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Update #15

Titanium Bands, Certification and Progress Report


Titanium Bands

This is something we’re pretty excited about. The stainless steel band was performing well, but we thought we could improve upon it. We tested titanium in parallel with stainless steel and concluded it’s worth the money to upgrade to this far superior material.

The Details:

Weight: The entire watch assembly is nearly half the weight of the original: our previous weight of 12.5g has been reduced to 6.6g with the titanium band.

As far as we can tell, this means the CST-01 will be the world’s lightest watch, as well as the world’s thinnest.

It’s so light that a helium balloon can carry it! The watch on the left is one of the old prototypes with the steel band, the watch on the right is one of the new titanium samples:


Material Properties: Titanium has better "spring back,” (low elastic modulus) so it better keeps to its original, intended form after repeatedly wearing and removing the watch from your wrist. It is also less stiff, meaning it will be more compliant and comfortable when wearing.

Biocompatible: We are using “grade 5 titanium” (Ti6Al4V), which is extremely biocompatible. Those of you who were concerned about nickel allergies need not worry, as there is no nickel in the Titanium alloy we will be using. It’s the same alloy used in biomedical implants.

Badass: Grade 5 titanium is the stuff used on space shuttles, fighter jets, and satellites.

Manufacturing Titanium:

Titanium’s manufacturing properties have made the decision even easier. Titanium can be formed using ALL the same processes as stainless steel and does not incur any schedule slip. In fact, we have more forming and heat treating options available to us. Flextronics is working on forming tools at this very moment. Even the pre-production models we have feel incredible. They are so unbelievably light.

Brushed finish, PVD Coating: All models will have the same brushed finish. For the Nando Rossi and the Rose Gold editions, PVD coating works the same way as on titanium as stainless steel. (We’re waiting on brushed samples at the moment.)

All in all, we thought it was worth the extra cost for all the above benefits. It’s undeniably better in all categories.


In parallel with our work with Flextronics on the mass production units, we’re also been making samples of the watch and the base station for FCC, CE and other necessary certification for us to be able to ship worldwide.

These samples are for electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing (what happens when the watch and base station are exposed to incredibly high electric shocks), electromagnetic radiation emitted, and capacity to receive electromagnetic radiation.

The samples passed these tests with flying colors. A 4kV discharge does absolutely nothing to the watch or base station, 8kV resets the watch but causes no damage, and the watch emits basically no RF, which is not surprising given that it uses such a small amount of power and has no wireless capability. We will have no problem getting the required certification once the results are written up and submitted for approval.

Here’s a short video of those certification samples, the watch and base station changing time and going from 12-hour mode to 24-hour mode. This video shows the final method for setting the time also:


We did our tests at the Bay Area Compliance Lab. The anechoic chamber where the RF tests were done is completely sci-fi and incredible:

Sleepy Face Low Battery Indicator

We had fun coming up with an animation to communicate when the watch runs out of power. You will see this after a month of use if you let the battery drain all the way. Utilizing the segments available, we managed to create a pretty unique indicator:


Revised Shipping Schedule

We were hoping to start shipping the first batch of watches in late December, but now it looks like it will be late January before we could start shipping units. We are balancing the desire to ship as quickly as possible with the requirement that these watches will be robust and keep ticking when after being put through the paces.  We will not sacrifice testing to get these out, and sometimes testing requires unforeseen refinement phases to address issues.

We know you want your rewards and we are doing everything we can to get them to you and have them be the best they can be.

We are working with Flextronics to outline another detailed plan based on what we know now and will get it out to you as a mini-update as soon as it's complete.

Challenges Overcome

We estimated about 3 weeks for getting these models ready for CE and FCC testing in the last update. In parallel we were running our own electrical and hardware tests as we assembled those samples, These two items ended up taking about 3.5 weeks. The E Ink displays function as planned, with only one detail that required refinement in the battery-installation process. We were hoping that everything would be perfect, but were relieved that only one area required tweaking to get to best performance.

Those adjustments will get us a better performance in water resistance, something we know is a question from our backers.

We improved the geometry slightly and adjusted adhesives and assembly steps to better protect the battery from the elements. Once we got it right, it was bomb-proof in our initial tests. Check out his test where we threw a prototype from 12 feet high onto a concrete floor.  (Although we are testing to these extreme conditions, please do not do these types of things to your watch!)


