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Gang tattoos are digitally removed from portraits of ex-gang members. Powerful and emotionally charged interviews follow.
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Cover options

Posted by Steven Burton (Creator)

Hi Everyone, I'll be sending the postcards and prints out no later that Friday. Sorry for the delay on the "how to video I'll have it done soon I promise.  There are two options for the cover of the book I wanted to get everyones thoughts. The one on the left is Mario one on right David, which do you prefer?



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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I think the Mario cover works better.

    2. Pilar Tlachi on

      Mario, the eyes closed and tatted to open and un-tatted says a lot

    3. Jinksi on

      I was going to say David at first but after watching the transformation I have to agree with most others that Mario is more compelling. The closed to open eyes is a really powerful image and to me evokes more emotion than the static pose of the other cover.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Burton on

      Mario wins for us with the eyes but David is great too

    5. Missing avatar

      Moira O'Connor Kenah on

      I prefer Mario, more powerful transformation

    6. Missing avatar

      Kate Khullar on

      They are both great pictures.
      I prefer the one on the right - it is lighter and he is looking out of the book.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brad Murphy on

      David (Right) - Allows for focus to remain on the transformation and disappearance of the tattoos without the distraction of the different poses/images.

    8. Torborg on

      Got so used to the first cover - any particular reason that is no longer there?
      if the choice really is only between the two, I go for the left, blinking one

    9. Helen Crittenden on

      Reluctantly Mario - the eyes opening is very powerful - David looks older without the tattoos, probably because the heaviness of the brows and the lines on his forehead become more obvious

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelly Neal on

      Mario. His eyes are very compelling.

    11. Gray Golka on

      At first glance I was going to say David, his face takes up more of the frame, everything is more bold and upfront. The horns. Really powerful. But something about Mario, there's something there. Maybe it's the fact that the stark black shirt makes him feel cutout from the cover and less 2D. Or it could just be the transition from eyes-closed to eyes-open that really draw you into his soul. But there is something that cries out reborn, and like a child looking at a stranger I can see the man behind the age, the scars, and the pain; the mask.

    12. Rosemary Nigro on

      Definitely the pictures of Mario--they create a much stronger, more powerful image.

    13. Missing avatar

      Fenella Watson on

      Mario, for many of the reasons already listed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brenda Cantu on

      I prefer Mario because of the complete change.

    15. Michael Sierra-Arevalo on

      Mario. The eyes opening and closing is captivating.

    16. Missing avatar

      Monica Baker on

      I think I prefer David too! Like his expression more!

    17. Missing avatar

      Shannon Dee O'Connor on

      I'd say Mario. With David you can still see a hint of hit tattoos while Mario's almost completely disappear. Which I understand is just the issues with holograms. I like the effect of his eyes opening and closing and I love the cross. It's symbolic of many things. It can be associated with being saved or with gangs or just with religion or fashion. It depends on the viewer the descipher that when his "two" faces appear. He draws me in more.

    18. Missing avatar

      Terry Rosato on

      I like Mario with his eyes opening, and the symbolic contrast of wearing a cross as a gang-member and then as an ex-gang member.

    19. Missing avatar

      Diana Smith on

      I like them both very much, but the photo of Mario, with the black shirt and eyes opening/closing, is more engaging.

    20. Missing avatar

      Cecilia Espinosa on

      Mario, I too like the closed to open eyes. Also the sleekness of the plain black shirt draws my eyes towards his face.

    21. Chris Mann on

      I'm going to say David.

    22. Missing avatar

      Aya on

      I like the effect of the opening and closing of Mario's eyes....But I find that David's expression is more powerful. So I'm torn.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Montoya Palmer on

      I prefer David for the cover. thanks!