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A unique fantasy from the dragon's point of view. It mingles magic, love, loss, and war in a dragon's attempt to reclaim his own.
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Bound by Pride Preorders

Posted by Kristen Koller (Creator)

The Dragon's Storm Trilogy 

Bound By Pride

 War looms. The blast of the horns ring out across the Empire as armies gather and loyalties are called into question. Sithen is left to call upon aid when the army he has to come to face draws upon magical resources to combat himself and his human army. It has been centuries since men and dragons have warred, but that has not made the humans less dangerous, but their magic more unpredictable than ever. As they close upon the capital city, their only chance is an alliance with one of the few nonhuman races left in the world, and the hope that they will answer his need. All of this to see if he can stand in the face of man's magic and spears to take back who he loves.

 Lashane stands against the beat of her memories, her fractured mind patch worked and held together with an ever churning mix of human and dragon. In her attempt to isolate the memories of her time as a human, she finds that 'Duskwing' is not so easily dominated. She is forced to face off with men boasting a lifetime of breaking animals, each one attempting to win the gold and glory of breaking her down to something less than human. It's a trial by fire and one that she fears she will not come out of with her mind intact. But will it be the mind that Sithen has come to rescue or the human ensnared in the body of a dragon? 

 The second in the Dragon’s Storm Trilogy is going to be released in October. Right now I’m going to be taking preorders, these will be sent out BEFORE it’s released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Benefits of preordering include being able to get a hard back book, I only order ONE shipment of these so only preorders have a chance to get them. Otherwise, they are all soft copies. With a preorder you get: 

 -Early Release 

-Glossy high quality copy of the cover 

-Signed book 

-Unreleased short story 




 Upgrade: (If you are getting the paperback from the rewards and you want the hardback, this will be where you upgrade)

EBOOK (Default will be PDF, PLEASE indicate if you want .mobi for Kindle or .epub. These will be e-mailed out!)

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    1. Kristen Koller 2-time creator on

      Yes, you'll be able to change your shipping address, I will send a reminder out one week before they mail out. :)

    2. Jeremy Hillis on

      I have no idea what rewards I have now XD

    3. Jimmy Bui on

      Will we be able to change the shipping address before the shipping date in case we move?

    4. Jimmy Bui on

      Even then the second book is Swallowed by Madness :P

    5. Whinis - Obsidian Order Water Whisperer on

      CANDY, its ok I was like we already have a second book........

    6. Kristen Koller 2-time creator on

      My bad, my brain wrote in Fate instead of Pride, I blame easter morning and a candy rush. ;)

    7. Whinis - Obsidian Order Water Whisperer on

      Didn't bound by fate already come out ?