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A unique fantasy from the dragon's point of view. It mingles magic, love, loss, and war in a dragon's attempt to reclaim his own.
A unique fantasy from the dragon's point of view. It mingles magic, love, loss, and war in a dragon's attempt to reclaim his own.
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This is an important update, so please read through! Self-publishing has a lot of challenges, one of them is the fact that you are largely dependent on yourself for the bulk of putting everything together and when a hiccup happens there isn’t a support staff able to help you get through it. We have had a few hiccups, the cover artist had to be changed (Which thankfully went much more smoothly than I thought it would!) there were some large revisions that needed done, I had an emergency through the summer that required a great deal of my real life allocated to it, locating a printer, most of which meant small delays that might iron out along the way, but unfortunately they aren’t all small delays. This post was supposed to solidify mailing dates, but sadly it isn’t.

Upon going through the final product my editor let me know of a large discrepancy between this book and first that had been somehow missed leaving a large plot hole as well as an inconsistency. It is entirely my fault, somewhere along the line wires were crossed in my brain, but this means I need to do a mass rewrite to address it involving at least three parts of the book and many scattered throughout in various references. I could do a rough clean up, but honestly, this is the last book, I want to go out with a bang, not a whimper. I want to deliver a polished product and not one where the patches were quickly slapped on. And trust me, I tried to find a way to salvage things, but there is no way to salvage it and give a product to everyone that I could be proud of and you would enjoy reading. I am having to push back the release date to Dec. 17st to not only re-write several chapters, but to also allow my editor time to edit them and address anything that might crop up. The public release will be on Dec. 30th after I have been assured that any and all hard copies are in the hands of people who have preordered. This is going to allow a good amount of grace time to make sure everything that is rewritten is done so properly, re-edited and put together again without any chance of further set backs being placed on it.

 I apologize, deeply and truly. I have labored over this product for quite some time (longer than I should have) because the ending of the trilogy is supposed to be the best of the best, the finale filled with battle and fire. I want to deliver on that promise and not something that does neither myself nor my readers a service. I will refund anyone who wants one from the preorders with absolutely no hard feelings, I know that this is unexpected and many have eagerly awaited getting the copy in their hands. I truly hope that this will be worth the wait for those who have followed our adventures.

 TL;DR Late findings in the book means a large rewrite that interferes with the release date meaning we will have to push it back in order to make sure the book is properly finished.

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The Dragon's Storm Trilogy 

Bound By Pride

 War looms. The blast of the horns ring out across the Empire as armies gather and loyalties are called into question. Sithen is left to call upon aid when the army he has to come to face draws upon magical resources to combat himself and his human army. It has been centuries since men and dragons have warred, but that has not made the humans less dangerous, but their magic more unpredictable than ever. As they close upon the capital city, their only chance is an alliance with one of the few nonhuman races left in the world, and the hope that they will answer his need. All of this to see if he can stand in the face of man's magic and spears to take back who he loves.

 Lashane stands against the beat of her memories, her fractured mind patch worked and held together with an ever churning mix of human and dragon. In her attempt to isolate the memories of her time as a human, she finds that 'Duskwing' is not so easily dominated. She is forced to face off with men boasting a lifetime of breaking animals, each one attempting to win the gold and glory of breaking her down to something less than human. It's a trial by fire and one that she fears she will not come out of with her mind intact. But will it be the mind that Sithen has come to rescue or the human ensnared in the body of a dragon? 

 The second in the Dragon’s Storm Trilogy is going to be released in October. Right now I’m going to be taking preorders, these will be sent out BEFORE it’s released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Benefits of preordering include being able to get a hard back book, I only order ONE shipment of these so only preorders have a chance to get them. Otherwise, they are all soft copies. With a preorder you get: 

 -Early Release 

-Glossy high quality copy of the cover 

-Signed book 

-Unreleased short story 




 Upgrade: (If you are getting the paperback from the rewards and you want the hardback, this will be where you upgrade)

EBOOK (Default will be PDF, PLEASE indicate if you want .mobi for Kindle or .epub. These will be e-mailed out!)

Bound By Pride


After a long wait, and a few bumps, things are finalized and a hard release date is set! Artist is secured and we're going to be running. Early copies will be coming out in the beginning of October for eligible folks from Kickstarter. Haven't read the first two books? Get them now!

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PLEASE!  If you got a spot for a character in the last book you MUST submit your ideas by no later than 6/21.  I have been trying to get them together, but at this point I can't wait any longer.  Please understand that if you submit one on the due date and not before you will not have a chance for a resubmission if the idea is unusable (Nonhuman character, time traveler, dimension hopper, anime style character, other character that doesn't fit in the world).  I can't wait any longer to get the book together.

Thank you!



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Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I've been a bit quiet, Kickstarter and I had a few issues and then life got rather busy all of a sudden.  Right now I am working on a due date for the third book, to the massive amount of rewrites that I'm going through and tracking down people who got the reward for a spot in the book it's been slow going and estimating when it will be done is proving difficult, but I'm hoping the due date will be at the end of this year if all goes according to plan!

In other news, the website is down.  I'm working to find a web design company to help me take things from scratch and reworking it all.  Hopefully this didn't cause too many concerns!  Thank you all for your patience, and hopefully the final book will be well worth the wait!