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Mash Up Body is a new performance installation--A meditation of on multi-layered identity, and the many attentions we have.
131 backers pledged $12,620 to help bring this project to life.

10hrs left to support Kates new project! Donate now! :) :) :)

Posted by anonymous bodies || art collective (Creator)

Hi Friends and Supporters of all that is anonymous bodies,

I know some of you are getting hit from many angles- social media, emails, IG, FB, twitter-tweet, constant contact, text message, private message, in real time message, phone message, voice mail message, message message......eeeeeeekkkkkk!!! #crowdfundingrealness #toomanyportals

In any event, if you've read this, please feel free to ignore :)

Bottom line, we have 10hrs left to raise $1500 or WE GET NOTHING. (You sophisticated donors know the new dealzzzzzzz)

Any little bit is helpful. If all 100 plus of you donate $15, we've met our goal. 

If you know nothing, or are under a social media rock (stay there--its more peaceful), here's the deal:

I (Kate) am making a new stage show in collaboration with electronic musician Ryat.

Got some time to kill at work? Watch a video about the project here:

Wanna donate? Do that here:

Wanna see the show premiere at Central Park Summerstage in NYC on August 9th? It's free! Info here:

Wanna know what Jaamil and I are up to, go here:

Thanks for any help. We 4 realzzz can't do it without you.




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