Here's another where we're bending it in a manner we do not recommend:


The physical adjustments were all released in CAD to Flextronics for the base station tooling and have been updated as of a week ago. This adjustment may have made an impact on tooling release: about 2 weeks.

We’ll be working with Flextronics to do all we can to expedite the next stage of the process, assembly line strategy is complex, and we’re asking a lot, there are so many new techniques and manufacturing processes in the CST-01 that it will require continued hard work. We’ll be continuing to have lengthy working sessions as we build this out and transfer some responsibilities over to Flextronics.

Component Delivery

Batteries: Our custom batteries are arriving in a timely manner and are on schedule. We’re very happy to see their production is very much on target.

Base Station Electronics: All PCBs and components are on schedule with no delivery issues.

E Ink Sub-Assemblies: E Ink wanted to add a few weeks on their end for additional quality control and testing. We were expecting a batch of sub-assemblies by December 7. Now, the new delivery date is December 23-25. This puts us in a little bit of downtime as factories close down for Christmas, but we need to make sure these boards are perfect before the full order comes because there is no room for a mistake.

This Coming Month of Activities

- Over the next 2-3 weeks, we’ll be working closely with Flextronics on assembly-line design and delivery schedules.

- We’ll be sending out the reward survey shortly so that we can get all sizes, color, and delivery information from our backers.

- Finalizing the packaging design for shipping.

This month is going to be a busy one!

Dave, Jerry & the CST team


We’ve been getting a lot of similar questions, so we’ll be publishing a FAQ at the bottom of our updates in order to answer the majority of questions we receive.

Will you still be shipping in September? No. Our current schedule shows we’ll start to ship in late January.

What order will you be sending out watches? Can I get mine first? Rewards will be sent out in the order they were received. This is the only fair way to schedule it. We’re doing everything we can to get them out as soon as possible.

Has the survey gone out yet? Not yet. In the survey, you’ll be able to select your size(s), color(s), and submit your shipping information. We’re only allowed to send one survey, and as these types of data change every once in a while, we’re waiting until we absolutely need this info before sending you the survey. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you don't miss it, and we’ll post in the comments and issue an update when it does go out. If you’re concerned that you missed the survey, please look through the updates.

I would like to select my size, I am a... You’ll be able to do this in the survey that will be sent out when we need this information. The survey has not been sent out yet.

I would like to change my color to... See above

How can I change my shipping address? See above

Using the size chart, my wrist is just barely inside of (one size) and barely outside of (another size), which size do I choose? Using the size chart, you should choose the size where the band is inside the "size range" square (not outside). There’s no overlap in the sizing chart, and no space between sizes, so you should be inside of one of the areas. If it's really right on the line, and you don't know what to choose, we recommend the smaller size since the bands can be spread out slightly to accommodate larger wrists easier than they can be made smaller.

I'm a distributor/reseller/vlogger and would like a sample for… Production samples are not ready yet. The DVUs we do have are not final parts and are not ready for evaluation by suppliers or testers.

Where can I buy one? / I just found out about this Kickstarter and still want to pre-order one. / I would like to order additional colors. We’re still in the process of producing the CST-01, so they’re not shipping currently. If you’re interested in getting your name on the list for when we do ship, you can pre-order watches on our site: Orders will be fulfilled in the order they were placed. Thanks for the interest!

I see that there’s one watch left at the $99 level, how do I get that one? The Kickstarter campaign has ended. That statement is a bug in the Kickstarter system that we’ve requested to have removed. We’ve been told that removing this statement is not possible, so you’ll just need to take our word that the campaign is over and there are no "early bird" rewards left. However, we’re still taking pre-orders on our site:

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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Sean Conte on January 23

      So...any word on when the watches will ship? I'd officially call this late January now.

    2. Il_570xn.213876898.small

      Creator David Lykins on January 14

      What time is it?

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Victor Doroshenko on January 2

      I just wanted to mention that the survey has been recently carried out, so I assume the wait is almost over! It would be nice to see a wrap-up update though.

    4. Ever_flexible.small

      Creator AlmostHuman on December 30

      I'm very glad about the upgraded metal; titanium is *really* nice.

      FWIW: Bio-grade titanium is *very* inert and shouldn't cause any problems. I speak from experience... (load-bearing implants).

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Erik Verbeek on December 28

      Hey guys...Happy New the updates. I remain patient for mine, but I hope it's soon. It would be great to show our watches "in action" with some kind of sharing site once you start shipping.

