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Hrothgar returns with its fourth project. Skald's Song introduces two new storage solutions for your games. Quality Hardwoods...Always
Hrothgar returns with its fourth project. Skald's Song introduces two new storage solutions for your games. Quality Hardwoods...Always
Hrothgar returns with its fourth project. Skald's Song introduces two new storage solutions for your games. Quality Hardwoods...Always
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    1. Duuckie on May 11, 2016

      Any idea when the cases for international backers will be sent out? Still waiting on my bard case :)

    2. Mr.Gomez on February 20, 2016

      Got my 2 monks! They are so small and awesome! The engraving looks great, wish i got them both done tbh. Another great wood product! 2 thumbs up :)

    3. Aaron aka Itchy
      on February 10, 2016

      My Bard case arrived in the mail last week. It's beautiful! The image stands out against the light Maple of the case. The Burgundy felt makes my dice stand out!

      Now I just need to wait for the arrival of the metal dice that I will be carrying in this case. Then the circle will be complete.

      All that is to say that as troubles come and troubles go, know that your cases are bringing beauty and joy to people's lives.

    4. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on February 7, 2016

      @Oneboot: heat can bring out the color as well as sunlight. I'd try leaving the case in your car (but NOT on the dashboard) on a hot day. I would make sure it is out of direct sunlight when you try don't want to overdo it. If you can't wait until summer, find a window in your place that lets in afternoon sun and put the case where the sun can hit it.

      Results will vary. Try this for about an hour at a time and then remove from heat and sunlight for a day. The change won't necessarily be immediate and leaving it in either too hot an environment or in direct sunlight too long can end up darkening the wood instead of bringing out the purple.

    5. OneBoot
      on February 7, 2016

      Question: I recall you mentioning there was a way to make the purpleheart more purple, but I don't recall what it was (something to do with heat...?). Is this something I could do myself? The particular piece of wood used to make my case isn't anywhere near as purple as the other two pieces I have from you, and I'd like to make them look more like a set. :)

    6. Edward Burr
      on February 6, 2016

      I received my order yesterday, and both cases are beautiful! Thank you.

    7. OneBoot
      on February 5, 2016

      Got my beautiful little Purpleheart Monk case today! :D My sparkly goldstone dice (from the Gemstone Dice kickstarter) are now nestled happily and safely inside. I'll share pictures here once I figure out how to do so!

    8. Aaron aka Itchy
      on January 20, 2016

      No worries! And thank you for the update! As I said below, I expected that the delay was probably weather based.

      Nice to hear that you are getting some warm weather soon. I'm in Central MA, and according to NOAA, the high temp this week is in the 20's (Fahrenheit). Brrrrr!

    9. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on January 19, 2016

      sorry about that...I'll post a more detailed update later today, but the short of it is that I've finally put the WARRIOR project to bed and have been waiting for a break in the cold to do some more work on the SKALD'S SONG. I have most of the cases cut, but I need some relatively warm weather for the finish work to go well. Tomorrow should be above freezing, so I can get into the 50s in the finishing room which is warm enough. I expect to start shipping a few things this week.

    10. Aaron aka Itchy
      on January 19, 2016

      Any update? I'm expecting delays due to the recent cold weather.

    11. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on December 18, 2015

      @Mr. Gomez: I certainly hope so. By mid-late January, I fully intend to be finished with this project and building an inventory for the convention season. I have two Cons in March that I need to gear up for, not to mention getting enough ready for Origins and Gen Con.

    12. Mr.Gomez on December 17, 2015

      Cool, could have the new product by february you think?

    13. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on November 19, 2015

      @Terry: I've had a couple people tell me they use it as a is small, though, so you don't get a lot of roll on the dice. More just shake in hand and drop in the case.

    14. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on November 19, 2015

      @Mr. Gomez: There is a foam insert for monks..I think I have it open to all, but will double check. You can change your order until I lock it down (after Thanksgiving), so go back in tomorrow and double check.

    15. Missing avatar

      Terry on November 19, 2015

      Anyone know if the monk case can be used to roll dice? Is it too small to roll the dice?

