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"I Love Death" is about Ben (who is also Death.) Ben falls in love with a vibrant woman whose soul he is supposed to take...


"I Love Death" is a Romantic Comedy short film about love and Death.

Ben's job is Death, and he is lonely. He spends his days taking souls as a faithful servant of God. One fateful day, he is assigned to take the soul of Amy, a pretty and bright school teacher. But Ben falls for her and cannot complete the task.

As Ben spends more time with her, she falls for him. He explains his aversion to touching her by claiming to be germophobic.

To make matters worse, God finds out she still lives and increases the pressure on Ben to complete his job. If Ben does not, the balance of life and death will be broken and the world will end.

But how can Ben take the soul of the only woman he's ever loved in all eternity?


"I Love Death" brings together a seasoned cast & crew dedicated to producing a wonderful, funny and charming short film.  The script was written by Travis A Sterner along with the inspiration of many contributors.  Completion of the final draft was mentored by John Jacobsen of Seattle's TheFilmSchool.

Producer - Chris Oliver

Director - Travis A Sterner

Director of Photography - Rey Serna

1AD & Actor - Michelle Dean

2AD & Actor - Andrew Tribolini

Second 2AD - Molly Kongslie

Featurette Crew - Lance Ramsay & Parker Cooley

"Ben (Death)" - Greg Kevin DeLaney

"Amy" - Elizabeth Raetz

"God" - James Dean

"JP" - Gary Watson

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Our goal is $3456.78 by 9.10.11 at 12:13pm.

We are seeking funding to produce the film.  The Production is moving swiftly in the pre-production phase and we need your help to see it through to completion!


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