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An intense class-based First Person Slasher for the PC. A brutal and mysterious world of high-fantasy warfare awaits!

An intense class-based First Person Slasher for the PC. A brutal and mysterious world of high-fantasy warfare awaits! Read More
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About this project

We're Archetype Global, and this is our project to finance the playable demo for NIGHTREALM TALES! Fund the demo: get the game + more! 

Nightrealm Tales is a gorgeous First Person Shooter developed for the PC by Archetype Global. Set in a beautiful and dangerous fantasy world, Nightrealm utilizes unique character classes and team focused gameplay in the same vein as Team Fortress 2 and Tribes: Ascend.

Nightrealm Tales is a multi-player title that utilizes not only different characters and classes, but alliances- each with it’s own unique characters and classes. The world of Nightrealm is built around two core alliances: the Armies of the Three Kings (also known as THE BANNER) a strategic alliance between the 3 kingdoms of the Great South: Men, Dwarves and Elves. They viciously wage war against the relentless onslaught of the creatures of the night, an unholy gathering of large and vicious creatures from the vast wastelands of the frozen North. They are known as THE SWARM, composed of Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Ogres, Hobgoblins and other vile creatures. Which side will you choose to align with? 

Nightrealm Tales brings you classic team-based gameplay that is not only brings a blend of features from other great FPS titles, but also adds it's own unique flair of combat with a focus on melee and magic combat!

  • Variety. 12 unique character classes catering to a variety of game-types (offensive, support, sniper, tank, healer, spellcaster, builder and more!)
  • Progressive World. Our ongoing updates don't just throw new items into the game, our themed updates will perpetually update the world Lore, introducing new background stories along with new weapons and maps!
  • Melee/Magic combat. Experience visceral combat with hundreds of weapons ranging from giant flaming swords, massive battle axes, deadly accurate bows and crossbows, magic staves, thrown weapons, and even some flintlock era weaponry. With these tools you can customize your strategy to adapt to your environment and overcome the opposition.
  • On-going Content. With hundreds of unlockable items, you will find the perfect compliment to your playing style! Content will be available via FREE loot drops, in-game experience or a storefront.
  • Customization. Find tons of unlockable armor for each character class. Helmets, armor, items and emblems will help you customize the look and feel of your favorite class!
  • Crafting, Selling and Trading: Craft new weapons and armor, sell your old items or Trade with other players!
  • Locations: Choose from fantastic locations to battle in, including ruined temples, underground caverns, zeppelin hangars, sprawling castles and more!
  • Gameplay: Nightrealm will include a variety of classic FPS game modes including Arena, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Banner. Additionally, you can expect to see some brand new game modes on an ongoing basis, including Legendary, Breach and more!
  • FULL GAME: While a retail price point has not been determined, we want all of our backers to get the full game. So all supporters of the $15+ dollar level will get a full copy of the game once the game has been completed!
  • A VOICE: Take part in votes/polls, discuss new weapons, armor, items or features! Take an active role in working with the developers on the game development process.
  • EARLY ACCESS: Sure its cool to get Nightrealm Tales, but how would you like to be one of the first in the world to play it? Get early access before the beta opens!
  • SIGNED POSTCARDS: Get custom concept postcards signed by the Producer at the $25 Tier!
  • RARE IN GAME ITEMS: Get your hands on rare items, armor and weapons available only to Kickstarter backers!
  • IN GAME CREDITS: Nothing wrong with a little public recognition! Get community titles such as: Special Thanks, QA Testers (Early Access Reward) or even be listed as a Producer!
  • COLLECTORS BOX SET: Become part of the "Tale" of Nightrealm with this very limited (50 Copies) Collectors Box that includes: Archetype Global T-Shirt, Five 5.5"x4.25" Character Concept Cards, Nightrealm Tales Gaming Mousepad, Game Soundtrack CD and a 5"x3.5" mini saddle-stitched "Nightrealm Tales Lore & Mythos" booklet. Each box is numbered as 1 of 50!
Box Render (subject to change): Limited Number - 1 of 50
Box Render (subject to change): Limited Number - 1 of 50
  •  LIMITED RUN ARTBOOK: Are you a fan of signed books? Like super-low print runs? Love amazing fantasy artwork? Then just wait till you see our beautiful 13"x11" hardcover Nightrealm Tales Artbook signed by the Producer. This gorgeous book includes the amazing pre-production artwork from Nightrealm Tales and is printed on the highest quality pearl photo paper. It is hardcover bound with an 8pt linen cover and wrapped in a beautiful dustjacket. Each book is hand signed AND sequentially numbered as 1 of 25 copies.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN WEAPON: Always wanted to create your own legendary weapon? Now you can! Work with our talented artists to create a unique/unlockable weapon (of any type) that can be found in the game! You will also work with our designers on the unique attributes of the weapon as well as helping name the weapon! (Note: You get the creative liberty, we make sure it's name and attributes are appropriate) .
  • GET IN THE LORE: Love a good story? Now you can be a part of it. Use your name (or a name of your choice) to become one of the characters of lore in the world of Nightrealm. You will be featured in the Lore & Mythos booklet found in the collectors edition and will also be found in the site lore!
  • GET IN THE GAME: What kind of video game Kickstarter would we be if we didn't offer you this opportunity? Not a good one! Which is why we're willing to add a select few to get into the game as a NPC. Your likeness as any one of the races in the game! And yes, this is a multi-player title but that doesn't mean you wont cross NPCs in the game... 

