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A 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel.
A 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel.
7,658 backers pledged $1,026,292 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Rubén Barbero about 12 hours ago

      This liar... It looks like we will not have anything more. I hope him do not succeed with any of his projects, because he can't take any responsibility.

    2. Creator Peter Moretti 1 day ago

      Ignore it till they forget it

    3. Creator Joe Faasen 2 days ago

      I would love to get my money back from these scum bags, but a class action isn't going to result in us getting back what we lost. That's just putting money into the pocket of a lawyer and us getting pennies back in return.

    4. Creator J S 2 days ago

      What would one do if a neighbor for example takes $100 to mow my lawn but never does it.
      First he says the lawnmower is broken than that the gasoline from the ggas station was faulty. When I wanted to see if he even has a lawn mower he refused to show it to me and the gas station people have seen him once but he never actually bought any fuel.

      Small claims court?
      Lets say he is in hiding and doesnt appear in court?
      Would he be ruled to pay it back plus some penalty and court costs (how high would they be?)
      Will they issue an arrest warrant for him if he fails to pay these amounts?

    5. Creator Jonathan H 2 days ago

      Come on man. What is going on?

    6. Creator stanteate 4 days ago

      I'm starting to think that Kickstarter should be considered legally responsible for allowing scammers to run amuck. While this is a good forum to get businesses started, it is also a breeding ground for scammers, while Kickstarter gets is payments up front, not caring what happens afterward. If they share in the profits,t they should share in the responsibility too. I hate to think of getting lawyers involved but if holding project owners accountable to weed out scammers and just plain idots who don't have the business sense to carry a project through to successful completion, should be a requirment BEFORE starting a campaign.

    7. Creator Nicolas Duhamel 4 days ago

      I tried to fill out complaint but as I'm living outside the US, it's seems I'm not allowed to do that. (first thing is:you need a US address...)
      Well at least if someone is gathering people contact info here for a class action, I'd like to be informed. Please contact me at :
      I think first step, if not already done, is to gather all backers on some kind of private forum or so.
      More than 7k backers together will be heard!

    8. Creator James Fisher 4 days ago

      Given these two have show them selfs to be as dishonest as they come. It would come as no surprise to me, they have sold what they can, and walk away with that money. All be it considerably less than we (the backers) paided for it. Even if they managed to get 5% of the value. That would be 25k each.

      Which I hope would be considered as fraud

    9. Creator corporate3-6 5 days ago

      I don't think we will be hearing from the CST guys again. It's been 6 weeks since they logged into the site and 4 months since they provided any updates.

      I got in touch with them a few months back, I was interested in possibly connecting them with some venture capital people I know, or helping myself (I am in electronics manufacturing) to get the products done somehow, or maybe even buying the rights/raw materials and trying to get these done. I also am a business partner in a venture with the founder of an American watch company that grew to over $3 billion in sales and has over 10,000 employees. Another potential way forward was an introduction for CST to this guy and perhaps he would be interested in buying the idea/materials or injecting some capital to finish the project.

      I received a reply to my first email and I explained the ways I think this could be moved forward. I got no reply after that, despite sending another follow-up.

      I initially thought perhaps they had found a way to proceed without additional support, but at this point it appears they have just ditched the project.

      I think that is a big problem because their posted financials show close to $1 million in parts and fixtures. Those parts have significant value and where they are and who owns title to them is a big question mark at the moment.

    10. Creator Jamie O'Rourke 5 days ago

      Saxbourne, that tweet was from Ausgust 2014, over a year ago :P

      In other news, I've now finally finalised and bought my first house :D

    11. Creator Saxbourne Cheung 5 days ago

    12. Creator Saxbourne Cheung 5 days ago

      @GWE funny how similar that new product looks to be in the background of Jamie Klings' @techinatLABIX flextronics post

    13. Creator SC 6 days ago

      Unfortunately, I doubt they're still at that address. They're in full on hide-mode now.

    14. Creator Reiner Knudsen 6 days ago

      quoting ANDREW from a comment to the most recent project update:

      Everyone, if you haven't already done so please fill out complaints to the Illinois Attorney General and FTC.
      Illinois Attorney General Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form:
      FTC Complaint: Select "Internet services, online shopping, or computers" then "Online shopping"
      Seller/Provider: Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary doing business as Central Standard Timing
      Address: 3039 W Fullerton Ave # 2
      Chicago, IL 60647-2807
      I just filled a complain with the Attorney General.

    15. Creator Nekola Noel Prosperie 6 days ago

      How do I file a complaint and with who?.....I would like to do the same with "radiate athletics" campaign...I lost $303 dollars on that one & $130 on this one...

    16. Creator Peter E. 6 days ago

      Filed a complaint with the FTC online

    17. Creator Joshua Conlan on October 5

      @GWE OR its the idiots than ran this kickstarter rebranded after blowing the money we gave them in this one trying to get more money

    18. Creator Patricia B on October 3

      I have filed with AG and FTC but haven't heard from either. How many people do they have to hear from before they do something? What are they waiting for?

    19. Creator Jordan on September 30

      Great article by the Observer. Thanks for the link, GWE. I'm still waiting on a response from the IL AG. We need everyone (non-US backers as well) to fill out complaints with the FTC and IL AG.

