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A handcrafted indie adventure game about the power of music. Go on a journey and save the world with singing~
A handcrafted indie adventure game about the power of music. Go on a journey and save the world with singing~
989 backers pledged $21,936 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kristoffer on

      No worries. Thanks for the response!

    2. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      No update yet, we aren't at the stage yet to be thinking about it... (But hopefully soon!)

      From what I know, the number of keys we're able to get is dependent on Nintendo reps, and our publisher is an additional middle man between us and that process. To handle the supply for this kickstarter, we'd have to request a somewhat exceptional amount, so... yeah, I really don't know for sure, as it depends on permission from a chain of people beyond me. And there are some fairness/bureaucratic considerations here too (we already sent out our backer surveys ages ago...)

      Obviously I would really like to, but I'm no position to promise anything. I really appreciate your patience with us :)

    3. Kristoffer on

      Any news on Switch instead of PC redemption? Obviously wasn't an option in 2016 but I know you will do what you can. So excited for this one still!

    4. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      @dreamfall one
      Nothing to announce there atm, but it's within the realm of possibility!


      After the Switch - any plans for PS4 or XBOX ONE?

    6. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      @Closet Full of Games
      Early 2018! We should still be done with the game this year, not too late from what we initially planned. But there are a few more things to figure out after that. :)

    7. Closet Full of Games

      Just curious, what is the revised delivery date for this project? I'm sure I've missed it in your numerous updates. No rush, you keep making this awesome looking game!

    8. Frodo

      I added Wandersong to the GOG Wishlist.
      Please add your vote, so we can see this beautiful game DRM-free on GOG. ( ;

    9. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      @compujosh correct, wandersinger!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      After we beat the game, should we refer to it as Wandersang?

    11. Snowrunner Games on

      Congratulations! I'm psyched for this game!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      or something like that

    13. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      I put a lot of thought into that one! If there isn't a bee next to my name I will be disappoint

    14. Disastercake on

      Ok, I chose Cake. It's not a typo. =P

    15. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      I was just curious.

    16. Disastercake on

      Yay! Sent back my survey. What is the "favorite animal" field used for?

    17. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      @Maureen yes, when our surveys go out...!

    18. Missing avatar

      Amit Burstein on

      Congratulations!!! I know that Wondersong will be an amazing game and I am very much looking forward to it!!

    19. Pierre Bondoerffer on

      Yes! Can't wait to play this <3!

    20. Missing avatar

      Maureen Im on

      Hi Greg! Is there any way I can change my name that will go in the credits to my boyfriend's! The backing was more of a gift for him :)

    21. Missing avatar

      LucasMaxBros on

      Congrats on getting your game Kickstarted!

    22. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on


    23. BigD on

      Congratulations again on a great campaign. Looking forward to playing this down the road!

    24. Disastercake on

      So happy to see Wandersong get funded! Congratulations, buddy!

    25. Miegues on

      Yay, we did it!! Good luck with the stretch goals now...
      About the language, I'd love to see the game in brazilian portuguese :)

    26. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      @SP yes almost definitely (we haven't explicitly talked about it, but I would assume yes, it would be weird not to)

    27. SP on

      Question, if one goes with bird will there be a way to buy the soundtrack at a later date after the kickstarter if one cannot afford the song bird option currently?

    28. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      @Taylor I would like to make the game something kids can enjoy :) As long as they are comfortable reading!

    29. Missing avatar

      Taylor Barber on

      I adore the art style in this game! Do you feel as though this game would be playable for children as well as teens/ Adults? Since the I think Children would love the way it looks! ^_^

    30. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      Thank you, thank you everyone! Next stretch goal in just 1.5k now :)

    31. BigD on

      Congratulations. Well done. Now on to stretch goals.

    32. Remute on

      yeah! congrats!!!

    33. Myozzan on

      YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!! We are on the road now!!
      I am so thrilled!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrei Marks on

      Woot! Awesome Greg!

    35. Disastercake on

      Congratulations on getting funded!!! Excited to be a part of such a cool looking game. =)

    36. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on


    37. BradenTakashima on

      *me sqealing like a little girl just say 1D

    38. Ryan


    39. Julie Durand on

      Congrats!! You reached your goal! I can't wait to see how it'll turn out :)

    40. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      AHHHHHH!!! :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Mark Ravindran on

      Congrats on getting backed all the way!

    42. Paul Hamilton on

      that's the first time I've made the pledge that gets a project over the line! Love the look of this, been following on twitch all week too, keep it up Greg!

    43. Greg Lobanov 2-time creator on

      Ahhhhhhh~! :D

    44. SP on

      Sweet, it looks like we'll make it, I was getting worried for a sec. Well, a good few days, but it is looking up and up.

    45. Missing avatar

      Rafael Balbuena on

      I just backed you, hope you reach the goal, only 1k left

    46. BigD on

      Great to see this about to cross the finish line. Wouldn't it be nice to be funded by the 48 notices and use the final surge for stretch goals

    47. Remute on

      come on guys... just 1k left... !
      i'll twitter and sing to my friends now!

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