    6. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Austen Frostad on December 5

      How about you guys post that the shipping date will be sometime quarter 3 next year just to be safe, haha. Keep up the good work. Pretty stoked about the titanium band.

    7. Img_0778.small

      Creator Little Castle on December 5

      will they make it in time for Christmas?

    8. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Casey Berger on December 5

      This is exciting! Can't wait to get mine.

    9. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kemal Batu on November 29

      I'm so happy I backed this project. I've backed a few now, and am most excited about this one :-) nice one guys, Happy Thanksgiving!

    10. Screenshot_2013-02-11-22-41-03.small

      Creator Henry Green on November 28

      Quick question and surprised I didn't think of it sooner.
      Will the base station come in different colours ie. white/rose gold or will it only come in black?
      And if there are other colours will we be able to mix and match colours with the watches for the survey?
      Can't wait for the next update!

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Roger Stoffers on November 27

      Would love to see pictures of a ready-assembled titanium band watch in both black and white. Thanks!

    12. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator J Rey on November 26

      Wow, Titanium!

    13. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Tara Martin Dale on November 26

      Badass. Looking forward to production! I have to admit- the low battery feature made me giggle. XD
      Best of luck!

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Matthew Parker on November 26

      Mighty impressed.

    15. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Tomaz Bowers on November 26

      Hate the delays. But sometimes the extra time is worth every bit.
      Just curious as to what the different watches will look like after they have been made. I might switch Mine (if I can) if one of the other's is better looking.
      And also (was already mentioned). Will there be a new size chart or will the sizes be the same?

      That's all I got. Keep it up and make it awesome! Try not to delay anymore if you don't have to (would be nice)

    16. 15514_the_legend_of_zelda_bigger.small

      Creator Ian Chamberlin on November 26

      Love hearing about all of this (especially about the titanium and how durable these are...I've managed to destroy my last few watches accidentally because I either forgot I'd taken it off and it was in my pocket, and I caused it to fall out onto concrete, or because I'd somehow not 'locked' it to my wrist and it fell off...onto concrete. I work in a warehouse). I mean, I'm not going to test it, but yeah. I feel like this watch is going to stand up to that possibility. :P

    17. Syndrome_001.small

      Creator Brian Weber on November 25

      It was asked quickly before but now with the change in metal, will we have the option to change the edition we had picked? I chose a Nando Rossi Edition but may want to change it to a regular Ti band at this point. Just curious.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator Philipp Stöß on November 25

      Alles Super Danke

    19. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Victor Elétrico on November 25

      finaly... some news

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Herbert (nothisisnotashopstoriesthx) on November 25

      Wow, that's what I call an update... :-)

    21. Missing_small

      Creator Jeffrey h kashner on November 24

      All sounds fantastic!!!!!

    22. Lcjan2011wash.small

      Creator larry cheng on November 24

      Badass! So the change to TI means I can get this implanted just under my skin, right?

    23. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Luck Yao on November 24

      It's really great to see this things to be real, i am get really excided about this, can't wait to get my

    24. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Andy Satterthwaite on November 24

      The screen update shown in the video was SO much better than the last one I saw (which involved the whole watch face flashing once per minute).
      Does the white faced watch update as smoothly when the minutes tick over?
      Can you post a video of the white one too, please?

    25. Missing_small

      Creator Darwin Engwer on November 24

      The electromagnetic emissions are likely so extremely low bcus the metal band is an excellent ground plane behind all the circuitry.

      The change to titanium for the band is unexpected and welcome. I have another watch with a titanium band -another benefit is that titanium warms easily on the wrist and doesn't feel cold on the skin. Not sure if that will be the case with the CST-01 since there will be a slight gap between the band and one's wrist. In any case it will give the CST-01 better "skin feel" than stainless steel. Very exciting!

    26. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ivan McCuistion on November 24

      Wow! Setting the watch looks very responsive, excellent! Based on this up grade to my favorite metal... will there be any option to change color? Will there be any photos of the new PVD on Ti?
      I imagine it's subtle, but still curios!

    27. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael DeMaria on November 24

      You guys have the best updates! I liked the we you gently added the delay into the topic of titanium awesomeness. By Christmas would have been great, but the improvement to titanium is very well worth the wait.

