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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players.
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players.
3,794 backers pledged $705,087 to help bring this project to life.

Beyond Goldar Stretch Goals! Only 2 Days Left!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios (Creator)

Good Morning Rangers!

WOOOOHOOO!!! Last Night, the Ranger Nation pulled together and we hit our Goldar Goal! This means that every backer at the It's Morphin Time Power Up Level or higher will be challenged to face this formidable foe! Nice job everyone!!

We also revealed a new set of stretch goals including Lauren Shiba, Red Samurai Ranger and a big pile of game upgrades! We also hinted at the Backer's Choice Vote! As of right now, we're super close to hitting that goal! So we'll just spill the beans on it a few minutes early! 

After the campaign ends, you'll have a chance to vote for upcoming Ranger Teams, a single Ranger, and your favorite Zord (Mega, WarZords, or other large scale figures). This vote will be EXCLUSIVE to the fans who helped us out by backing our Kickstarter project! Start thinking now about what you might want to see in an upcoming expansion! We can't wait to dig through the results! 

From Day 1, we've been listening to what Power Rangers Fans really want and doing our best to give you everything we can. With 25 amazing years of content, we can't do it all at once but we have some great ideas for the future thanks to all your input! Voting for your favorite additions to the game is part of our commitment to you! 

Cyclopsis final sculpt!
Cyclopsis final sculpt!

Today we also wanted to reveal the updated sculpt for Cyclopsis! We're showing you, our dedicated backers, first and will update the page later today. We haven't revealed much about his game play yet but we will be very soon!

We have just two full days left in this campaign! If you missed yesterday's update, please make sure to read it. Feel free to ask us any questions through Kickstarter direct messages, on our Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments section of the Kickstarter page and we'll be happy to answer them! 

Have a Morphinominal Day! 

-The Renegade Team 

Regeneration - Dan Mora
Regeneration - Dan Mora
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jinx BH on

      for the vote I'd have to go for everything dino thunder. I think I need every iteration of tommy as a ranger

    2. Renegade Game Studios 3-time creator

      So many great ideas in this thread! Thanks Rangers!

    3. Missing avatar

      DJ Gove on

      Single ranger- Gold Zeo Jason (coolest looking ranger of all time!
      Zord- Thunder Megazord or Dragonzord
      Team- Mystic Force so my daughter can have her team since the games comes with mine.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jacob Auston on

      I’d love to see the MMPR team in their civilian outfits!

    5. Phil Blankenship on

      So this might not be what you are looking for but i would love to see the rest of Lord Drakon's ranger guards. It would also be very cool to have the play option for:

      Aquitar Rangers,
      Ninjeti Rangers,
      Zeo Rangers,
      Turbo Rangers,
      and Space Rangers.

      As for a Mentor Zordon of course, and while on the Zordon note if you truly lessen to the fandom you should make zordon of eltar form the fan fim in his battle outfit a playable character.…

      zordon in battle gear…

      As for zords, I am not very familiar with the Shattered grid but Zords for the enemies would be cool for a plot twist. Drakon, Evil Green Ranger, Lord Zeds serpentera, ext. and for rangers since you are giving us Green and white ranger, we need the zords for them. Their is a lot you can do with this game and I would love to see it all funds pending of course.

    6. Skyler Tipsord on

      Also, just realized, for Teams, if the Dino Thunder team was picked, all their rangers could be used (Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black) so that could be pretty cool, plus they do have interesting designs.

    7. Skyler Tipsord on

      I know we're not doing the voting just yet, buuuuuuuuuut....

      As far as teams/single ranger, I'd love to see one that we're not currently getting representation from in the game. To that end, I would really enjoy seeing the SPD team, as their season was one of my absolute favorites and as a team I feel they grew the closest over the course of the season. Alternatively, and possibly even more than the full team, I'd love to see the Shadow Ranger from SPD in the game, since it's still to this day one of my all time favorite ranger designs, and a very striking design on the table for what that's worth, and seeing him appear in the show was always a delight. And, in relation to both, I'll admit I have a lot of personal attachment to SPD as it was the series I watched with my father more than any other series, Cruger being our favorite character (he passed last year so I've been revisiting the series heavily over the past year or so). Alternative choices that aren't SPD for me would be the Quantum Ranger, the Magna Defender, the White Dino Ranger, or the Gold Zeo Ranger. As for zords, I feel like the obvious answer to give would be Dragon Zord since it would be roughly at scale with the Mega Zord and is extremely iconic. Apart from that, perhaps the Thundersaurus Megazord.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gavin Covey on

