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$37,472 pledged of $100,000 goal
$37,472 pledged of $100,000 goal

It's Here! Download the app in the App Store

Hello friends!

The day you’ve been patiently waiting for is finally here. Our OverDog app is in the iTunes App Store and ready for you to download. We’re only going to let 1,000 Fans enter active challenges for the moment – so make sure you are part of that elite group and go download the app today! 

We opened up to Athletes last night, and we've already received challenges from a Bear, a Raven, a Dolphin, three MLS guys, a baseball Giant, and the President of the NFLPA! Once you download the app you can customize it with your favorite Athletes and the times of day you are most likely gaming. You’ll receive push notifications from us when the Athletes on your roster submit challenges and when any athletes are gaming during your preferred times. This way you can enter as many challenges as you can handle! 

During our soft launch this summer, we’ll be working through some kinks to get us to our official launch in August. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve and enhance the product. Please share your feedback and help us make OverDog awesome. You can reach us anytime at hello@theoverdog.com. 


 Team OverDog 


We're almost there!


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Update and Screen Shots!


Our apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  We've been hard at work finishing the app, and we want to fill you in on the fun happenings.  First, and most importantly: we're going to submit to Apple this weekend.  That means you should have OverDog on your phone within a couple weeks

1) Athletes are excited to play you.  Our initial athlete group has been incredibly helpful in designing the OverDog experience, and nothing has changed in the past few weeks.   We can't thank these guys enough, and they can't wait to use the app.

2) We have some fun partnerships to announce. Following the great press of the Most Successful Unsuccessful Kickstarter Project of All Time, we've started having partnership conversations with folks from gaming, technology, sports, and entertainment.  The world has taken to OverDog just like you did - we can't wait to announce some of the things we have planned for this summer.

3) Wanna see a sneak peek of the app? These are some of the screens that athletes will see when they send you challenges.  Just a demo - but very cool to see.

And, as always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out and say hello: hello@theoverdog.com.


Steve, Hunter, and the OverDog Team

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The Most Successful Unsuccessful Kickstarter Campaign in History


It's official - we haven't made our goal.  And, yet, we remain ridiculously happy about the past 30 days.  With over 1600 Facebook likes for our project, tweets from EA, Drew Brees, Brian Urlacher, David Price and hundreds of others, and media from ESPN, Game Informer, Forbes, CBSSports, and IGN, it's easy to see why we refer to this as the MOST SUCCESSFUL UNSUCCESSFUL KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IN HISTORY! For more on why we're in a great mood, check out a compilation of our fan response, athlete love, and press here.  

For those of you who have reached out with kind words - thank you for your thoughts.  But it's been incredibly easy to stay happy this month. For goodness sakes, media outlets have even picked up the story of our Kickstarter failure - we're a hit for not hitting our goal!

For all of you who have supported us, our sincere gratitude.  We have great things on the way and we can't wait for you to see the app next month.  We'll follow this email with more information on how to download the app, how to sign up, and when you can expect to start playing your favorite athletes.  You're an important part of our next steps!

For now, we're going to put our heads down and stay hard at work producing a game-changing application.  We'll reach back out occasionally with updates, and, in the meantime, if you'd like to hear from us, have ideas, or just want to say hello: we'd love to hear from you! (hello@theoverdog.com)

Best wishes and happy holidays,

Steve, Hunter, and the OverDog team

We May Not Make It - But You and Your Friends Still Win!!!


It's time to admit the inevitable: we're not going to make our funding goal (insert Grey's Anatomy clip of a doctor pronouncing a beloved character dead).  But, here at sunny OverDog headquarters, things remain rosy.  (We have a full announcement scheduled to come out tomorrow!)

So, what's next? Well, to thank our Kickstarter backers, you will be automatically entered into our FREE beta testing group.  Until our full launch in August, we're going to close OverDog to a select group of fans: you. You guys are our core and original backers - we'd be idiots if we let you walk away from OverDog just because we didn't hit our goal.  We want your opinions.  We want your feedback.  We want you to have the exclusive opportunity to play our athletes. (more information to come after the campaign)

You have 26 hours left to be a hero.  Do you have a friend/sibling/coworker who's been on the fence about supporting OverDog?  Well, now's the time to get that person signed up.  They wont be charged a dime on Kickstarter (unless a miracle happens), but they will gain immediate access to the platform in April.  Friends don't let friends miss out on OverDog! (too far?)

Thank you for everything,

Steve and Hunter