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Hrothgar returns with its fourth project. Skald's Song introduces two new storage solutions for your games. Quality Hardwoods...Always
Hrothgar returns with its fourth project. Skald's Song introduces two new storage solutions for your games. Quality Hardwoods...Always
50 backers pledged $4,024 to help bring this project to life.

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Dragon-Slayer Wands for RPG and Cosplay

Posted by Hrothgar's Hoard (Creator)
Hrothgar's Hoard has just launched its latest Kickstarter, Dragon-Slayer Wands  

These wands give you a choice between wood and acrylics and even have a secret compartment inside that can hold 10mm dice or other trinkets.  

We were fully funded within 24 hours and are looking for input from our backers to improve upon that success. Come take a look at this project now and let us know what you think.

Newest Project and Misfits available

Posted by Hrothgar's Hoard (Creator)

Dragon-Slayer Wands...coming soon

We are less than two weeks out from the launch of Hrothgar's Hoard's latest Kickstarter project: Dragon-Slayer Wands. The word is already starting to get out and we have a review in and an unboxing of a wand on youtube. You can take a look at them by following the links below.  

Review from Meeple Street  

Youtube unpacking from John Bultena  

The project page is now open for comments. If you want to take a look and give me some input, please visit it at: Dragon-Slayer Wands  

It is still under construction, and probably will remain so up until launch, but the basics are there along with some pictures  

Misfits now available  

I'm trying to clear some shelf space for the upcoming project and this means it is your chance to pick up more misfits. These are items that, for one reason or another, I do not feel comfortable in selling at full price. A couple items are discontinued and otherwise fine (I'm just not making them any more) and a couple have flaws, but are still 100% usable. Here is what is currently available:  

  • Misfit MONK style dice cases. Only 5 left. Lighter wood only (maple, curly maple, oak) $15 including domestic shipping.  
  • Discontinued Dice Chest Dice case. Only 4 left. Looks like all 4 are bloodwood. $15 including domestic shipping.  
  • Misfit Spell Book/Journals. 12 of these to go. Two sections that you can put spell cards in, one section you can take notes in. Mostly purple in color, but a few tan colors in this lot as well. Many of these have a girl's name engraved on the inside cover (offcenter). These were supposed to be gifts to my softball team, but I screwed up the engraving, so am selling them at a 50% discount. $20 including domestic shipping:  
  • Misfit BARD style cases. 12 to go. Slightly larger than current version of the case. No foam inserts. Domestic woods only (mostly maple). $22 including shipping.  

If you want to see pictures of these items, you can see them on my etsy page here:  

If you would like to order one, you can either submit your order through etsy, or you can send me an email at and let me know what you want and I'll send you a paypal invoice. 

I'd prefer if you sent an me the transaction fees :) thanks a lot and I hope to see many of you in my next campaign!

Dragonhyde updated link

Posted by Hrothgar's Hoard (Creator)

I'm not sure why, but the link to the current project doesn't seem to be working. Try this link instead

DragonHyde Journals is live!

Posted by Hrothgar's Hoard (Creator)

Hrothgar's Hoard has just launched its latest project, DragonHyde Spell Books and Journals.

 These journals are made from remnant leather, so every journal will be an original piece of art.

The big news on this project is the introduction of commercial artwork that can be laser engraved onto the journals and book covers. Diesel LaForce and Charles Urbach have licensed Hrothgar's Hoard to use several of their images for this project. Don't miss out on having some beautiful art on your very own journal!

To pledge, go to and be sure to help spread the word by sharing this project.

Thank you so much for your past and future support.

John Pratt

aka Hrothgar

And now the magic number is..... 1

Posted by Hrothgar's Hoard (Creator)
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Yesterday I shipped 5 more orders, bringing the total number of outstanding shipments to just one. And I have been in contact with that one person and getting a couple more items together for him. I am hopeful that I can get his order out tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

That being said, there are still 3 people who have not answered your survey. If, at the end of next week, you have not received your pledge reward (and you are not in Hong Kong, England, or Sweeden...overseas places I just shipped to), PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR SURVEY.

I'm not sure what to do about those 3 outstanding orders. I've sent out multiple reminders, so I'm not sure if messages aren't getting through, if things are going into spam folders or what. But I really can't ship out anything until I know what is wanted. If you have not answered the survey and do so immediately, I'll do my best to get the rewards out to you in a timely manner. But as soon as I get this last reward shipped, my focus changes to managing the Critical Hit/Miss decks and building inventory for Origins that is now less than a month away.

Enough said.

Thanks so much to everyone who backed this project. If you are going to Origins, be sure to look me up. I've got a corner booth in about the middle of the ehibitor's hall and hope to have a great show. I'll have Critical Hit decks there (I hope), and will have some prototypes of new dice trays that I'll do a KS launch on in August. 

Thanks again