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Lit on the Flash is recording our debut album. We are trying to make the final push to get this record out!
Lit on the Flash is recording our debut album. We are trying to make the final push to get this record out!
29 backers pledged $1,510 to help bring this project to life.

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Free Album Download for our Kickstarter peeps..

Hello friends!!

We released our album on bandcamp today!

Kerry is sending out a code to all our Kickstarter backers. 

Use the code at bandcamp to get the album download free.

This way you can put it on your ipod (or whatever the kids are using these days) before the actual CD comes in the mail!

We should be getting the CDs any day. 

The last update will be when we are shipping the records.

They will look beautiful to our eyes. 

Now go download the record and have a nice, loud, listen!

-Jake and Lit on the Flash

Album ordered, awaiting arrival...

It's time.

We got the final mixes up in Raymond, ME from our friend Travis Kline. Travis got amazing sounds on this record, and we owe him a huge thanks. We can't wait for you to hear these wonderful sounds!

We went down to South Boston and had the mastering done with our new friend Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering. He did an amazing job. The record sounds BIG.

These things take a little time. Thank you for being patient. We believe you will be happy with the final, un-rushed project.

We placed the order for 1000 copies of the album yesterday. 

Thanks to everyone who donated on Kickstarter. Without you it would have been near impossible to get such a quality album put together so quickly.The surveys have been sent out.. Let us know how to get you your rewards. 

Thank you so much for believing in us and supporting us. Please help spread the album and these songs as far and wide as you can. We at Lit on the Flash believe these songs need to be heard by everyone. We believe it is a timely record. We are spreading the message of love, and we believe that love is a much-needed message right now.

Revolution Time. We are hoping to have them in about 2 weeks. 

The day these are dropped off to us by our mail-man, they will be dropped right back in the mail for you, man... (or woman)...


Jake and Lit on the Flash

Timeline and info survey on the way.

Hello everyone!

We are trying to get this album out as soon as we can.

The album artwork is near completion. Looking AWESOME.

The album itself is near completion.

I'm waiting to send the survey for shipping info until we are really close.

Reason being: People move.

We are still hoping early August.

So in the near future I'll be sending surveys out to the different reward tiers. We'll need those filled out in order to ship!

If you got a $100 acoustic performance, or a $250 full-band performance, please send us an email at or and we will start setting something up! 

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

Don't forget to come check us out at The Ashworth Hotel in Hampton Beach, NH every Sunday this summer. 3-5 in the afternoon.

Our site was just refurbished :


Jake and Lit on the Flash

We hit our goal, thanks to you.

We are excited to announce that we have hit our $1500 goal!

Thanks so much to everyone that pledged! This has been an exciting way to get a project funded. 

We are still putting the finishing touches on the record this week. 

Then off to be mastered...

The Kickstarter project will pay for the mastering :)

Then it's off to be duplicated...

The Kickstarter project will pay for the duplication :)

We are so proud of this album and can't wait to get it to you. Thinking end of July is realistic. As soon as we have them, if you pre-ordered the album, you will be getting it in the mail the day they arrive at our doorstep.

We will keep you posted. Thanks again SO MUCH!!!!

-Jake and Lit on the Flash