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Wireless speaker that automatically connects to any phone placed on it. No Bluetooth, No cables, No pairing.
Wireless speaker that automatically connects to any phone placed on it. No Bluetooth, No cables, No pairing.
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Posted by Trippy (Creator)
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To all backers who are sticking with us through this time,

This letter will: 1) detail our apologies and measures taken to prevent this from happening again, 2) give you a guaranteed latest delivery date, 3) attempt to offer you compensation.

Apologies: First of all, on behalf of our beloved Trippy, allow me to express our most sincere apologies for the delayed deliveries and time taken to respond to you all. If you would like more information about why this has happened, feel free to contact me. There are no excuses for these mistakes, just know that we are working hard to make your Trippy find its way to you as soon as possible, and to ensure that this will never happen again.

Among the measures we have taken to achieve these goals are: changing our logistics partner and hiring a new CEO to work full-time with the company while me and Alex are busy with our full-time jobs. The CEO will soon write an update introducing himself.

Guaranteed delivery date: We can’t give you a specific date for your Trippy and we are sorry about that. However, what we can say is that all Swedish deliveries are in transit and should therefore arrive shortly (a couple of days to a working week). Deliveries outside of Sweden are handled individually and will arrive during April, but at the VERY latest on the 30th of April.

Compensation: Now, on to the good news! You may or may not know that Alex and I like to get in way over our heads, we actually have a second brand called Beatnik! Beatnik makes really good-looking sunglasses. It is also more established, with a better logistics partner. As a compensation for the issues with Trippy, we would like to offer you a promo code for 50 % off one pair of sunglasses. We hope that this makes up for at least part of the trouble you have experienced, and we’re sorry to be unable to offer you more at this time.

Beatnik website:

Code: SORRY (valid for a week from now)

Best regards,

Trippy team

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    1. Trippy Creator on

      Hi John,

      First of all, we have notified your fantastic reviews and are truly happy about your positive feedback. We agree that we should have acknowledged this in a better way.

      Regarding the bamboo earphones, due to a pick/pack error in our factory, it appears that the earphones are not included in the packages sent out. To rectify this issue in the fastest and most convenient way, we will send these directly to you (as well as other Backerclub members) with express freight.

      Finally, we are happy to announce that we will launch a campaign for Trippy as well, starting by the end of this week. We will revert later today/tomorrow with additional information in this regard.

      Have a great day!

      Best regards,
      Trippy Team

    2. John H. Halpern, M.D.

      Hi-I’ve posted some beyond glowing reviews for you: ah start up or no you should know to acknowledge when your product gets praised especially when so glowing!
      Please clarify about what’s up with the free bamboo earbuds promised to Backerclub members.
      Finally, instead of offering a discount coupon for about a discount coupon for purchase of another Trippy???? Truly, I’d buy a few more as gifts...but not sunglasses.