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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players.
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players.
3,794 backers pledged $705,087 to help bring this project to life.

Combat Details, Ranger Strategy Tips, and More!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios (Creator)

Hey Ranger Nation!

We had an awesome first day! We made it to our funding goal, smashed through our first two stretch goals, unlocked our first Social Stretch Goal, and got to meet a ton of new fans! Here’s what you’ll find in today’s update!

Game Play Details       
      How does Combat work?
      What do the symbols on the Ranger Cards mean?
      Ranger Strategy tips!
Unlocked Stretch Goals!
Social Stretch Goals!

Game Play Details:  Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid uses a unique card-based combat system which focuses on action selection and tempo control. Rangers coordinate their positioning in different zones and use their actions to initiate battles. All Rangers that are present in that location participate in the battle regardless of which player chooses to initiate it. 

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

A battle begins by laying out a set of Enemy cards based on the enemy figures in that location. For example, if the location has three Putty Patrollers and two Super Putty Patrollers it might look something like this:

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

This is the Combat Sequence.

Ranger and Enemy cards take turns activating. Enemy cards resolve in order from left to right. If a Ranger manages to defeat that Enemy card before it resolves, it is flipped face-down and has no effect when it resolves. This means that Rangers can gain a big advantage by defeating Enemy cards before they resolve. Here’s an example of an Enemy Card. These cards represent the unique attacks and abilities of the enemies that the Rangers face. Each individual Enemy is designed with a unique recipe of strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities representing their cruel and unusual powers.

Example Card: 

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Health: This is how much damage must be dealt to the Enemy card to defeat it. Each time a Foot Soldier card is defeated, one corresponding Foot Soldier figure is moved from that location to the Level Up Track (The Level Up Track will grant Rangers their Zords, but we’ll talk about this in a future update!). Larger Monsters and Masters are notably tougher and the Rangers will need to defeat multiple cards from their deck in order to defeat these foes.

Some Enemy cards have special effects such as FAST, TAUNT, and PASSIVE which can alter gameplay. The Taunt keyword, for example, means that other enemy cards without the Taunt keyword that are adjacent to this card in the combat sequence cannot be targeted by Ranger attacks. The Fast keyword means that those cards move to the front of the combat sequence and, therefore, Enemy cards take the first turn in the round instead of Rangers. Passive abilities remain in effect throughout the entire battle.

Ability Text: This is the Monster’s effect, which usually involves dealing damage, draining energy, or otherwise harming the Rangers. These resolve as written.

Here’s an example of a Ranger Combat Card. Each combat card is a particular skill or weapon in the Ranger’s arsenal.

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Action Type: There are three types of combat cards: Attack, Maneuver, and Reaction. Attacks generally deal damage to enemy cards directly in addition to their other effects. Maneuvers grant special bonuses or manipulate the battle in some way. Reactions can be played outside of the normal combat sequence, for example when a Ranger is defending or during other Rangers’ attacks.

Card Ability: This is the special ability of this particular combat card. Each card has effects that represent that Ranger’s unique techniques and fighting style!

Energy Cost: This is the amount of energy a Ranger must spend to use this ability. Energy is gained at the start of each battle and certain combat cards also generate energy.

Shield Value: This represents how much damage this combat card can absorb when a Ranger defends against an Enemy attack. When a Ranger suffers damage, they must reveal the top card of their combat deck. If the damage exceeds the revealed card’s shield value, then that card is discarded and the remaining damage proceeds to the next card in their deck. If the Shield Value exceeds the remaining damage, then the Ranger places that card on the bottom of their combat deck.

Each Ranger has a Ranger Character Card and a 10 card combat deck. This combat deck represents both their tactical options and their health. As Rangers play cards and suffer damage, they’ll slowly deplete their deck. If a Ranger runs out of cards during a battle, they are defeated and immediately teleport to the Command Center to recover. Rangers will need to find precious moments to rest up between battles if they wish to succeed.

Next, we’ll go into a brief overview of each of the five core-set Rangers’ fighting styles:

Ranger Strategy Tips!

Jason Lee Scott, the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger!

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Jason is the original leader of the Power Rangers and a fierce fighter in his own right. His combat cards focus on maximizing his own damage output with rerolling dice and granting bonuses to his allies either by boosting their actions or defending them from harm! He can allow any Ranger to reroll their attack dice once during any battle, reducing the risk of poor rolls and bad luck in any given encounter. Generally, he works best with his team, so when playing as Jason, you should remember to stand together with your team for maximum results.

Strategy Tip: “Lead the Charge” combos well with allied attack cards that have special bonus effects, like Trini’s “Sabertooth Strike”. The opening damage from it can also set up beefier Enemy cards to be finished off by a decisive blow from an allied Ranger.

Kimberly Hart, the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger!

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Kimberly is the acrobatic marksman of the Ranger team. Her abilities focus on taking out single targets with devastating efficiency. Her attacks have some of the highest damage outputs in the game, and she’s excellent at taking out boss enemies with precision hits. Kimberly’s “First Strike” ability allows her to pick out a single Enemy card at the start of combat and deal 1 damage to it. This lets her weaken a particularly tough Enemy with Taunt or set up a foe to be defeated by an allied sweep.

