on BGG and expressed hope that Giochix would address issues.

      Based on the current conduct of gochix, I hope Vital is observing the terrible experience and service his loyal fans are having and that he won't use this company again—especially given the top-shelf service and quality of EGG productions.

      Shame on you, Giochix, for your conduct thus far.

    6. Aernout on

      The game looks superb. But I am missing some components. I have sent you an email, but am yet to receive a reply. I am missing 1 complete punchboard and the cataclysmic events.
      Kind regards,

    7. DrZ on

      Looks awesome! Although it's always a little saddening to see the game being sold to the public before it reaches the backers...
      Anyway, hurry up parcel and arrive at my house!

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephen Farrell on

      Excellent news though I haven't managed to get many recent games of my 1st edition set in to really enjoy the transition it is wonderful to hear we are approaching a distribution date.
      Thank you very much.

    9. KingMaple

      How about you actually address backer concerns about there not being linen finish on punchboards and components not fitting intge insert?