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Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
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AU friendly and Expansion description

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Hello everybody!  

As the campaign goes on, we have one good news for our Australian backers: we succeed to grant you the AU-Friendly badge! So no more worries about customs fees! Hurrah :-)     

But now it is also the right time to give you an overview on the expansions included in the project of CO2: Second Chance. 

So let's start with the Global Events expansion (SG UNLOCKED!), that can be used in the competitive game. This expansion is a cataclysmic event that affects the entire planet. Every region will require aid in response to the seriousness of the dire situation! 

During the Events phase, if the Current Event or the Upcoming Event is the Global Event, you will resolve only the Global Event, and delay the other event until the next decade. This expansion will drastically increase CO2 if players are not prepared. It also will penalize the least adapted players consuming their resources and CEPs. 

Solo Expansion
(SG UNLOCKED). The goal of the game is the same as the co-op version; however, you have an ongoing solo goal to accomplish and each round you may pollute to take a second main action. It’s also mandatory to use the UN variant. 

The Arctic Expansion
 (locked). The Arctic is especially vulnerable to the effects of global warming, as has become apparent in the melting sea ice in recent years. Climate models predict much greater warming in the Arctic than the global average. 

The Arctic expansion is composed by 1 tile with the Arctic region, 1 Arctic event tile and 1 Goal card to the competitive version and, 1 Arctic environmental event tile and 1 Private Goal card to the co-op version. There is no limit to the number of plants that can be built there. 

The region enters play in the beginning at the Supply Energy Step of the 2nd Decade, and the CO2 pollution Increases the number of steps equal to current Decade number (2–5), minus the number of power plants built there so far. This expansion gives you more goals to go after, a new region to play, and like the Global Event increases the difficulty level of the game by making it more challenging. Mixing both expansions leaves you with more options to higher replayability and different levels of difficulty. 

Special Project Expansion
 (locked). This is an expansion of both the cooperative game and the competitive game, which changes the rules for projects, encouraging alternative strategies. The 6 Project tiles from the expansion are placed randomly atop the base game’s Project tiles, as shown in the illustration. Whenever you Propose a Project in a Region, the Project tile must be placed on the leftmost empty Project space. 

Vital Lacerda: "I really love this expansion, it brings so much thinking in the co-op game and great tactics and opportunistic moves in the competitive version of the game. I’m crossing my fingers that this SG can be accomplished. You will love to play with it.

See you soon and thank you for your help and support! 

Per i backer italiani
: qui su Kickstarter si può avere solo la versione inglese del gioco. Per avere CO2: Second Chance completamente in italiano è necessario partecipare alla campagna parallela che si sta svolgendo su


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    1. 4-time creator on

      Still under discussion, our publisher partner or a service company, like Aetherworks.

    2. Missing avatar


      Who is your fulfillment partner is Australia?

    3. 4-time creator on

      @michale, you lucky guy! I think it depends on the country of origin. Anyway, you can count on a 7-16 euro reduction. Also, in this case, is a good news :)
      @euan, about 44€

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Price

      As far as I know there are no customs fees in Australia for online purchases under $1000. I've certainly never paid them for any of the well over a hundred projects that I've backed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex C.

      I'm excited for this!

      However, I do have one question. I'm not sure if I am reading the Global Event expansion correctly, but it seems to punish those who are falling behind. Wouldn't this bring a case of "the runaway leader"?

    6. Euan Denniston on

      What about NZ shipping? It used to be Aus/NZ on your shipping chart right? But now NZ has been taken off. Are we in the "rest of the world" group now? and if so how much will the shipping be?

    7. 4-time creator on

      @michael, friendly-shipping means no customs fees. This means about 7 euro less of taxes (someone told me is about the 10% there). We also lowered the cost by 7 euro for 1 game and about 16 euro for 2 games. This means AU backers can save from 14 to 23 euro.
      I hope this is a good news :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Price

      Australia : the only place on the planet where nearly $60AUD is “friendly” shipping.

      Thanks for trying. At least people who -really- want the game can save a bit.