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A unique fantasy from the dragon's point of view. It mingles magic, love, loss, and war in a dragon's attempt to reclaim his own.
A unique fantasy from the dragon's point of view. It mingles magic, love, loss, and war in a dragon's attempt to reclaim his own.
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Recent updates

Gone Live/All Books Out

All books have been sent out and are on their way, internationals may take longer so please be patient.  I had far more preorders than the original release of the first book so it took a bit longer to get everything out.  As a note, I will NOT be doing international orders for the third book except for those who had high enough levels as backers.  It was far more of a hassle getting everything out than I had anticipated and the shipping costs going up are severely prohibitive.

In other news, we are now live and on amazon!  Barnes and Noble and I are still having a disagreement, but anticipate that it will go live this weekend.

Thank you everyone for your patience!!!

First round out!

We have sent out the first round of books!  Working as fast as I can, but in the midst of a convention I'm prepping on going too.  Thank you so much for your patience!!

E-books sent out!

E-books have been sent out, both to people who ordered them and to people who grabbed the hard copies that are delayed.   I will be double checking tonight and taking care of anyone who placed a last minute order.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN E-MAIL WITH THE ZIP FILE, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT KOLLER.KRISTEN@GMAIL.COM!  Please make sure you include the e-mail you used to preorder with and pay with.

Sending Out E-books

Well, Lightning Source isn't so fast. :(  I've got the hardcopies coming in, but as an apology and surprise, everyone who has preordered the new book will be getting the e-book mailed out starting this Sunday to the e-mail your preorder came from or the e-mail given here.  I will send a zip file containing the PDF, NOOK and Kindle formats.  Starting next weekend I will be shipping out the books themselves with my sincerest apologies for the delays. 

Release Information

Alright folks, here’s where we stand. Right now the publishing place and I are running into formatting issues. I’m doing my best to fix them as quickly as possible, but it’s requiring me to do a lot of set up work, spacing, etc to get things so they’ll be printed right. My goal is to have the preorders ordered by this weekend, so fingers crossed everyone! That being said, if you have preordered and there are any address changes let me know ASAP at If you’re a Kickstarter backer, I will be shipping to the same addresses as last time, so PLEASE let me know if that address has changed!! Thank you so much for your patience and here’s to another release!  Already looking into advertising ideas etc for this one!