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Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
Your second chance to try to save the planet! The famous Vital Lacerda boardgame comes back in a new edition!
3,150 backers pledged €193,139 to help bring this project to life.


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We are very proud to introduce you to the campaign of the CO2: Second Chance boardgame by Vital Lacerda. The game is for 2-4 players, lasts about 120 minutes and its suggested age is 14+. 

This project is on two crowdfunding platforms simultaneously: Giochistarter and Kickstarter. The game, the stretch goals and addons are the same on both platforms. The official amount of funds raised by the campaign (which determines the stretch goals that will be unlocked) is the sum of the amounts raised on both campaigns. The total amount collected is automatically shown on Giochistarter campaign page.

On KS is available the English version, meanwhile on GS are available the French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese version. 

CO2: Second Chance revises and enriches of the original competitive game CO2 published in 2012 and also includes a brand-new cooperative game, in which the players have to collaborate to save the world, losing victory points each turn that they don't achieve their goals. 

The new cooperative mode challenges the group with numerous, small ecological goals, which do an excellent job of easing new players into the strategy of the game, by helping them focus on smaller tasks that build toward the larger endgame goals. You and your friends can really apply your best lateral thinking to address the short-term and long-term objectives; however, each player also has a secret goal they must achieve in order for the group to win the game, which keeps things cooperative, without allowing one “alpha” player to dictate other players’ turns. If you have played the 2012 release of CO₂, you will be pleasantly surprised by this new cooperative game. It uses the same core rules, but with just a few twists and tweaks in just the right places, it provides a really fresh experience. If you have never played CO₂, the cooperative game can help you train to play CO₂: Second Chance competitively; however, the co-op mode is not merely a stepping stone: You could play the cooperative game for years to come, and every play will present new challenges!  

New 3D components
New 3D components

This new and totally re-designed edition of CO2 will bring completely new iconography, an entirely new rulebook (with lots of 3D pictures for easier comprehension of the rules), more balanced gameplay, a new events deck, improved and streamlined mechanisms, a shorter length of play and upgraded wood components for the power plants (instead of cardboard tokens), while maintaining beautiful illustrations on the board and cover.

New 3D components
New 3D components

CO2: Second Chance also includes the original CO2 competitive mode in a revised and enriched format. So by joining this campaign you will obtain two great games and not only one!

Environmental goals (cooperative mode)
Environmental goals (cooperative mode)


The game is in English and includes the following contents:

Please note that French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese versions are available on only.

Note: Further Stretch Goals will be published as soon the game funds; then the depicted SGs will be unlocked. Stay tuned!

Some SG are marked as "LIMITED CONTENT". This means that these contents will be produced 1 time. They will be available for preorders and during game launch (like at the Essen fair) as a separate purchase. After this first production, there are no plans to print them anymore.


If CO2: Second Chance will reach at least 1000 fans on its Boardgame Geek page, all the participants in the campaign will obtain the limited tile "the Huge Coal factory". Players will be able to add this token to their plays.

The Huge Coal Factory tile.
The Huge Coal Factory tile.


The Global Events expansion can be used in the competitive game. This expansion is a cataclysmic event that affects the entire planet. Every region will require aid in response to the seriousness of the dire situation! During the Events phase, if the Current Event or the Upcoming Event is the Global Event, you will resolve only the Global Event, and delay the other event until the next decade. This expansion will drastically increase CO2 if players are not prepared. It also will penalize the least adapted players consuming their resources and CEPs.

Solo Expansion. The goal of the game is the same as the co-op version; however, you have an ongoing solo goal to accomplish and each round you may pollute to take a second main action. It’s also mandatory to use the UN variant.  

The Arctic Expansion. The Arctic is especially vulnerable to the effects of global warming, as has become apparent in the melting sea ice in recent years. Climate models predict much greater warming in the Arctic than the global average.

The Arctic expansion is composed by 1 tile with the Arctic region, 1 Arctic event tile and 1 Goal card to the competitive version and, 1 Arctic environmental event tile and 1 Private Goal card to the co-op version.

There is no limit to the number of plants that can be built there. The region enters play in the beginning at the Supply Energy Step of the 2nd Decade, and the CO2 pollution Increases the number of steps equal to current Decade number (2–5), minus the number of power plants built there so far.

This expansion gives you more goals to go after, a new region to play, and like the Global Event increases the difficulty level of the game by making it more challenging. Mixing both expansions leaves you with more options to higher replayability and different levels of difficulty.

