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CST-01: The World's Thinnest Watch's video poster

A 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 22, 2013.

A 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel.

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    1. Creator Indigoglass 35 minutes ago

      Thanks CST for being one of the reasons why I will never fund (thru KS) again.

      You (CST & K&D) and your lack of real updates etc is what gives crowd sourced funding a bad name

    2. Creator Shawn P. Key about 2 hours ago

      I have to hope that they are still coming, I ordered these for my 6th anniversary and now the 8th is coming up....

    3. Creator matthew whitworth about 4 hours ago

      so the website does seem to be down but i have done some more digging and managed to get a phone number and some more contact details for the guys. if you go too this website it will give you there full details !…

      because im all the way in england does anybody driving there and hurling abuse at them !

      below are the details

      Registrant Name: David Vondle
      Registrant Organization:
      Registrant Street: 5815 N. Sheridan Rd. Apt 214
      Registrant City: Chicago
      Registrant State/Province: Illinois
      Registrant Postal Code: 60660
      Registrant Country: United States
      Registrant Phone: (401) 935-0626
      Registrant Phone Ext:
      Registrant Fax:
      Registrant Fax Ext:
      Registrant Email:
      Registry Admin ID:
      Admin Name: David Vondle
      Admin Organization:
      Admin Street: 5815 N. Sheridan Rd. Apt 214
      Admin City: Chicago
      Admin State/Province: Illinois
      Admin Postal Code: 60660
      Admin Country: United States
      Admin Phone: (401) 935-0626
      Admin Phone Ext:
      Admin Fax:
      Admin Fax Ext:
      Admin Email:
      Registry Tech ID:
      Tech Name: David Vondle
      Tech Organization:
      Tech Street: 5815 N. Sheridan Rd. Apt 214
      Tech City: Chicago
      Tech State/Province: Illinois
      Tech Postal Code: 60660
      Tech Country: United States
      Tech Phone: (401) 935-0626

    4. Creator Mark Wheadon about 5 hours ago

      I've just backed the Pebble Time – here's hoping they manage the project somewhat better than CST (and yes, I know Pebble's history – I'm hoping they've learned a lot a long the way).

      Interesting tidbit from their KickStarter blurb: "At anytime up until your watch has shipped, you may request a full refund by emailing" – which is cool.

      Still want my CST-01 though as it's a very different animal.

    5. Creator lau wo about 9 hours ago

      Dear All,

      I wanna buy this watch because the design is not the same with the usual and I love it.
      Two years have gone, many smart watch appeared today and I am so confused.
      I don't want waste my money, and I wish I can make it back. But I am from Hong Kong, I don't know how to fight for that.
      Should I believe Kickstater? trust CST? and still have a hope for get this watch?
      Sorry for my poor English.

    6. Creator Mark Wheadon about 10 hours ago

      Argh -- I see what people are talking about:

      "If you're the owner of this store Please sign in to resolve the issue, or contact support."

      Which doesn't read like a problem with shopify (who host the domain), so CST's site has been taken offline by shopify?

    7. Creator Rainer Schönen about 15 hours ago

      I guess a lot of people don't complain, because some don't like to repeat said things.
      I am totally sick of CST. They totally suck in everything but making us curious und giving false hope. I don't think that any of us will receive a watch nor his money back.
      Sad... IMO $150 is a lot of money. But its crowdfunding so there was always the chance of loosing your money. I just couldn't imagine, because they overreached their goal by 500 %.

    8. Creator Robert Russell about 19 hours ago

      After 2+ years and thousands upon thousands of unhappy comments, CST has yet to care. They have never met their promised timeframes for "regular" status updates to us, the "Funders," and until very recently, they still misled regarding product availability and readiness on their website: since things got difficult, has it ever really seemed like they truly cared?
      In the VC world, Funders make the Founders care ... or they get replaced. In the Kickstarter world, Funders are treated any way the Founder likes. With CST, that's been poorly. In the end, all CST has become is two guys who just don't care about meeting their obligations. We funders are the shills who have funded their Fun And Games In Corporate America for the past two years. We can't make them more responsible. We can't fire them. All we can do is whine and complain, and if by some miracle in the Courts they are required to pay us back, they can simply declare Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for CST and return to their corporate design jobs. I doubt they'll be richer, and we'll all be a little bit poorer.
      Like so many with stars in their eyes ... you live and you learn.
      And a postscript: where DID their website go?

    9. Creator GWE 1 day ago


      CST logged in on 2-24-15. It seems they may read these comments but really don't care about a few backers being upset. CST might change their attitude if a large number of backers were complaining, but I think most backers haven't checked the comments or have forgotten about this project.

    10. Creator Will Chung 1 day ago

      This has been a disappointing project. I got a letter a month ago from the IL state attorney's office that they haven't responded to their complaint either.

      Nevertheless, I'll still post this until we receive the product or justice.

      Filled this out:
      If we all do it, maybe we can compel a response or delivery.

