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pledged of $11,000pledged of $11,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 14 2012
pledged of $11,000pledged of $11,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 14 2012


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      Nicholas Ochoa on

      This was the first time I backed something on Kickstarter. I understand that perhaps an opportunity was presented to make your toy line so that you didn't have to go this route but you had 170 backers (myself included).

      If you think that your toy line would have had this offer without Kickerstart that's your right to think it but I'd say you're wrong. Your goal was $11,000 it was achieved then you said lets go for $14,000 got that too THEN you said let's get to $17,000 and we hit $16,970 and wham you hit the cancel button. That was a cold thing to do. All the sites that backed and referred people to your project are going to have to report on what you've done.

      It's been 3 hours; if I were you I'd start playing damage control or else this project could crash and burn before it truly has a chance to get off the ground. I'd think about sending those 170 backers an exclusive figure as a gesture of thank you for believing in the line. To me you made people believe they were going to be a part of this toy line and that they could proudly say that they had a hand in bringing it to life.

      Everyone wanted this line to succeed but not like this Jon...Not like this.

    2. Nathan Griffith on

      Jon, if this truly is about saving *us* money and allowing us to get the same incentives for less, then that's awesome, but please do a better job of communicating exactly what that means. As it stands, your supporters can't help but feel slighted. You claim that "no one was used," but it looks very much like this project ended up being a stepping-stone to some better "opportunity" to get these toys made. If that's not a good example of being "used" then I don't know what is, regardless of whether the outcome is awesome. It would be great if you could help resolve these conflicting statements and be more up-front about what exactly happened.

    3. Luke Toywalker on

      I don't get why not do both things? get this fan-based thing set up in the 1st place, and afterwards releasing another rob series, that might be "funded" by plastic !magination... why cancel the whole kickstarter thing? this is indeed not what this platform is for, right?

    4. Shawn Robare on

      I didn't actually give you any money, so it's silly to get upset. I will say though that this was the wrong way to handle the situation. I've help run a couple kickstarter campaigns and I know how difficult it can be organizing and seeing everything through. Doubt it matters much, but I won't be seeking to pick these up down the line.

    5. Eric Schulman on

      its good we know the kind of people are money was going to!!

    6. Luke Toywalker on

      I'm actually not sure if this is good or bad news oO

    7. Benjamin on

      Jon, looks like you have some better explaining to do for your one time backers. This time please do not cut and paste the same comments. It's kind of insulting.

    8. Ross Acevedo on

      I regret giving you my money.
      You waited until NOW to decide this and let us know? If this is the way you do business then I predict you will have a long history of empty promises and shady business practices much like SHOCKER TOYS.
      The toys had my interest.
      Your idea and open communication made me decide to give you my money.

      Now you have neither from me.

    9. Jon Karis 2-time creator on

      Guys, I can tell you that the decision to cancel the Kickstarter funding has nothing do do with investors or anyone buying out the line. This was absolutely not a marketing ploy to gauge interest, no one was used. I completely understand the frustration out there right now. There really isn't anything else I can say. I apologize to all of you who are sitting there saying, WTF? and can only hope that come June when the first run arrives, that you will have a change of heart.

    10. Missing avatar

      Trenten Shields on

      Yeah it really feels like this was used to sell the idea to investors, and I really hope that's not the case. If this was cancelled a week ago I'd understand. But 5 minutes before closing is disheartening. And I have no problem having my money tied up for a few months, I preorder items all the time! But, on the other hand, I am happy for the company to get an apparent investor

    11. Missing avatar

      Gunnar Carlson on

      Just needed to give some feedback here as I feel it is important for you to hear it. While I understand the goal of any business is to be successful I must say that I have a bad taste in my mouth over this one! To cancel this on the final day just seems wrong. I am no longer interested in supporting this line or these business people. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but being in business myself and holding myself and my employees to the highest standards of customer service I see this as doing things the wrong way and I can't support it in any way. Kickstarter is an avenue I use to support projects I believe in and think have a good chance of becoming future small businesses. I feel like I was used as a way to show interest to investors in this instance and that's not the point of Kickstarter. You should have honored your initial commitment to this project and then done whatever you needed to to grow your business/toy line. That's my opinion and I wish you well in the future and hope you take this feedback to heart.

    12. Matt Stein on


      The point of projects like this is for us to help real artist and the little guy out, not to be used to sell the idea to a larger outlet. But I understand money talks and I do hope it works out the best for you, but there is something cool about being part of a small up start project. OMFG figures turned me onto kickstarter and its fun to feel involved and not just have to wait till figures just show up on shelves or some other online store.

    13. Benjamin on

      Jon, I liked being a part of a project that I believed in. It didn't matter if you gave me a million units to do what ever I wanted. Your video, your passion, even your recent email from yesterday, was all promising. Still don't understand why you waited to the day of, to let YOUR fans down?

    14. Jon Karis 2-time creator on

      Doug, maybe for less.

    15. Benjamin on

      wow, anyone else feel a little let down?!?!

    16. Doug Turner on

      Will I still be able to buy 8 figures for $45 shipped? Probably not...

    17. Cavenyx on

      this stinks alot.

    18. Matt Stein on

      well this stinks a little