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Video-games give you multiple lives. If only reality were so generous. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2011.

Video-games give you multiple lives. If only reality were so generous.

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The life you live.  The life you dream.  The life you remember.  “Plato’s Reality Machine” is a feature film that explores the inner lives of six New Yorkers via three distinct perspectives. 

Meet Kim, the bubbly blonde, at least that’s the act.  Charles, the nice guy who would rather hide in the past than face up to the present.  Zoe, the dancer with a dark heart.  Scott, the alpha male who isn’t.  Maggie, a fashion designer who can’t seem to fashion a normal life.  And Josie, the dapper artist, who needs everything to be in exactly the right place, and these days, everything is exactly NOT in its right place, which drives a guy like him crazy.  The first part of the film follows all of them as they crash into each other in the giant blender that is New York City.  In the process they challenge each other, confront each other, and, just maybe, change each other.

Each character is unique, each story is unique.  And in the second part of the film each person will have their day in court, a chance to explain themselves, to tell you why they are the way the are.   But are they telling the truth?  Or is it just another game, a game like…

…“Platos’ Reality Machine”, the third part of the film.  Join our video-game hero as he embarks on a quest to fight his way to the heart of Space Station Plato.  He will only be able to make it there with the help of the mysterious Sophia, but whose side is she on anyway?   Can he trust her?  Should he?  In the end, all may depend on that one word: trust. 

Check out the video below for a “fly-through” of the animated video-game set, already under construction. 

All of these three elements inform and comment on one another, all are a part of our characters’ lives.  The life they live.  The life they dream.  The life they remember.

As you can tell, this is a different kind of film. It mixes live action and animation, pop-art confessionals and deep drama.  It is most definitely not like anything you’ve seen before.  So if you want to be part of something unique, something groundbreaking, this is the film for you.


We have assembled an amazing team to make this film.  In addition to writer/director Myles Sorensen, four producers with extensive backgrounds in the film industry will help realize the project:  Owen Cooper, Clifford Fields, Padmini Narumanchi, and Christopher Vitale.

We have an exceptional actress already attached to play the role of Zoe:  Trieste Kelly Dunn.   

She was just in the breakout indie hit “Cold Weather”, you may have also seen her in “United 93” and HBO’s “Bored To Death”.  She was recently named one of the top 25 fresh new faces of independent film.  Read more about her here:

Our cinematographer is Dagmar Weaver-Madsen.  She just won the ASC Heritage award and was featured in Cinematography magazine. 

Our animator is James C. Martin, a talented artist and expert in the IClone software we are using to create the animation.

The rest of our cast and crew is being assembled right now.  We’ll make sure to keep you updated as they fall into place.


So we do have a portion of the financing already in place, which we are using now to create the video-game animation, among other things. 

Your contribution will go directly towards the actual FILM SHOOT in New York City this August.  It will pay for a RED camera rental (RED is a professional cinema-grade camera that is not cheap to rent), lights/grip equipment, hiring crucial crew members, food, production insurance, locations fees and expenses. 

If we go over our goal, the money will go towards key post-production costs like an online/color-grade/sound mix and HD master or 35mm print of the finished film.


The funds raised here are disbursed only if our campaign hits our target of $9750 within 30 days.  If we fall one dollar short, we don’t get a dime.  So help us spread the word!  And thanks so much for your generous support.   No donation is too small and all are GREATLY appreciated!

Stay tuned! And make sure to "like" us on our facebook page as well:


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    GOOD KARMA, a SPECIAL THANKS credit on the website for the film, and access to an exclusive digital download of the film's soundtrack once it's complete.

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    All of the above, and access to an exclusive digital download of the FILM once it’s complete. You’ll also receive a “Plato’s Reality Machine” custom printed POSTCARD featuring original artwork.

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    All of the above, a SPECIAL THANKS credit in the FILM itself, and a copy of the finished DVD of “Plato’s Reality Machine”, featuring special content, signed by the director.

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    All of the above, plus an invitation for two to the cast/crew wrap party, an invitation for two to the New York PREMIER of the film. And as a special bonus, you’ll get a copy of the full size “Plato’s Reality Machine” movie POSTER signed by the cast and director.

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    ORIGINAL ARTWORK. You get all of the above, and you’ll also receive one of the original storyboards for the film, signed by the director and storyboard artist. In addition, you'll receive an exclusive series of 8x10 stills from the film, signed by the director, and an invitation for four to the New York premier of the film.

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    BE AN EXTRA! Come sit behind the bar and look cool in the background of a key scene. You also get all of the above, and a copy of the SCRIPT signed by the cast and director.

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    All of the above and we will make one of the ENEMY SOLDIERS IN THE VIDEO GAME LOOK LIKE YOU. That’s right, we can do that. You will also be invited into the editing room for a special screening of a rough cut of the film before it’s complete.

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    All of the above, we will make the CAPTAIN in the video game look like you, and you will receive an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit in the film!

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