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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players.
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players.
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Enemies, Location Boards, and more Game Play Info!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios (Creator)

Hello Ranger Nation!

We've made it to Anaheim for Power Morphicon and can't wait to share our games with uber fans tomorrow! But for today, we wanted to share more information about how the game actually works! 

Alright! Let’s dive into the Location Boards

Location Boards represent the various locales and battlefields where the Rangers will face the forces of evil. These four regions are the primary points of attack that Rita’s forces will hit and the Rangers will need to coordinate if they wish to keep them all safe. Each location has a Panic Level, which is the number of minion figures that cause that location to become Panicked. If all four locations in the game become panicked the Rangers lose the game!

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Each Location board is double sided and has an advanced mode, which will modify the difficulty of the game. Some advanced locations increase the challenge while other locations provide advantages to the Rangers. Ernie’s Juice Bar for example allows a Ranger to recover additional cards when they use the Rest Action in that location. Meanwhile Angel Grove High reduces the maximum number of cards a Ranger can have in their hand.

Ernie’s Juice Bar special effect text: After a Ranger performs a Rest Action in this location, that Ranger may choose 1 card in their discard pile and place it on top of their combat deck.

Angel Grove High special effect text: Rangers in this location have their maximum hand size reduced by 2. Excess cards are immediately discarded.

Enemy figures will be deployed to these regions using a unique deployment deck mechanic. Each location board has an associated enemy type, so for example Ernie’s Juice Bar is linked to the Putty Patroller enemy. There are 5 deployment cards for each of the 4 locations in the base game and these 20 cards, when shuffled together, create the Deployment Deck.

Monster cards are seeded in the middle and at the end of this deck, which means the Rangers will have to deal with waves of minions before the monsters appear.

The deployment step occurs at the start of each round, the players will resolve FIVE enemy deployments. Here’s how it works:

Take the deployment deck and flip over the top card. Place the number and type of foot soldier depicted on the revealed side onto the location board depicted on the next deployment card in the stack.

If the next deployment card depicts a Monster or a Master, flip that card as well. The minions and the monster figure are then deployed to that location and that location immediately becomes Panicked.

We went over the enemy cards a little bit during yesterday’s update but here’s a bit of a deeper dig into how they work:

In this location, the Red and Yellow Rangers are facing off against Madame Woe and two Putty Patrollers.

When the battle starts, you will lay out two Putty Patroller cards into the combat sequence.

Then, place 3 Madame Woe cards into the combat sequence. While foot soldiers only place 1 card per figure, monsters and masters play three, performing multiple deadly actions in each battle.

These cards are placed on the end of the combat sequence. However, if a card with the FAST keyword is placed, it is immediately moved to the front of the combat sequence instead.

FAST has an additional effect, instead of the Rangers getting the first combat turn, the monsters do instead. Meaning that before the Rangers can react, the first enemy card in the row resolves! So Madame Woe will use her Deadly Claws to deal 4 damage to one of the Rangers.

The Rangers get to decide who suffers the damage, but choose wisely, because one of the enemy cards has the PASSIVE keyword. Passive effects are continuous abilities that are always active. Often enhancing other enemy cards or impeding the Rangers. Flanking for example, reduces the Ranger’s shield values on all of their cards by 1. Meaning that they suffer more damage each time they are attacked.

Now, on the Ranger’s turn, they may wish to attack that Passive Card to get it out of the way, but unfortunately it’s adjacent to a card with the TAUNT keyword. Enemy cards with this ability protect their allies and prevent any card adjacent to them that does not have Taunt from being attacked.

Enemy cards resolve from left to right in the combat sequence, one at a time. Rangers can exploit this by defeating enemy cards before they resolve! When an enemy card suffers damage equal to its health, it is flipped facedown. If it is a minion enemy, one corresponding minion figure is removed from the location board and sent to the Level Up Tracker. (We’ll talk about that more in a later update.)

If it was a Monster or a Master that card is discarded at the end of the battle. In order to defeat a Monster or a Master the Rangers must discard a set number of cards from that monster’s deck. (4 for Monsters, 6 for Masters.)

The only way to remove a panic token from a location is to clear ALL enemies in that region. Thankfully, when you defeat a Monster or a Master any minions in that location flee. (Though they do not count as defeated and do not move to the Level Up Track. We’ll talk about that more later.)

That’s all for this game update!

Thanks for all your super fun comments, interactions on our social media, and for helping us reach a new stretch goal, Wizard of Deception!. We love the awesome energy from the #RangerNation! We will be monitoring our boards this weekend but might be a little slower than normal while we're at Power Morphicon. If you have questions, please check out our updated FAQs or send us a message! 

Thanks for all the love!

-The Renegade Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Carr

      Thank you for sharing more gameplay information Renegade team! I know there have been a lot of people with questions regarding rules/gameplay so these updates are much appreciated. Hope you all have fun at Morphicon - can’t wait to see the footage and live play!

    2. Andrew Betts

      Overall the system seems fairly elegant. Can'gt wait for more.