      Illinois Attorney General Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form:

      FTC Complaint: Select "Internet services, online shopping, or computers" then "Online shopping"

      Seller/Provider: Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary doing business as Central Standard Timing
      Address: 3039 W Fullerton Ave # 2
      Chicago, IL 60647-2807

    20. Creator vincent naro on September 30

      fucking scumbags.

    21. Creator Henrik Nerup Rant on September 30

      If this is really what the article says then i'm all in to ensure that we get our funding back.

    22. Creator Trogdor on September 30

      But, but, but...they said they were living in a van...down by the river....eating government cheese....
      These dicks haven't done a damn thing they said they'd do.

    23. Creator paul120987 on September 30

      I am happy to join a class action against these two. I don't see any proof anywhere that they didn't just run off with most of the money.

    24. Creator Jamie O'Rourke on September 30

      So I've finally completed the sale of my house! - What have I missed? lol

      Oh, so when they were wrapping up and ready to provide information...... they didn't, again. You know, I actually thought at that point they had come to terms with the project and started to communicate, but they've done the exact same thing YET AGAIN. I mean seriously, how many chances do they expect.

      I was nearly onside when the (barely) admitted failure. But they've just pulled the same trick again so at this point count me in for any legal action. Anyone who's filed suits and with the AG's do keep us updated

    25. Creator Udo Laukel on September 26

      For me it was a lot of money, I do not earn a lot. I had been glad thus about this clock. She should already come 2 years ago. I believe my money is away and I get no clock. I will never again support a kick-starter project

    26. Creator Jordan on September 25

      Still awaiting a response from the IAG. Do we have anyone from Illinois here? It would probably be better to try to schedule a sit down meeting with her instead.

    27. Creator Matthias D. on September 25

      For unknown reasons I keep checking back here from time to time... well I gave up on this. Filed a complaint with the IAG and FTC. Still, I feel that there will be nothing coming the backers' way. It's just sad.

    28. Creator ANSR on September 23

      Give the money back!!!!

    29. Creator Martyn Bryant on September 22

      Still no update, no suprise really.

    30. Creator Jordan on September 21

      Flextronics #21 most happiest place to work for:

      Probably would be higher if it wasn't for Vondle and O'Leary screwing them too

    31. Creator Richard Gorman on September 19

      Damn... I lost a decent amount of money to this

      Just hit me

    32. Creator Russell Johnson on September 18

      I want my watch parts. Plan C. I've requested this numerous times, prove you have the parts and send them.

    33. Creator Jordan on September 15

      Thanks, SC! I'll try to get in touch with the IL AG again myself. I'm hoping we have enough complaints registered with them to get the ball rolling.

    34. Creator SC on September 15

      I agree that it's getting to be about that time. I've had it with the silence. They won't get away with this. I've received 2 responses from the IL attorney general--they have tried to reach CST multiple times, but the cowards continue to do what cowards do.

      I'll get back in touch with the AG.

    35. Creator Jenna Jonteaux-McClay on September 11

      Stick a fork in this one, its over. i pledged for Nando Rossi, will never see it. Perhaps this will be the case that begins some sort of overseer to Kickstarter and all the other similars. i will never see a dime of parts or refund. i hope these guys get theirs.

      Complaints posted with BBB, IAG and FTC.

    36. Creator Jordan on September 8

      @Brett Yes, I think it might have to come to that. I was really hoping that we wouldn't have to go there because it's a lose-lose situation but CST needs to be taught a lesson.

    37. Creator Brett Schenker on September 8

      @jordan and @david At this point I think the only resolution will likely be through legal action.

    38. Creator J S on September 7

      CST claims they spent all the money on thousands of parts.
      Thing is they don't even attempt to prove that there are thousands of parts.
      Thus there is the possibility they pocketed most of the money without spending it. Why wouldn't you want to know?

    39. Creator Mark Wheadon on September 7

      What exactly do you think kickstarter is going to do? Their legal obligation was discharged long ago, and from their point of view they did what they were contracted to do. CST had the money and spent it on faulty parts and badly thought out / badly specified production that destroys many of the remaining parts.

      There's no money, no production, nowhere near enough working parts, and no sane, production-worthy design.

      It's over guys.

    40. Creator THIBAULT VENISSE on September 6

      Let's keep hope!
      But could you give us a sign of life.
      Thank you and courage men's!

    41. Creator Thurstan Hethorn on September 6

      When is kickstarter going to do anything apart from banning users and removing user posts?

    42. Creator Thurstan Hethorn on September 6

      65 Days? I make it 83 Days (15-6-2014 - 06-09-2015). At this point not surprised in the least. I just want some closure at this point. Refund would be nice but unlikely. I did some analysis on posts for this project over the last 926 days from launch. Previous longest stretch of silence was 79 days.

      Average days between posts:
      Before launch 7
      After launch 35

    43. Creator J S on September 5

      They know now that everybody is aware of what they did.
      Why should they keep pretending that they are something they are not?

    44. Creator SC on September 5

      65 Days since they said they'd update us in a week.

      Truly pathetic.

    45. Creator Jordan on August 31

      Hi Lak,

      I think you can still file a complaint with the Illinois AG and FTC since the financial transaction occurred here in the US.

      Illinois Attorney General Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form:

      FTC Complaint: Select "Internet services, online shopping, or computers" then "Online shopping"
      Seller/Provider: Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary doing business as Central Standard Timing
      Address: 3039 W Fullerton Ave # 2
      Chicago, IL 60647-2807

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