Special Projects Expansion. This is an expansion for both the cooperative game and the competitive game, which changes the rules for projects, encouraging alternative strategies.  

The 6 Project tiles from the expansion are placed randomly atop the base game’s Project tiles, as shown in the illustration.  Whenever you Propose a Project in a Region, the Project tile must be placed on the leftmost empty Project space. 

Vital Lacerda: "I really love this expansion, it brings so much thinking in the co-op game and great tactics and opportunistic moves in the competitive version of the game. I’m crossing my fingers that this SG can be accomplished. You will love to play with it."


In CO2: Second Chance, each player manages an energy company that responds to government requests for new, clean power plants. The goal of the players is stopping the increase of pollution while meeting the demand for sustainable energy. You will need enough expertise, money, and resources to build "green" power plants. Energy summits will promote global awareness while allowing companies to share a little of their expertise and learn more from other societies.

In CO2: Second Chance you also will have the possibility to play TWO beautiful board games: in addition to the new version, in fact, you will enjoy the original CO2 game, enriched by the new updated components made for this title.


Every backer will get the English version of CO2: Second Chance plus any unlocked Stretch goals. 

French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese versions are available on only.

The signed and numbered version of the game will include a numbered sticker signed by the designer, which backers will be able to apply to the game box (or to keep it).






In the 1970s, the governments of the world faced unprecedented demand for energy and polluting power plants were built everywhere in order to meet that demand. Year after year, the pollution they generate increases, and nobody has done anything to reduce it. Now, the impact of this pollution has become too great, and humanity starts to realize that we must meet our energy demands through clean sources of energy. Companies with expertise in clean, sustainable energy are called in to propose projects that will provide the required energy without polluting the environment. Regional governments are eager to fund these projects and to invest in their implementation. If the pollution is not stopped, it will be  "Game Over" for all of us.

In CO2: Second Chance, each player is the CEO of an energy company responding to government requests for new, green power plants. The goal is to stop the increase of pollution while meeting the rising demand for sustainable energy — and of course, profiting from doing so. You will need enough expertise, money, and resources to build these clean power plants. Energy summits will promote global awareness, and allow companies to share a little of their expertise while learning still more from others.

Player board setup
Player board setup


A game of CO2: Second Chance lasts 4 or 5 decades; in each decade the players alternate taking a certain number of turns (depending on the number of players). During the game, the players must build and develop green power plants to supply the energy demands from all regions of the world. If there are not enough green power plants, the regions will build fossil fuel power plants to cover the energy gap increasing global pollution. If the pollution reaches 500 ppm the game is over and all players lose the game.

To build a green power plant, three steps are involved (but a different player could perform each step!):

1. Propose a Project

You propose a green energy project for a region, and in return, the region provides you with a grant. The region takes ownership of the project, which can be initiated by any player's company.

Wind power plant proposed in South America
Wind power plant proposed in South America

2. Prepare Infrastructure

A new modern green power plant requires equally modern infrastructures to support it and to distribute its power. You prepare the infrastructure for a project, which provides you with immediate and long-term benefits, and lays the groundwork to build the power plant.

The red player prepares the infrastructures for the power plant
The red player prepares the infrastructures for the power plant

Build Power Plant

Built upon prepared infrastructure, you finally construct the green power plant proposed by the project.

Now the wind power plant is built
Now the wind power plant is built

In order to build better power plants, you must increase your knowledge enough, specializing in hydropower, solar power or another type of eco-friendly energy source. One way to gain knowledge is by making your scientists study proposed projects; another way is by having them participating in summits on green energy. 

The more knowledge your company has, the more income (money or victory points) you get at the end of each turn. Another way to get money is to obtain control of the region by building more green power plants there than the other players.

In the competitive game, although all of the players will hopefully achieve the goal of saving the world from pollution, the player with the most victory points will win the game.

If players will achieve the goal to save the world from pollution, the player with the most victory points will win the game.

You may play CO2: Second Chance also in cooperative mode; in this mode, the players collaborate to save the world and lose victory points each turn if they don't achieve their goals. If they get negative points or the pollution reach 500 ppm or some U.N. Objective are not completed, all players lose the game.


Hydropower plant
Hydropower plant


After the end of the campaign, you will able to access to our Pledge Manager. We will send you an email with the access info. With it you will able to pay the shipment costs and to purchase any available add-ons:

Metal Coins: You will able to purchase the 50 official metal coins of CO2: Second Chance for 14.95 euros.