.................AND MORE!

Limited Print Mini Poster
Limited Print Mini Poster

Most importantly, what will the money be going towards?
We will be using funds purely for the ongoing costs associated with developing Nightrealm Tales. Things like licensing fees, art assets, animation, music, sfx etc. It will not be going towards hardware, tradeshows, or other 'non-essential' assets. To fully maximize the funds that are raised, we intend to tightly focus the money raised into the core components of the game.

What happens if you can't complete the game after making the demo?
Simply put, we will complete the game. Our dedicated team has worked without ANY financing through the entire pre-production process. That is how passionate we are about making this game. It may take a little longer than scheduled without financing, but Nightrealm Tales will be completed.

Will there be ongoing content?
YES! As a multi-player only title, we fully intend to keep new and unlockable content flowing to the game on a regular basis. Nightrealm Tales will only continue to improve after launch as more maps, weapons, armor and abilities become available.

Is there a monthly fee? Do we have to buy items to win?
No fees and no purchases required. All content will be available for FREE via random loots drops and in-game gold (which can be gained through experience or by selling the content you find). If you do not want to wait for new content to drop for free, you will have the opportunity to acquire it early in the Storefront OR via our intuitive crafting system!

How can you afford to create a game with only $72,000?
$72,000 will not fund the entire development process. We've self-financed our way through all of pre-production, but need funds to launch the game into full production. We look to use these funds to "kickstart" (in the truest sense) the game to a playable demo status. We have several private investment opportunities available to us, but will need to push development to a more advanced stage before we can realistically attempt to raise more working capital. OF COURSE, if we get a strong response, we could incorporate the full development process into our stretch goals!

When will the demo be available?
We anticipate the demo will be available in Q2, 2013. We will be aiming to get the demo in hands as quickly as possible and will certainly release the demo early if available! We'd love to have it ready before Christmas. We anticipate the game will be ready for launch in late Summer 2013.

What platform will this be available on?
Nightrealm Tales will be available exclusively for the PC. We're currently exploring other options as well, but at the current time, development is exclusive to the PC.

Will the game support Linux? What about Macs?
At the current time, Linux/Mac is not supported. However if a port becomes available and demand is high enough, we will definitely pursue this further! We'd absolutely love to get this game ported to as many platforms as possible. But at launch, this will be a PC only title.

