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Is the economy just in a recession or is their a bigger transformation afoot? Symbionomics is a media project about the new economy.
Is the economy just in a recession or is their a bigger transformation afoot? Symbionomics is a media project about the new economy.
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April Update

Greetings Kickstarter Folks!

April has been a big month for Jay and I.  We are excited about our progress toward the goals we set for the kickstarter campaign. Thus far we have:  

  - Uploaded four interviews for your viewing pleasure: Jimmy Wales, Kevin Kelly, Rachel Botsman, Neal Gorenflo

  - Completed our card deck of Symbionomics memes

  - Made substantial progress on making the Symbionomics website ready for the next phase of this project.

In the next six weeks we will be completing the rest of our tasks. Keep your eyes out for our announcements of:

  - More interviews posted on the website  

  - Completing the DVD compilation of interviews  

  - Launching the Symbionomics website

While I continue work on Symbionomics full time, Jay is taking on more responsibility with his other endeavors. He is starting a social innovation incubator in Seattle, but you can still count on Jay for our graphics (thanks Jay!) as well as ongoing strategy support and community engagement. Please cheer Jay on at the HUB Seattle.

Of this first phase of Symbionomics, Jay says, "Its been a beautiful honor to receive support from people all over the world to get this project rolling. I'm excited to see where this momentum takes us, and what the second chapter of Symbionomics will look like!"

After our Kickstarter goals are reached, the next phase of this project will be centered around producing a series of collaboratively created “episodes,” each exploring a different Symbionomics theme.  The episodes, taken together, will serve as the backbone the to the feature-length film.  Here are episodes we will be producing over the next year:

- An Emerging Collective Intelligence

- Open Production

- Distribution Redesigned

- The Future of Work

- The Future of Currency

- Leadership and Purpose

We are looking to expand our team to grow this work! Stay tuned for more specifics on how you can stay involved.

with much appreciation,

Alan Rosenblith

Why the word, "Symbionomics?"

Hi Everyone -

It's been a little while since our last update.  We've been busy editing together the interviews we have done so far into a DVD, making the symbionomics card deck, and developing our website.  Here is a little video I just made that explains a little about why we chose the word "Symbionomics."  I'd love to hear feedback...

more soon



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Prospectus Complete

Hi folks!
Jay and I have been working around the clock to develop and pen a viable way for this project to really take off. We are happy to share what we've written with you. If you want to check it out, click here for a download of our PDF. If you know people who might be interested in helping us take this to the next level, we invite and encourage you to pass this document along.

Some things you will find in the document:
- our values statement
- six episode synopses
- our budget made public
- bios of our team
- what we need to go forward

In other news, we are getting ready for our trip down to San Francisco. We will be interviewing some pretty amazing folks down there, so stay tuned for details. Also, we are closing in on the final design for our symbionomics card deck. We are designing it to be a tool for sparking symbionomic design creativity. Fun!

with tons of gratitude
Alan & Jay

What we've been doing...

Hello awesome Kickstarter people!

Its been a few weeks since the end of the campaign, and we just received the money into our account yesterday, so- hurray! Its real! In the meantime, we've been doing ridiculous amounts of planning, designing, and scheduling.

First off, we scheduled a bunch of interviews for late February, including Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired magazine and author of What Technology Wants) and Lisa Gansky (web entrepreneur and author of The Mesh) as well as many other innovators. We'll hopefully finish up our DVD of interviews in mid-March.

We've also completed the conceptual design of the next phase of our website (see below). The site, and the Symbionomics Project in general, will center around monthly interactive episodes drilling into each of the twelve themes that we've laid out. We'll start off each month by introducing the theme, and offering some questions to start the conversation. Then we'll host this conversation through multiple channels; YouTube video responses, Quora discussions, Tweets, and whatever creative expressions y'all come up with! On the site, we'll aggregate all of the discussion and activity so its easy to see where the party is (see below). Then at the end of the month, we'll compile a video that explains each meme in greater depth, and will include the best of the footage we've shot, videos submitted by the community, tweets, comments, etc.

Throughout the month, we'll also be doing research, infographics, and animations, so let us know if you want to contribute to any of those work-streams.

We're still figuring out some details, so stay tuned. There will be more soon.

Signing off,

Jay and Alan

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Back in Portland

Dear Supporters,

Alan here. I am finally back in Portland after a 3.5 week absence. The passing of my father made the last month difficult to say the least. The good news is that I was able to be with him on his 90th birthday, which, despite his condition, seemed to really delight him. I am also very happy that in my absence Jay picked up the slack admirably. I feel tremendously blessed to be working with someone I can trust at that level during difficult times.

And to all of you who supported this project, financially or otherwise, I want to extend my deepest gratitude. Seeing the level of enthusiasm and support from all of you has reaffirmed my commitment to this work. We are clearly stewarding something important here, so both Jay and I are committed to bringing our very best to the table as this process moves forward.

Now that I am back in work mode, Jay and I have been working through our next steps. There will be lots more to share shortly, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

with much warmth,