    16. Mr.Gomez on November 19, 2015

      Ok done, hopefully ive done it right, didnt see an option for foam inserts for monk cases though! Sadface :(

    17. OneBoot
      on November 18, 2015

      Woo-hoo! I'm the 13th backer to confirm in Backerkit! Hope that doesn't prove unlucky, lol. :) Thank you SO MUCH for adding the foam insert for dice for the Monk cases! Now my lovely (and fragile) goldstone dice set will have a safe and beautiful place to live! :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Direwolf on November 1, 2015

      Ok, I just fixed the grey, turned it into white and uploaded it again to the website. I hope it's ok now. XD

    19. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on November 1, 2015

      @Norm: I'll see what I can put together here in the next few days. Please see the update (which I will start writing in 3...2...1...)

    20. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on November 1, 2015

      @Cam: Yes, I received it. I'll be posting all image options soon including that one. However, the greyscale in the background won't translate well. Lasers have only 2 settings: on and off. Grey is the same as black to a laser.

    21. Missing avatar

      Norm on November 1, 2015

      @ChrisWainman, @Hrothgar's Hoard a foam insert for the monk is a great idea! Transporting/storing a set of unique dice is exactly what I have in mind for my Monk case so I would definitely get the insert as well.

    22. Missing avatar

      Direwolf on October 31, 2015

      I uploaded a wood art to the contest website, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Can I still use it? Don't know if there's anything wrong with the file or not.

    23. Mr.Gomez on October 31, 2015

      15 mins to go, congrats on another funded project! Now the hard part is coming: finalizing what wood/s or art I want!

    24. Mydienon on October 31, 2015

      @Hrothgar's Hoard: That sounds perfect -- I keep going back to the beauty of the wood from your prior projects, and the more I think about it, the more I want a Monk case that's just pure, solid wood (plus magnets, of course).

      The Bard cases would probably be better with felt, suede, or flocking (especially if used as a dice tray) but I'm now leaning toward a cool set of Monk cases made of different woods. Haven't decided about images yet though. In some ways, I'd like them unmarred by any laser-etched image. On the other hand, it would be pretty cool to have a set of images that all fit together in a pattern (perhaps a map) when the cases are adjacent to each other in a specific way...

    25. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 31, 2015

      @ChrisWainman: Foam thick enough to keep the dice from moving would mean that there would be too much pressure for the magnets to keep the case closed. But I may be able to do a foam cut-out in order to keep them from banging into each other. I won't be able to get you a pic of this before the project is over, but don't see why it wouldn't be doable.

    26. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 31, 2015

      @Mydienon: if you don't want felt, let me know in the survey. However, be advised that you will see tool marks on the wood. I can sand to a degree to eliminate this, but you will still see some marks in the corners.

    27. Missing avatar

      on October 31, 2015

      Question about the foam in the monk. Will it be thick enough so that a set of dice won't rattle/move when it is closed? I may want to use it for a set of stone dice and it is important that they don't rattle against one another during transport due to their fragility. Thanks!

    28. Mydienon on October 31, 2015

      @Hrothgar's Hoard: Can we have an option of no felt (or other backing), so the interior of the case is just the finished wood?

    29. Mydienon on October 31, 2015

      New backers (and old) -- if you're an artist, or aspire to be one someday, don't forget about the opportunity to submit your sketches/line art creations! One submission can earn you hundreds of dollars worth of product, *and* you find out whether your artwork is popular among gamers (that might not be your goal, but it's certainly no crime if your art is appreciated by folk).

      Submission guidelines are here:

    30. Mr.Gomez on October 31, 2015

      looks like we are safely over the margin now, i was getting a bit worried lol, nice to see nearly a third of the total made up in 24 hours!

    31. Missing avatar

      Norm on October 30, 2015

      Thanks @Hrothgar's Hoard. I've increased my pledge amount to reflect what I actually intend to purchase, just in case too many people start dropping off. Also, your dedication to the project and your timely communications are much appreciated!

    32. OneBoot
      on October 30, 2015

      I wish I could be a premium backer, but don't have quite that much free cash this time. :(

      Question: Does the suede option cost extra? Also, is it only available for Bard cases, or can Monk get them too?

    33. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 30, 2015

      @Terry: I just sent out an update and edited the main page to show what backers at the PREMIUM level will have offered to them. I was hoping for more, but there are a few benefits to being a PREMIUM backer.

    34. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 30, 2015

      @ Mr. Gomez: this is the stage of KS that drives me crazy...backers drop off, new backers come in, backers decrease/increase pledge levels...its enough to make my hair turn grey(er).

