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Update #2

Almost done in the studio!!

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Thanks to to everyone who has pledged to help support our project! We are at a great pace so far, and I think we will push it over the top before our project time is up. 

We were in the studio with Travis Kline on monday. All drums, bass, acoustic guitar tracks, and vocals are done! Most of it live in the studio. 

Monday afternoon we did some gang vocals and clap-tracks on our song "Thankless Job". I released that song on my RPM challenge album "Last Beams of the Old Setting Moon". I think those who have heard that version of "Thankless Job" will be very happy with the full-band version. 

The studio has been a pleasure. Travis knows how to get GREAT sounds. He is a true musician, and a good friend. Monday I did acoustic tracks. Matter did a little bass. Thursday I will hit the electric overdubs and more vocals. 

We are thinking 2 or 3 more trips to Raymond, Maine and we will have the tracking and mixing done. Then it's off to be mastered and duplicated, and that is where this project comes in. The $1500 we are trying to raise will pay for the mastering, plus 1000 copies of the CDs. 

Thanks for all your help, let's keep this #winning streak alive.

If you know anyone who will gamble $10 (or more or less), sound-unheard, on a CD pre-order Kickstarter pledge, please send them our way. We promise it will be worth it. 


Jake and Lit on the Flash


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      Creator Jake Roche on June 7, 2011

      I love that our 13th pledge was for $13. That's got to be good luck somehow, right? Thanks Nate Baker, can't wait for you to hear this record.

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    Our new CD in the mail as soon as we get them.

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    Our new CD in the mail. Plus a copy of our 2-song, hand-stamped "Black Triangle Blues" and "My Baby" CD (With "Official Sighting Report" insert, signed by all band members)

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    All of the above, plus an EXTRA new album to give to a friend. Plus Jake's 2007 release "Just Survivin'" on CD. There will be an extra secret-bonus reward at this level.

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    This pledge amount is for any venue, within a 2 hour driving distance of York, Maine, that would like to have Lit on the Flash perform 2 shows. This is a great way for a venue to book us, while helping us put out our album!

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    All of the above and Jake from Lit on the Flash will have a cheeseburger eating contest with you.

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