CO2: Second Chance


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    1. Ardghal


    2. Govind Krishna on

      Awesome, can't wait to get the game

    3. Alex1991_Germany on

      soooo long until Essen Pickup :/ It looks amazing with the insert!

    4. UKsweeney on

      So what happens now? It looks amazing, so I would take it that you would approve it, then production? Could we be looking earlier than November?

    5. Mathew Hill

      Looking good!

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cash on

      Oh man this is so nice!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      EpicViking on

      Confused... why do you sell sleeves if the insert can't hold sleeved cards?

    8. 5-time creator on

      @epicviking, you misunderstood, insert holds sleeved cards :)
      @uksweeney, as there is summer in the middle, the timeline remains to November.

    9. Missing avatar

      EpicViking on

      I dont believe that. Are the cards on the picture sleeved? If not, then you need at least 2 containers for the cards as they will expand in both height and width

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Manskopf on

      Outstanding! Can’t wait to get this!

    11. LInsoDeTeh

      Amazing, indeed! The game looks so beautiful. Can't wait!

    12. Ricky Duong

      @ EpicViking: Are you trying to misunderstand? They said in the post that the insert can hold sleeved cards, and they also confirmed it in reply to your comment, that means they've tested with sleeved cards. What else do you want?

      For me, I think the cards in the picture are sleeved

    13. SpicyRamen

      Thanks for considering sleeved cards in your tray design! Us sleevers always have to worry about this, so I’m glad that this is being addressed without much protest :)

    14. Robert Bird on

      Looks so good! I’ve never had the opportunity to play the original and I’m SO looking forward to playing!

    15. Kenneth Lundevold

      Looks really cool. Always lovely to have plastic insert, nicely done!

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua Anderson on

      Awesome - thank you!

    17. Francois LC on

      Great to see an insert for this game finally. It would have been unfortunate to see such an awesome produced game without at least a decent insert to organize all these tokens.

    18. Missing avatar

      ray giroux

      Well done! Great to see the components arranged neatly.

    19. Xander Michael on

      I can’t believe you threw in an insert! That makes me so happy!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Charles S Mote Jr

      Thanks so much for the insert! Project just keeps getting better.

    21. Marc Greenspan on

      This sample box looks fantastic, really like the box insert for the components and that space for sleeved cards...outstanding!
      I can't wait to play it.

      Well done!

    22. Marc Greenspan on

      I think it would great if Go7gaming or Broken Token designs a wood insert for all the components, I love stuff like that for games and have several.
      I love the high quality components of this game from the sample.

      again simply outstanding !

    23. Missing avatar

      EpicViking on

      @Ricky Duong, I am not trying to misunderstand something. For me, it sounds too good to be true. I could see this solution work for thinner sleeves, but for thicker sleeves it looks to be very tight. However, they positively surprised me before. Maybe they do it again.

      I guess an alternative solution would be to store some cards where the purple markers. Just wait and see, I guess.

      Overall, the insert looks amazing! I am pleased with the work. :)

    24. MentatYP

      Looks like plenty of room for sleeves to me. Just look at the size of the top card and don't get confused by the cards underneath that are not in a nice neat stack. The uneven stack makes the cards look bigger than they are.

    25. Missing avatar


      This looks really sweet.

    26. Michel Rowinski on

      I might want to get another but the preorder link does not show any offer.

    27. Michel Rowinski on

      Never mind. Now it seems to work.

    28. Brett Hart

      Looks great and the box tray is great addition, thanks!

    29. Ricky Duong

      @ EpicViking: I know there are a lot of sleeve sizes out there. For me I always use correct size. I don't understand why some people use bigger size (for example: 6.6cm sleeve on 6.3cm cards) and then complain that the insert cannot hold sleeved cards.

    30. Krisztián Pósch on

      Thank you for listening to us and including an insert in the box! My only concern (and something that were not present on the pictures) are the metal coins. Are they going to fit as well?

    31. Scott "Scorpion0x17" Hill on

      Although the card well looks long enough and wide enough for sleeved cards, it does not look deep enough.

      Sleeves add thickness! Especially if, like me, you double sleeve.

    32. John Gallant

      For a game about moving away from fossil fuels towards clean energy for the environment, it's pretty ironic that they spent resources to make a plastic insert for the game :P

    33. Shawn Price on

      I really appreciate the added insert!