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Terror Below is a game of government experiments gone wild in the Nevada desert.
Terror Below is a game of government experiments gone wild in the Nevada desert.
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Dice Tower Live Stream 11 am EST and Chapter #7: Boomers and Screamers!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios (Creator)

Rise and Shine Friends!

This very morning, we are going to be joining the Dice Tower for a very special Live Stream of Terror Below! Tom, Zee, and Sam will be battle for eggs as Dan Bojanowski, Renegade Game Studios Senior Producer, teaches them the ropes. Join us! It’s going to be a blast!  

We also wanted to announce our next Social Stretch Goal! Designer Mike Elliott has agreed to participate in an Ask Me Anything event on Reddit’s r/boardgames if we can hit 50 retweets of this post. 

Now back to our story where things have taken a turn for the worst for Patricia Sebastian and especially the Hotel Manager! Enjoy!

Chapter 7: Boomers and Screamers

The manager’s jaw fell open and a set of extra teeth lengthened their way out his lips. A pair of shiny mandibles clamped open and close as a large iridescent insect head squeezed its way through the manager’s throat. It let out a tiny scream, which both Patricia and Sebastian responded to with a louder scream. This only seemed to make the creature excited, and it started moving faster out of the manager’s head. The two scrambled to get the office door open and shut it close just as the monster was about to strike. Guaranteeing that the door wouldn’t betray them, they checked to make sure the outside lock was sealed. They watched behind the glass to see the large squirmy creature burrow below the surface, then sprinted to find another location to take refuge in.

The Motel itself was laid out with several different rooms on two floors, surrounding a car park. They ran to each room on the bottom floor, trying to push their way into the doors, meeting with failure each time they tried. Come on, come on, Patricia’s mind was racing. She searched her mind into anything that could have helped the situation. She had taken a couple of survival courses before, but this wasn’t the typical survival scenario. This isn’t How to Light a Fire with Rocks 101, Pat.

Finally, she pulled the handle to one of the doors and it opened. Patricia called Sebastian over and they both looked at each other with a moment of realization and jumped in. They immediately locked the door behind them. The room was dark, but the light leaking in from behind the blinds of a full window silhouetted two beds and a chair. Once their eyes adjusted to the darkness, Sebastian and Patricia nodded at one another- they started pushing the beds toward the door, making sure that nothing could come in.

When they finished moving all the furniture they could find, they started to catch their breath. “What were those things?” Sebastian sat on the floor, laying the potato gun next to him. He was trying to filter what had just happened into something easy to digest.

“I-I don’t know. Maybe some kind of science experiment gone wrong from the college lab?” Patricia suggested, “Or like, climate change has somehow really messed up the ecosystem?” Stay calm, Pat. There has to be a logical explanation.

“Or it’s aliens,” Sebastian’s eyes flickered. “Aliens who have a growing raygun and they’re sending these things to come attack us and take over our planet.”

Okay, or aliens.

“Whatever those… Booming scorpion mutant things are, we need to figure out a way to survive this,” Patricia was pacing back and forth.

“There were more than just the scorpion monsters. There was that other smaller one, the screaming one.”

“Boomers and Screamers. Right,” Patricia didn’t really have the patience for naming conventions. She lowered her voice. “We don’t know if they can hear us, so we should try to be quiet. Maybe the army or something will come get us soon.” She noticed a daze fall over Sebastian, and offered a bit of hope, “You know, like in the movies.”

-Banana Chan

Will our barricaded friends make it out alive? Find out tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all on the live stream, in our Facebook Group and on Twitter very soon!

Happy Gaming!  

-The Renegade Team


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