    11. Creator matthew whitworth 1 day ago

      so this a joke.

      I just did some looking into this and found David Vondle and Jerry O'Leary the people leaving the updates.

      Looking at their LinkedIn profiles looks like Jerry has got a new job for a company called Minimal but still says he works for CST.…

      Where David still states he is the CEO of CST.…

      I have put the links in just in case you want to know what heartless people look like. Also you can send them messages like i have done to find out what is going on !

      also manage to find him on facebook…

      So add them as a friend send them a message see what they say i have to find out what has gone on !

    12. Creator Alex 1 day ago

      Guys if you log in we can see it and it just makes people madder when we are begging for an update and guys log in and say nothing

    13. Creator fmotta 1 day ago


    14. Creator Herbert 1 day ago

      Well, a while ago I posted about the CST-01 slowly becoming obsolete. With the new Pebble Campaign this statement seems to have become true.

      CST missed its window of opportunity on the market by a mile. Every day they don't finish the product is a day that makes it more and more unlikely they will ever put it on the market successfully. For me this was also one of the coffin nails to quit kickstarter funding.

    15. Creator Jon 2 days ago

      @Alnz Pebble time looks awesome but I lost all faith in kickstarter and never again will I fund another project due to CST-01. I rather wait for it to go to retail so I can get some consumer protection. @John great idea but can you provide the link for everyone so they can decide if they want to go that route.

    16. Creator John Ahn 2 days ago

      While contacting the BBB is OK, that doesn't really constitute legal action. The best option for sucessful legal action is for everyone to contact their state's Attorney General's office. If any state AG notices he/she is receiving a lot of complaints against the same company, then there is a better chance that one of them will conduct an investigation and take up legal action on our behalf. This has happened already to another fraudulent Kickstarter project in the state of Washington. It is interesting to note that one of the bases for the AG to file for punitive damages (which can punish the offender for damages beyond the amount of money they raised on Kickstarter) was the project creator's lack of substantial communication.

      I agree with others and now see that the paltry few units shpped out, mostly to shills it seems, was just an attempt to delay or mitigate legal action. Its crystal clear they won't listen or communicate with us, or provide any substantial or truthful updates, so I think we're at the point only a court of law can force any action or restitution from CTS. Again, I feel the best option for that to happen is through our Attorney General's offices, as evidenced by the action by the Washington State Attorney General against a fraudulent Kickstarter project.

    17. Creator fmotta 2 days ago

      I have several smart watches. If Agent and Vachen finished I'd have two more. What I do not have is the $99 I threw into this losers pocket.

    18. Creator Shane 2 days ago

      so, from what Abe Farani has provided, it seems that (if communication is reliable) that there will be more batches.

    19. Creator Shawn P. Key 2 days ago

      Dude that pebble watch is dope!

    20. Creator Alnz Bail 2 days ago

      I gave up on this watch. I backed the new pebble. At least they do deliver.

    21. Creator fmotta 2 days ago


    22. Creator Brett Jensen 2 days ago

      Did we wish everyone happy 2 year anniversary after paying? Did they ship all units or just some? How long was shipping supposed to take?

    23. Creator fmotta 3 days ago


    24. Creator Abe Farani 3 days ago

      Update on my watch issue. CST sent me a prepaid postage to send back the broken watch and they will replace it in the next batch of finished watches. Too bad it didn't work, the watch looks great.

    25. Creator Hrisovalandis Bouikidis 3 days ago

      Where is Christian Schierhorn's watch? :)

      ...... Where is my refund?!?!?!

    26. Creator Mark Wheadon 3 days ago

      If you look back in the comments there was one short trickle of people saying they'd got theirs and then it went quiet. So I guess that's it for now.

    27. Creator Shawn P. Key 3 days ago

      I think they only shipped 50 or so...did they work? At least 1 didn't... so how many are they shipping out daily or weekly.

    28. Creator Akinola Emmanuel 3 days ago

      So how many people actually got a watch? I was under the impression that it was more than a handful of people.

    29. Creator Karam Al-Ghossein 3 days ago

      mho somehow they are all stuck on 1:42 at some point :…

    30. Creator Edward Niewold 3 days ago

      Watching the South Park episode "Go fund yourself" made me think of this project. Not sure wether to smile or cry...

      I guess We'll have to do with the font-pack they've send us.

    31. Creator Jamie O'Rourke 4 days ago

      There's been a lot of debate about suing CST over this. Right or wrong on the campaign;

      They are still taking preorders on the website and advertising the watch as shipping in early 2014 - this is false advertising.

      I'm lead to believe that the defect some of these few watches are showing is a known issue that has been highlighted in previous updates, which means they are knowingly shipping defective products.

      If someone was to file a lawsuit against them, perhaps these two options would be better than trying to battle against the Kickstarter terms.