    28. Missing_small

      Creator michael budd on November 24

      Great improvement. Need a new size chart please

    29. Missing_small

      Creator Kyorandy on November 24

      "Sleepy face" makes the wait worthwhile, i wish my pebble and other products had such a perfect low power indicator! You guys rock!

    30. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Hans Jürgen Quenzer on November 24

      it is Great i love Titanium :-)

    31. Missing_small

      Creator patrick burke on November 24

      I've been disappointed with the delays, but generally happy with the detailed updates. This is the first one that concerns me- making such a significant design change at this stage strongly suggests that stainless just didn't work for some reason.

      Hoping for the best here!

    32. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Mario R. (Lesani) on November 24

      That 'Pat Devaney' dude is in desperate need of a kick in the butt himself...

      @cst Keep up the good work. GradeV Ti is definitelly the way to go, amazing decision and fir no more cost even!!! I'd have been happy to pay some more for that!

    33. Missing_small

      Creator MARIA TRAN-VON BULOW on November 24

      When passion is combined with dedication and tenacity, it leads to an incredible product. One to be worn with pride knowing what it stands for. C'est formidable!

    34. Missing_small

      Creator Chris Donovan on November 24

      Take your time. Do it right. I've lived 54 years w/o the lightest and thinnest watch. I will live another 54 days for your technological marvel!

    35. Major%20hq.small

      Creator Darklord on November 24

      Guys, with the brushed colours what happens if they get scratched, will the raw Titanium show through?

    36. Major%20hq.small

      Creator Darklord on November 24

      Titanium is awesome!

    37. Missing_small

      Creator Julian Slavicek on November 24

      I'm impressed guys! Great update & kickstarterproject! I like the fact that you take a look at every single Detail of the watch. Keep up the awesome work!!

    38. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Tim Palmer on November 24

      Excellent update - creating something new and special takes time - better to take that time to get it right! Titanium change sounds excellent as does the other progress. Best wishes for the coming weeks of work.

    39. Missing_small

      Creator Jan de Vries on November 24

      Great! This is turning into a real "Top Notch Kickstarter" project!

    40. Missing_small

      Creator Jonathan on November 24

      > "all CST-01s will be titanium now. There will be no cost increase. We're excited too!"

      I cannot explain how awesome this is! I'm super stoked to receive my watch; a couple of months wait will be worth it.

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Belbéoc'h on November 24

      Hi, for my part, I prefer that you take your time to watch is perfect rather than receive it quickly. Take your time. Good job!

    42. Missing_small

      Creator Andreas Cepin on November 24

      WoW! You guys are doing sooooo well !! As far as one can see by the updates: this is an extreme professional team doing their very best to design a professional product. The world has not seen something like this before and I understand the bits and flaws that occur in the developing process. @Pat D. You are sooo wrong. But maybe you would have done it better ... :-/

    43. Missing_small

      Creator meier stefan on November 24

      Wow, awesome Update guys! :-) Thank you very much!

    44. Missing_small

      Creator Khaldoun Shobaki on November 24

      I've been impressed with your work on this project. Titanium is a great refinement, and with an innovative project like this, taking the extra time to fly speck everything makes a lot of sense. While the perfect is the enemy of the good, you guys seem to be striking the right balance. Proud to be a backer.

    45. 5.small

      Creator Welshman on November 24

      Wow! This is one heck of an update & a damn fine upgrade too. Just when you think it can't get any better - BOOM - it does!

      A great way to start the New Year by looking forward to the worlds thinnest & lightest titanium watches arriving. Postage will also be cheaper now with the overall weight of the watch being reduced by so much.

      The only downside will be trying to decide which colour version to go for!

      When in doubt, buy one of each!

    46. Profile_picture.small

      Creator Scott Smith on November 24

      Excellent update. Thank you for all your hard work and I am seriously stoked about the switch to titanium bands. You are doing amazing, guys!

    47. Cst-01.small

      Creator Central Standard Timing on November 24

      We almost forgot, we said we'd give a shout out to the engineering student at the dollar store in Milpitas who flipped the script and filled those punching balloons with helium for us. Thanks!

    48. Missing_small

      Creator KGB/Allotrope on November 24

      Great update! Very informative on the process and the hurdles. Titanium upgrade to boot!

    49. Missing_small

      Creator chris williams on November 24

      Great! i'm stoked for the final product, the wait will be worth it! better to get a great product then to crap out something fast

    50. 489439426_01bca2ff54_m.small

      Creator J S on November 24

      T I T A N I U M
      : - )

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