Strategy Tip: Use “Arrow Shot” to take out high-damage and low-health Enemy cards that are protected by other Enemies with Taunt before they resolve. This will give your fellow Rangers the breathing room they need to sweep up the remaining enemies with their own attacks!

Trini Kwan, the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger!

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Trini brings a pair of sabertooth daggers and even sharper wits to battle, with consistent damage and rapid-fire strikes. Her cards often allow her to perform additional attacks and chain combos together as she sweeps up enemies. Her damage output is solid, but her primary advantage is her consistency and speed. She keeps up a relentless pace that Rita’s Foot Soldiers just can’t match! Trini’s special ability allows her to recover cards after a battle, which means she spends less time than other Rangers resting to recover cards and can dive right back into the fray wherever she’s needed!

Strategy Tip: The first hit of “Sabertooth Strike” should target a low-health enemy to guarantee a follow-up attack. You can combo this with Kimberly’s “First Strike” ability that deals a bit of damage to enemy cards from the very start to deal massive damage at the kick-off of a battle!

Zack Taylor, the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger!

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Zack is the heavy hitter and sweeper of the crew. His power axe deals significant damage and his abilities emphasize finishing off damaged foes and striking multiple adjacent enemies at once with massive attacks. Despite his immense strength, Zack is also known for his unique martial art: Hip-Hop Kido, which combines traditional fighting techniques with smooth breakdancing skills. He’s light on his feet as he slips past his enemies’ defenses to deliver devastating knock-out blows. His abilities focus on area-of-effect damage and finishing off weakened enemies, while also using his abilities to generate the energy tokens that he and other rangers need to use their most powerful techniques.

Strategy Tip: “Sweeping Strike” is excellent for taking out Enemies with Taunt while weakening the cards that are being defended by this Enemy ability. Zack will want to pick and choose when he defends, and use the momentum he gains from Hip-hop Kido to power up his biggest attacks.

Billy Cranston, the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger!

Subject to Licensor approval.
Subject to Licensor approval.

Billy is the tech genius of the crew, and with his power staff, he is a nearly untouchable bastion of strategy and defense. Billy has several cards with defensive abilities, that is to say, special effects that trigger as his cards are revealed when defending. His character ability allows him to begin each battle by choosing a card in his hand to place on top of his deck, which gives him a great deal of control over how he responds to enemy attacks.

Strategy Tip: “Counter Blow”’s defensive effect deals precisely 2 damage, which means it’s useful for taking out cards that you don’t want to risk missing with a low dice roll. Generally, if an ally fails to finish off an Enemy card before it resolves, you can use “Counter Blow” to cinch the finishing blow when it does.

Unlocked Stretch Goals!

We’ve already unlocked Finster and upgraded Double-Sided Location tiles! We’ll talk more about the Location tiles tomorrow. For today, we wanted to elaborate on how you can make sure you’re getting the Kickstarter exclusive models like Finster!

If you are a backer at the Go Go Power Rangers! Level or Mophin Master! Level, you will get all the Kickstarter exclusive items we unlock, including Finster! If you’re a backer at the It’s Morphin Time! Level, you can always decide to upgrade your pledge during our Kickstarter Campaign, or when you fill out your survey after the campaign ends. Upgrading to either of the top two levels will ensure that you get all this great exclusive content!

Social Stretch Goals!

Thank you for all your help reaching our first social goal! We love to see how excited everyone is to be part of this project! We will be doing a live playthrough with the HyperForce Team this weekend at Power Morphicon with designer Jonathan Ying teaching the game! It’s going to be a big weekend!

For our next social goal, we’re teaming up with Geek & Sundry to cover Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid on their show Game the Game! Help us get to this goal by liking our trailer video here!

Tune in for more info!

This update is already long, so we’ll have more info about Monsters, Masters, Foot Soldiers, and more tomorrow! However, tonight the Renegade team is joining forces on Youtube to talk about our prep for Power Morphicon, happening this weekend! Tune in at 5pm PST (in little over an hour!) at this link to chat with us!

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep supporting and sharing this campaign with other board game players and members of the Ranger Nation!

-The Renegade Team


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    1. Druid City Games

      @Nate - the locations will have an advanced side you can choose to play on.

    2. Nate Fowler on

      This gameplay looks AMAZING!!! I'm so ready for this.

      After reading through everything, I have two questions:

      1) Does Jason's Leadership ability activate for battles that he is not participating in? My guess is no - he has to take part in the battle for the effect to work. This could potentially be worth clarifying in the card text.

      2) I'm curious about the zones where the action takes place: do they behave differently from each other in any way, other than the Panic Limit? It would be cool if they did have some additional impact on the game! ^_^

      Good luck with the campaign, guys! You're making all of us Power Ranger fans' dreams come true! My family and I are so excited!

    3. Missing avatar

      Zachary Anderson on

      It looks like the blue ranger in the art for the yellow ranger's player card by the name...

    4. Lane Castleberry on

      Awesome! Loving the differences in strategy for characters and the game mechanics. Looking forward to the journey forward.

    5. Alan Wilkinson on

      "you can always decide to upgrade your pledge during our Kickstarter Campaign, or when you fill out your survey after the campaign ends"

      Maybe don't be in a hurry to send out that survery? :p