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A unique fantasy from the dragon's point of view. It mingles magic, love, loss, and war in a dragon's attempt to reclaim his own.
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Posted by Kristen Koller (Creator)
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Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I've been a bit quiet, Kickstarter and I had a few issues and then life got rather busy all of a sudden.  Right now I am working on a due date for the third book, to the massive amount of rewrites that I'm going through and tracking down people who got the reward for a spot in the book it's been slow going and estimating when it will be done is proving difficult, but I'm hoping the due date will be at the end of this year if all goes according to plan!

In other news, the website is down.  I'm working to find a web design company to help me take things from scratch and reworking it all.  Hopefully this didn't cause too many concerns!  Thank you all for your patience, and hopefully the final book will be well worth the wait!


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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update! Website woes are always annoying... Hang in there

    2. Whinis - Obsidian Order Water Whisperer on

      Thank you for the update. You might be able to get some of the backers to help with the design if it doesn't need anything fancy.