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DreamSpace is the ultimate multiplayer culmination of tabletop and digital role playing games. As the song says, Life is but a dream... Read more

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DreamSpace is the ultimate multiplayer culmination of tabletop and digital role playing games. As the song says, Life is but a dream...

The Dark Palace
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The Dark Palace

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Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream....

"Just because it's a dream, doesn't mean it's not real. The dreams you have at night are just more malleable. The rules apply in this world just as they do when you sleep. If you know you can fly in a dream you can. If you know you can fly in this world you get a hands on lesson in applied gravity.

So what separates the dream in your head and the dream that fills the void we call reality? Simple; size and planning. Your dreams are created as you go along and they need only be real for you. The laws of the waking world were set long ago and even when you look away the dream continues for every other being on earth.

You might then think that that's that. Your dreams are small and apply only to you, this dream is big and controls all. But in so saying you've found the loophole. Your dream applies to you. If your dream states you can fly, then you can fly. Cool huh?

But nothing is ever that simple is it? Plenty of people, crazy people mostly but plenty just the same, believe that they can fly. And yet still they fall. For that matter you can probably name five complete morons off the top of your head who believe in their heart of hearts that they are geniuses. So what gives? Why can't we all wish ourselves to a better tomorrow? Why can't you dream yourself smarter, or thinner, or happier? That's easy, you're still sleeping.

What separates the sleepers from the Dreamers is that we know we're dreaming."


Welcome to the world of DreamSpace.

DreamSpace is an RPG set in a world of ancient gods, secret societies, and constant moral conflict. The players take on the role of Dreamers; people with the power to bend the laws of reality to their will. To what end is up to the players. This game is a hybrid of the tabletop RPG experience and more structured video game RPG adventures. The DM (Dream Master for our purposes) can choose a campaign from one of three included settings within the overall DreamSpace timeline and tell a unique story.

Why DreamSpace

Back in 2002 I had never played an MMO but a friend of mine became entranced with (his words, my words were addicted to) Everquest. When he described it to me it sounded incredible.. A persistent world in which you get to create your own character. You could choose your own path to victory and save the world! Then I got to play it.... It was technically impressive (at the time). But it felt completely impersonal to me. It was at that point that I started writing out plans for a game that would give me the personal interaction and story centric focus of a tabletop RPG but with the fast combat of a video game. Later as college ended and all my gaming friends and I scattered to the winds it occurred to me that even in the age of WoW and other online games we really had no way to recreate those days of dice rolling fun we had without hopping on a plane. Video conferencing gets close but isn't quite the same either. I needed something in which the story wasn't on rails. I wanted to play a game where anything could happen, and often did. To that end I began work on DreamSpace.

What is it?

  • Realtime Online Multiplayer RPG
  • Custom Character Creation
  • Three Settings Spanning the Entire DreamSpace Timeline
  • 10 Premade Campaigns per setting plus a Custom Campaign Creation System
  • Create new NPCs, Scenarios, Enemies, or anything else you can come up with
  • Trade Campaigns Online with friends
  • Run games in real time to create unique experiences for you players and tell your story your way
  • Top down realtime action with powers and abilities created by you the player
  • Offline mode features solo story missions that tell the world lore of the DreamSpace Universe

Why Kickstarter

I've dedicated myself to learning the trade of game design for over 15 years but it is not my profession. I worked full time and I was on call for much of that so sitting down to get some serious coding done always had to take a backseat. DreamSpace deserves better than the backburner. I'm at a point in development where I need to either dive forward and dedicate all my time to this or drop it and move on. Given the rise of mobile platforms and the number of tabletop gamers looking to connect online I think this style of play could be the way of the future and I don't want to abandon it. You funding will allow me to develop this game the right way. With actual art instead of my awful programmer art. With tested servers that can support the number of players I think this game can reach. With your support this game can reach it's true potential.


  • No. DreamSpace is online and multiplayer but it is not an MMO. Much like a pen and paper RPG, a campaign can be run by a DM while the PCs interact with the world that the DM has created (or modified...or not modified. DreamSpace is flexible like that). Some campaign data is saved locally, some is saved to the DreamSpace servers. DMs can determine whether or not to allow solo leveling to apply to an ongoing campaign.

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    $1 reward

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    Acknowledgement in the Guardians of the Dream section of the game credits and an exclusive wallpaper.

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    $10 reward

    13 backers

    In addition to the $1 rewards anyone who contributes $10 or more will receive a digital copy of the game upon release!

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    $25 reward

    9 backers

    You will receive access to the closed beta including acknowledgement in the game's credits as an official playtester, an exclusive digital art book, and all previous tier rewards!

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    $75 reward

    1 backer

    You get a signed physical copy of the game with an exclusive art print and all previous tier rewards! (Add $10 for international shipping).

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    $150 reward

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    You'll receive four digital copies of the game for your friends, a DreamSpace tshirt and poster for yourself, and all previous tier rewards! (Add $10 for international shipping).

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    $300 reward

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    At this level you will receive your name (or callsign, gametag, or other alias) included in the setting plus a physical art book featuring artwork in and created for Dreamspace! And of course all previous tier rewards. (Add $10 for international shipping).

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    $500 reward

    1 backer Limited (23 left of 24)

    Dreamer Package - In addition to all previous tier rewards you will receive access to the collaborator forum, a custom character included in the game as a template, and a free copy of any and all DreamSpace expansion packs.

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    $1,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Awakened Package - All previous tiers. Plus one original character of your creation incorporated into the DreamSpace narrative. In addition you'll receive a signed full color poster of your character.

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    $3,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Enlightened Package - All previous tiers (including the Awakened Package), a DreamSpace hoodie plus signed original artwork from the game including at least one piece of your original character.

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    $5,000 reward

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Ascended Package - This package is for all the story tellers out there. If you contribute $5000 to the project (THANK YOU to anyone who does) we will collaborate on a custom built campaign of your design. Your campaign will included in the game and you will be credited as a creative consultant in the credits. Any time the characters you make are used in this game and any future games or projects you will be credited as their creator. In addition you'll receive 10 signed copies of the game so all your friends can check out the awesome campaign you built. And of course, all previous tiers are included.

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