    32. Creator Shawn P. Key 4 days ago


    33. Creator J S 5 days ago

      @Matthew Parker,
      Great that you are sticking up for CST again ;-)

      Speculative opinions are covered by free speech. Only if the one who publishes said opinion knows it to be false it could hold up to the legal definition of Defamation. On top of that knowledge there are many other criteria that have to be met in order for a successful lawsuit.
      CST doesn't provide any clear facts thus no backer here is defaming CST against better knowledge. There simply is no knowledge.

      Peter Parker, why are you trying to prevent backers from voicing their speculative opinions?

      I'm no legal expert and all I know is from some curious Google inquiries. Whoever performs any actions based on what I wrote does it at their own risk.

    34. Creator Sean C. 5 days ago

      Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate
      Failures gonna fail fail fail fail fail
      we're not gonna up up up up-date
      cuz it's a lunar holiday!

    35. Creator GWE 6 days ago


      All the comments on here are basically opinion because CST has not been open with the backers, so we are left to speculate about what is really going on with this project.

    36. Creator Matthew Parker 6 days ago

      My view is that a number of comments on this blog are very close to the line between fact based comments, and complete fiction.

      Complete fiction will only provide CST with potential valid claims against defamation.

    37. Creator GWE 6 days ago

      There have been other backers that have contacted lawyers to start legal action. Backers have also been filing complaints with Illinois better business bureau

    38. Creator Matthew Parker 6 days ago


      What court? Which judge? Which case?

      Are you making an allegation or is that a comment based on 100% fiction?

    39. Creator GWE 6 days ago

      the small shipping batch and reviews of received watches by their friends and coworkers is for CST to tell the courts that they are trying to fulfill thier obligations to the backers. the courts will se through this charade but it will buy them more time.

    40. Creator Jon 6 days ago

      the statement posted on Instagram just shows you the true face of CST-01 so disgusting makes me sick... What scum don't know if there is anything lower then that.

    41. Creator Matt Fishman 6 days ago

      Check this out... another shill / IDEO coworker named Travis Lee ( got his... Jerry O'Leary comments on Instagram joking that "it's still working".

    42. Creator Sean C. 6 days ago

      remember folks, be respectful and considerate.

      i guess that rule applies to backer comments but not to creators, who, apparently, have no responsibility to do anything. No pressure to fulfill rewards in a reasonable amount of time. no responsibility to communicate. No standards of quality.

      I will never crowdsource again. i can't believe after 2 years, the first handful of watches are defective. And what's better: they are defective in a way that cst already acknowledged and apparently failed to address.

      As many people have pointed out, this kind of work is complicated. You should really only undertake it if you are capable.

      A lesson for next time, CST.

    43. Creator Peter 6 days ago

      Althouh the two creators of this projects deserve to be punched in the face repeatedly, and made responsible for their actions, sadly we will not be able to stop them creating a new company with a new name and fool other people into giving them money for nothing basically. They have purposely delivered a FEW wathces, so we can't say they didn't ship. CST guys eat Sh.t, but before you do that deilver my watch! Love from the UK.

    44. Creator Jamie O'Rourke 6 days ago

      I cant see these two from CST getting any business again in the future. Investors and buyers will stay miles away from them.

    45. Creator Leslie Lei 6 days ago

      : like bigjeff said (similar to what Steve Job said about how the user is holding the iPhone 4 wrong), the few backers must be using the CST-01 wrongly, we do not get an update because we are wrong, the CST team must be working so hard that they have no time to post a proper update as they promised, the watch is not working as advertised, it's the backers' fault voting for the thinner option (as it was advertised the thinnest watch), well, according to some of our backers here, it's all about the fault from the none supportive/raged/angry backers' fault, it's never the creators'~~~ fuck you, how about that? A very sincere fuck you in a very respectful and considerate way.
      Then again, I had given up on this shit, just paid and the money is now an entertainment fee, so that I can enjoy posting comment, while reading other backers', it's well worth the USD$150 ish.
      No wait, CST creators, you both are one of the shittest fucks that walks on earth, we shall remember you both on Wiki and by history, you both are sick fucks that should be in prison for eternity, or get capture by ISIS.
      My vocabulary are very limited, fuck you and shit sort of things are the best I can do for respect!

    46. Creator Mark Wheadon 6 days ago

      @Paul, @Christian hasn't -- I think he mentioned it? ;-p But yes, some people have the watch, although very few, and some of those don't work -- look down this comment thread and you'll see.

    47. Creator Paul Jones 7 days ago

      So has anyone actually gotten a watch? Still waiting for mine.

    48. Creator Christian Schierhorn on February 19

      Where is my watch?

    49. Creator Shawn P. Key on February 19

      So don't delay act now supplies are running out
      Allow if you're still alive six to eight years to arrive
      And if you follow there may be a tomorrow
      But if the offer's shunned you might as well be walkin' on the sun

    50. Creator Brian B on February 19

      Maybe this is where things have gone...Looks very similar except it does not tell time but the rest looks almost identical.

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