Card Sleeves: You will able to purchase the two packs of sleeves required to protect the game cards for 2.95 euros: 100 sleeves per pack in two formats:  63.5mmx88.9mm and 45mmx68mm.
Many other Giochix games will be available for purchase!


  • Added cooperative mode, which is now the main game (but you still get the full competitive game, too!). 
  • New private goals to play the co-op version. 
  • Event goals were created for the co-op version. 
  • Different UN goal cards, and different point values. 
  • You can claim a UN goal card if you have the right infrastructure, while in the original you needed the right power plants. 
  • The way summits give points has been altered a bit, but it works basically the same way. 
  • A few new endgame objective cards have been added, and some have been tweaked. 
  • Your scientist must leave the Project tile to get you knowledge. 
  • Scientists are no longer allowed in infrastructures. 
  • You can sacrifice a scientist to take a minor benefit from lobby cards that have already been played. 
  • Hiring a scientist gives you a “wild” knowledge point. 
  • No more payment to other players. When the scientist moves out, the scientist’s owner gets a knowledge point. 
  • Placing projects gives you a knowledge point. 
  • Building a plant costs a CEP. 
  • New goal cards. 
  • Events work a bit differently: They now cost a CEP as well, and if pollution is above 400 ppm, 2 events occur, instead of just 1. 
  • Added UN Inspectors Variant. 
  • One turn fewer per decade in both versions. 
  • One decade fewer in co-op. 
  • Spend points to reduce CO₂ and pay for events. 
  • You lose if your points go below zero in co-op.

CO2: Second Chance is available on Tabletopia - the greatest online board game platform! This will allow you to try the game before purchasing it! It's also available on Ipads.


Hello everyone. I am Vital Lacerda, the designer of CO2. I was born in Lisbon 49 years ago, a city I adore and still live in with Sandra, my wife, and my two lovely daughters. I have a masters degree in Marketing and Advertising, and after working in advertising agencies for almost 15 years as an art director, I decided to try my luck as a freelance graphic designer. I've been working like this since 2007. At that same time, I also began designing board games, my true and great passion.

Vital Lacerda
Vital Lacerda

Most of all, I consider myself a gamer who had the luck of having a few publishers who believed in my games. I published Vinhos in 2010; CO2 two years later; Kanban in 2014, The Gallerist in 2015 and Lisboa 1 year ago. Two years ago I also did a major re-release of my first game Vinhos.

I have a tendency to design "thinking" games because those are the types of games I love to play. A big box game takes a lot of time to design, playtest and develop. So when I begin such an endeavor, I always look for a few characteristics that are fun for me in those type of games. They need to be challenging; they need to require deep thinking and difficult decision-making; they must allow great control, and they must involve intense competition and heavy strategy. Those are the games I love to play and design.

Solar power plant
Solar power plant


 Here you can download the English rules, in PDF format.

Controlling South America
Controlling South America


Ian O'Toole is an Irish illustrator and graphic designer working out of Perth in Western Australia. CO2: Second Chance is the fourth collaboration with Vital Lacerda, following The Gallerist, Vinhos Deluxe, and Lisboa. He has over fifteen years' experience working in many creative fields, producing illustration, design and 3d animation.

The other artists involved in CO2: Second Chance are the same of the first edition: Paula Simonetti and Giacomo Tappainer. They have created an endearing graphic style, that contributed a lot to the great success of CO2 in 2012.

This project is USA-Friendly, Canada-Friendly, Australia-Friendly and EU-Friendly and therefore no additional charges or fees will apply regarding taxes or customs.

Shipping costs will be calculated during the pledge manager after the end of the campaign. There will be different solutions available (Postal service, DHL Courier and UPS pickup). 

It is possible to pick up your copy of Co2: Second Chance - free of charge - at stand at the Essen Spiel fair (Booth 1C123, 25-28 October 2018, Essen Germany).

To give you an idea, the shipping cost for 1 game copy will be:

Multiple copies can be added during the pledge manager phase.

Remember that if you are interested in the French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese edition, they are available on only.

Events co-publish games with the largest companies on the market, like Stronghold Games, Ediciones MasQueOca, Rio Grande games, Z-man games and many others. Our products are known for great quality and we realized more than 45 board games. 

We worked together with the most important board game factories from all over the world. Among these are Ludofact, Cartamundi, Panda games, Longpack, NSF and many others. All of these companies are well known for the quality of their products. CO2: Second Chance will be produced in the same manner, with great attention to detail and materials, probably using one of the companies mentioned above.

