Hello Kickstarter community,

My name is Avetis and I created Perfius because I wanted to make human interaction more meaningful and help improve everyones lives. I am always trying to improve something about myself and one day I realized that the first step to true self improvement is knowing what flaws other people think you have. As humans it is not easy to hear the truth therefore usually our friends do not point out our flaws due to social norms. I am someone who welcomes criticism as long as it is constructive because I know it can help me if I do something about it. One day I wondered who I was through the eyes of my friends and family, and I realized it couldn’t be exactly what I thought about myself. Since it is not easy to highlight someones flaws without hurting their feelings I thought it would be great to have a way to tell someone something sensitive about them without it being hurtful but rather fun.

Perfius is basically a new type of social site that works the opposite way of websites like Facebook. On facebook you input your information and everything about your life so your friends can see it and that’s about it. With Perfius you get information from others that you can use to better yourself. Perfius’ main purpose is to help improve your life by discovering things about yourself through the eyes of others.

Here is how it works. You create a profile along with your friends and family. Once you are connected to their profiles you can create pros and cons for them and they can do the same for you. A pro is a virtue you have and a con is a flaw that you need to work on. You can also create a pro and con for yourself and see if others agree or disagree with you. Once someone has created a pro or con for you, others will be able to vote on it so you will know how many of your friends agree or disagree. Once a pro or con is created everyone linked to your profile will be notified and they will be asked to vote on it. When you have a pro created for you, you will know your strong points and with a con you will know what you should work on.

In order to protect relationships no one will be able to see who created the pros and cons and how anyone voted. For example, if you have a friend who you think should be more sensitive to other people’s feelings you can create a con for them but they will never know who created it.

Perfius also has a page called STATUS QUO with more unique features that no other website in the world has. It tracks interesting social metrics in real time. For example, if you are having a bad day and think that you’re the only one, Perfius can show you how many other people are also having a bad day because it asks users to vote how their day is going and knowing you’re not alone helps. Status Quo tracks all kinds of information inputed by users. The “how is your day going” survey will show which days of the week people have good or bad days the most. When you register we will track all your survey inputs and send you the results so you can see out of 30 days how many more were good or bad. At the end of one year we will have very interesting social information. I believe Status Quo will be very helpful to society in addition to being interesting because it connects everyone through their experience proving that no matter where you are in life you are not alone.

If the Kickstarter community likes the idea and supports it, I promise to add more unique features that you will not find anywhere else. As everyone knows, building a social site is very expensive. I have paid the cost for the current live website myself but I can not cover the additional costs to make all the features. I am not a programmer so I had to use a website design company which is not cheap.They are helping me with deep discounts. I was first quoted by godaddy at $400,000. Someone else quoted me $100,000. I am only asking $37,000 because it will cover the cost for the main features that I explained and afterwards the website could possibly generate enough revenue to expand it by it’s own.

As to the rewards, since it’s a website it’s hard to decide how to reward the supporters. I decided to honor you as one of the first to believe in Perfius by displaying your name and hometown on a designated Kickstarter community page on the website.

So that’s my idea if you have any questions please ask.

Thanks for your time.


Risks and challenges

It is a difficult prospect for people to want to hear the truth as it might be painful. Not everyone is willing to know about their flaws and work on them. So having enough open minded people to register and use the site is a concern.

Another challenge is making the site fun and easy to use. I can make it happen because I am very creative, hard working and detail oriented. I use the site myself and will not rest until it's perfect. I have proven my creativity since this idea is very unique and no one else has done anything like this anywhere in the world. I am devoting 100 percent of my time to this idea.

I don't believe there will be any delays in making the program for the site. I expect to have the site fully functioning by the due date.

The rewards will also be ready by the due date.
This is a 100 percent transparent project I intend to keep everyone updated to any developments pertaining to the website and I will answer any questions as soon as possible.

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    Perfius will honor backers from Kickstarter by having their names and hometowns displayed as a thank you for making it happen and for being one of the first to believe in Perfius. We will create a page just for you as a group.

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    In addition to being honored in our thank you page, Perfius will wish you a happy birthday on our home page once a year for 5 years, After becoming a popular social site many people will see you are a VIP at Perfius.

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    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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