      I will say to everyone who has not backed me in the past that the BACKERKIT questionnaire that I use will include a shopping cart where you can add on any of the items in the HROTHGAR'S HOARD catalog. This includes the ROGUE, PRIEST, WIZARD, BARD, MONK, DICE CASES, and PENS. If you are planning on adding any of these items on in the future you can increase your pledge amount now. I don't *think* we'll need this in order to stay above $3,000, but you never know...

    35. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 30, 2015

      @Duuckie: Canary wood is $65 for BARD, $40 for MONK.

    36. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 30, 2015

      @Chris...again, sorry for the delay in answering. Internal dimensions....MONK is 2 1/2 x 2 7/8. BARD 4 1/8 x 4 13/16

    37. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 30, 2015

      @ Norm...sorry for the delay in responding.

      On the domestic side, Cherry is probably the best for showing off engravings. It burns nice and dark. Cedar is OK, but there is usually so much going on in cedar wood that engravings can get lost in the colors/knots. On the exotic side my favorite is purpleheart since it burns an almost black/purple. Paduak is pretty good as well. I wouldn't do an engraving on a wood that has a lot of grain pattern going on or is really dark (wenge, cocobolo, ebony, zebrawood), but that is just my personal preference.

    38. Mydienon on October 30, 2015

      @Mr.Gomez: The total is going up -- we've got new backers! Welcome aboard!

      There's always a few backers who disappear or reduce their pledge as a project comes to conclusion, but those temporary losses are typically more than made up by new backers joining after the 48 hour reminder goes out.

      Useful tip on other projects -- if you miss the chance to pledge for an early pledge level, pledge at the standard level. Then, in the final 48 hours, watch for slots to open up at those early pledge levels. You can change your pledge to grab one. Think of it as a procrastinator's special... :-)

    39. Missing avatar

      Terry on October 30, 2015

      Out of curiosity, is there anything offered in the premium level which is different from the other tiers?

    40. Mr.Gomez on October 29, 2015

      Why is the total going down?! I m at the limit, I can't pledge anymore!

    41. Mydienon on October 29, 2015

      48 hour reminder is going out soon -- all you potential backers who are still thinking about it, look at the beautiful wood and the awesome hex and magnet lid design! These are made to last forever, cut from thick, solid wood... Santa's elves wouldn't be able to make them any better!

    42. Duuckie on October 29, 2015

      Hi @Hrothgar's Hoard, just wanted to ask if you have canarywood available for a bard case and how much would it cost? Thank you :)

    43. Missing avatar

      on October 27, 2015

      Hi, I have a quick question about the monk and bard. What are the internal dimensions of each?

    44. Missing avatar

      Norm on October 26, 2015

      @Hrothgar's Hoard: I'm certain I've seen you answer this question before, but I can't seem to find it again. What wood(s) would you recommend for best showing off an engraving? I'm planning on getting a Bard with the Hobbit Door engraved on it and I would like that to stand out as much as possible. I'm not worried about getting the fanciest wood for this dice case (I also plan on getting a Black & White Ebony Monk case to hold "cool" dice) but rather would really like something that shows off the engraving as much as possible.

    45. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 26, 2015

      Engravings work great on purpleheart. Purpleheart darkens when it gets heated, so when the laser hits it, it turns into a nice purple/black.

    46. Missing avatar

      Direwolf on October 26, 2015

      Bolivian Rosewood sounds great! Would engraving stand out on purpleheart? Or what kinda wood would you recommend?

    47. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 26, 2015

      @Mydienon: Never worked with B&W Ebony before; it'll be a new experience for me. Considering the price it costs, I sure hope I don't screw anything up... :D

    48. Mydienon on October 25, 2015

      @Hrothgar's Hoard: So, would that make Bolivian Rosewood "slightly more rare"? :-D

      Thank you so much for Update #11! So glad to see the full selection of wood -- and love the new choices. Black & White Ebony is gorgeous; have you worked with it before?

    49. Missing avatar

      on October 25, 2015

      Awesome! That's great news. Thank you!

    50. Hrothgar's Hoard 6-time creator on October 25, 2015

      @ChrisWainman: Bolivian Rosewood (aka Morado) should be something I can get. cost on it would be $50 for a MONK case and $80 for a BARD.

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