Will there be a single player campaign?
No, similar to other team based FPS titles, Nightrealm will be multi-player game. BUT, we will be incorporating in offline bot play using local connections. Additionally, our themed updates will feature a progressive theme and story to help drive the world lore. Our goal is to have this content available at launch, or within subsequent post-launch updates.

What is the game world like?
Nightrealm is a great combination of very unique and fantastical environments. Based on classic fantasy settings, players will be able to battle in everything from Dwarven Caverns, great Arenas, Forest Temples and even Zeppelin Hangars! Utilizing both medieval technology and dark magic, players will be able to build up defensive positions, sentries, healing fountains or even portals...

What sort of characters or classes will there be?
Sides are broken up into two factions, the noble BANNER and the viscous SWARM. The 12 unique classes include options such as warriors, tanks, healers, ranged/snipers, builders and more! All diversified with a wide variety of races that include: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Troll, Ogre, Goblin and more! Expect more details on the various classes in the coming updates!

What sort of gametypes will be available?
Nightrealm will utilize a variety of both traditional and new gameplay types. Of course, you will see your classic 'deathmatch' type Arena gameplay as well as classics like Banner War (Capture the Flag) and Control (control point). We also have plans to include some non-traditional gameplay types we call "Breach", "Legendary" and "Unorthdox". Three very cool game types that will help add more variety of fighting styles to the traditional game modes! We fully intend to support the community with improved and new game modes in updates to Nightrealm Tales as more content becomes available post-release!

How will the community be involved?
As the driving force behind the game, we NEED to keep the community involved with both evaluating the content that is available in the game as well as helping determine what future content will be available. Not only do we intend to be fully active on our FACEBOOK page, we will be setting up special forums dedicated to feedback from the community where we as developers can interact directly with our gamers.

Please share this Project with your gaming friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Special Thanks to our developers and those who have contributed: Michael Tiller, Liam Hurst, Jon Gadbury, Richard Wazjewski, Sadoschi Silviu, Rich DiGiovanni, Jeryc Paragua, Kai Zhang, Emanuel Dasilva, Marcus Rybczynski, Kevin Eckert, Daniel Peteuil, Travis Wright, Marko Markovic, Rommain Digonnet, David Szilagyi, Daniel Romero & TJ Dumser.

Risks and challenges

Video games are complicated projects. They involve intensive amounts of work to not only create the product, but to test, balance and retest throughout the various milestones. The biggest risks surrounding game development is that delays can (and usually will) happen. While we do everything we can to stop or minimize the impact of delays, they are not always avoidable. Delays negatively impact the game by increasing the budget. The longer something takes to create, the higher the expenses (salary, development, art, QA etc). The higher the non-budgeted expenses, the more likely a game project will be delayed or fail.

What separates Archetype Global from other indie developers is that simply put- we've done this before. Before founding Archetype Global, Micah was the founder of Reverie World Studios, who bootstrapped their way through the development of "Dawn of Fantasy" for the PC (published by 505 Games in 2011). We are very capable of working with tight budgets and 'bootstrapping' a company with very limited finances. Additionally, the existing team is compromised of developers with diverse backgrounds in game development, and have all boot-strapped through pre-production without financial investments or working capital of any kind.

Video game development is complicated and risky, but we will do everything in our power to complete what we set out to start. We intend to continue the development progress publicly, via our site, forums and Facebook page. We will be encouraging feedback and discussion along the way and will be transparent with any potential issues or delays that could impact our user base.

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    This rewards also includes Reward Tiers 1, 2, 3 & 4.

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    (1.) Reward tiers 1-4. (2.) Work with our concept artists to create an unlockable weapon in game! This unique weapon will be described by you and completed by our talented art staff. You will help determine its unique attributes as well as its overall look, feel and name. NOTE: Weapon attributes will be balanced. Name subject to approval. (3.) Nightrealm Tales T-Shirt (Choice of Banner or Swarm). (4.) Special "Legend" Community Title. (5.) Access to all future DLC or unlockable content for free instantly.

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