Recycling power plant
Recycling power plant


Michele, Federico, Emiliano and Sara, 4 crazy kids in love with board games. This is Giochix! 

We are in Rome, Italy. We love how board games bring people around the same table, letting each player find their own way to play and to try to win. We love to create something new, to bring fun and passion to other people. Developing games is the most interesting part: exploring new ways to play and new ways to think while having fun is fantastic! 

We have realized many board games, trying to do better with each successive project! We made Samhain, Virus, VEC, Bomarzo, The Foreign King, Historia, CO2, Romolo o Remo, De Vulgari Eloquentia and for the Italian market Race for the Galaxy, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Princes of Renaissance, Altiplano, Fief, Mare Nostrum, Kanban, Tesla vs. Edison, Tiny Epic Kingdoms and many others. Check our website for more info:


Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges

Components. Game specifications and components are to be considered merely indicative of the final product and may be changed during final production.

Fairs. It is possible for the game's shipment to be scheduled to occur during a time frame close to a larger game fair, such as Essen Fair in Germany or Lucca Comics and Games in Italy. It is important to note that we will be showing/selling the game at these fairs independently of campaign participant shipment status. Attending these fair events is vital to the game's chances for success.

Order Canceling. An order can be canceled and fully refunded before the end of the campaign by clicking on the specific button on the order page. After the end of the campaign, the order can still be canceled within 15 days from the campaign ending date by sending us an e-mail with the specific request. Please note that in this case the refund will not include the processing costs and will be limited to the 90% of the amount paid. Besides these options, the order is considered as valid and is not cancelable/refundable.

Pledge Manager. After some weeks from the campaign end, Pledge Manager will be active. This procedure allows participants to confirm and revise their order, to purchase addons and to update their profile/delivery address. Pledge manager will be up for some days up to a specific deadline. We strongly recommend all participants to complete the pledge manager within the expiry date. If not, please consider that:

- Any campaign special price for addons expires with Pledge Manager deadline. After that date, all addon will available at normal price.
- We will not able to guarantee the availability of any exclusive content made in limited quantity.
- We will not able to guarantee the scheduled shipment date as a delay could happen.
- We will not able to guarantee the pickup in Rome or Stand (if available in the project).

Kickstarter users will receive the access info by email.

Shipments. We ship by postal service or by supported courier (UPS, GLS, SDA, DHL, etc.). We reserve the right to separate the contents of an order into different shipments or to merge the contents of different orders in the same shipment to improve the shipment's delivery speed and any required logistics management. If this happens, there will not be any additional costs to you as a customer (nor right to any refund).

Shipments made by courier or by insured postal service can be tracked. Shipments made by the postal service cannot be traced.

Courier shipments may take about 1-2 days for Italy, 3-6 days for EU/US/Canada and 1-2 weeks for the rest of the world. Postal service shipments require about 1-2 weeks for Italy, 3-9 weeks for EU/US/Canada and 4-12 weeks for the rest of the world. Please note that the postal service can be slow and may suffer several weeks of additional delay, especially near or during holidays period, like Christmas. This happens very rarely but it is still a possibility and is out of our control. If you would like a faster delivery or wish to avoid any risk of a long delay in the arrival of the package, please use a courier service.

Courier shipment assurance insures against package loss, destruction, and package damage. Postal service insurance insures against package loss or destruction. Insurance requires a customer claim to be made when the package is delivered, not later: please ask the postal carrier to make you a receipt "accepted with reserve".

If the game failed to arrive because of your mistake (wrong address, recipient absent, not picking up at courier/postal warehouse, etc.), you will have to pay an additional shipping/warehousing cost for us to re-send/re-deliver your game. This cost will also include the return costs of the game. On the other hand, if the error is ours, we will send it again to you at our expense. If the package is lost or destroyed, we will reship it at our expense only if it was insured.

Important: Please note that we will not reship any game without first having investigated what happened to the first shipment. This can be processed quickly through the courier service option but may require an additional 1-5 weeks through the postal service.
We will no longer accept complaints related to the shipments of items of this campaign (package damaged, lost or missing contents) after 6 months from the date of shipment.

If you live outside of the European Community, customs taxes may be added. This usually doesn't happen for boardgames; however, please check your country's rules and regulations as this aspect will not be our responsibility.

Complaints deadline. We will no longer accept complaints about this campaign after 12 months from the date of availability of the games.

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