      Gold ranger, 1995 movie rangers (the cloth outfits with the headbands)! Loving this campaign so far, so much nostalgia
      Would also love to see Ivan Ooze as an enemy
      For zord, its a tough choice, but I would love the green rangers dinozord, white rangers tigerzord, but really there are a lot of other great choices

    9. Missing avatar

      UnlimitedMediaWorks on

      Is Chroma Squad something that could be on the table? Not sure how Hasbro's relationship with the studio works, but I think going with chipboard instead of plastic minis (and keeping cost down) is appropriate for that (potential) team.

    10. Zapi on

      Team: Would it be too much to ask for psycho rangers as an enemy team?
      Ranger: Zeo (powerless) Billy as an alternative support character instead of Alpha.
      Zord: It would be cool to have a sculpted "carrier" zord like Titanus the Ultrazord, Tor the Shuttlezord, or dino thunder's Brachio, one that would also double as a card holder for all the zord cards.

    11. Jiji on

      For me...
      Ranger Team: There's allot of options I'd like to see. Obviously, I'd want unmorphed set of the MMPR cast. Maybe the Ninjetti or even the Dairanger costumes from the sentai counterpart that was featured in Super Megaforce. I also like the idea of the 95 costumes. These all seem like special niche stuff that would make more sense for an exclusive. I'd want something we'd be less likely to see in the future anytime soon!
      The Extra Ranger would likely be a vote for Ninjor!
      And the Zord? Thunderzord!

    12. Kyle Brackman on

      I'm going to vote for Karone

    13. Missing avatar

      Travis Frisbie on

      @Renegade, any word on resculpting the Cyclopsis miniature?

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @David Sims oh I like that idea I hope they do that.
      As for the vote? The vote will be mostly easy for me since I'm voting for the Delta Command Megazord for my favorite zord. I'm thinking I'll go with the Shadow Ranger for my favorite Ranger as well since I don't have to worry about Tommy not being there.

    15. Missing avatar

      Zach Steele on

      If everything were to go perfectly, would you be intending to make and release all ranger teams/zords/master villains/ locations over time for each season?

    16. Chris on

      @Renegade, please don't crush our hopes and dreams. Mine is to add Mystic Force in the near future. I'll even support that production/design any way i can if I have to.

    17. Renegade Game Studios 3-time creator

      @David Sims - That's a great question! It's possible in the future! I'll make a note of it. We have a big spread sheet of future ideas and I'll make sure this gets added. A lot of the ideas we've heard in the comments section here have already been added. It's basically row after row of hopes and dreams... :)

    18. Alex Dominguez on

      Astro Megaship, because duh

    19. Alan Wilkinson on

      As various people have noted in the comments sections, Cyclopsis has V2's arm blades but V1's lack of horns...

    20. Kevin Smith on

      Well I know I'm voting for Power Rangers Samurai for the team and Gold Ranger (Jason) for individual ranger. No idea which single Zord I'd pick though. I assume this means specific Words and not Megazords.

    21. Kyle Denna on

      Ooh, what do you guys think about MMPR movie '95 rangers using the movie only weapons/tools and helmet mods in the sculpts to differentiate them from the base sets MMPR?

    22. John Faria on

      Ill probably go with mighty morphin power rangers the movie 1995 for team (in their ninja form) and zords/megazord. For single can we go outside the rangers but in the same universe because playing as the masked rider would be awesome!

    23. Shawn M. on

      Oh wow... That's crazy awesome. I'd definitely be voting for SPD/Gold Ranger Jason/Thunder Megazord. Although it could be a coin flip with Wild Force mostly for the black ranger/Dr. Tommy Oliver sculpt, but that was a cool team too.

    24. David Sims

      If we get a team with a new color, can we get the same color dice for them? Like Purple, green, gold, etc?