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A 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel.
A 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel.
7,658 backers pledged $1,026,292 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator SC about 6 hours ago

      As for those asking about the AG, I believe their hands are tied because CST used Kickstarter, which as we know is a crowd sourcing service with absolutely no protections for backers and incredible protections for creators (including scammers like these two failures). The AG did write back to me to say they tried repeatedly to contact CST to no avail. Those dudes are in full-on hiding mode. The AG encouraged a class-action, and noted that their failure to respond could help the lawsuit.

    2. Creator SC about 6 hours ago

      Wow. As others have posted, this is very similar, but far more immersive. They've asked for/received a quarter of the money CST did. Their design is not predicated on the "worlds thinnest" gimmick, which, supposedly, if CST ever really was making this, is where most of their issues arose.

      The CST project was such a joke looking back. These guys should be in jail for fraud.

    3. Creator Darcy Yarrow 4 days ago

      At this stage, I would be happy with just an honest, detailed account of everything that lead to the failure of this project. It is extremely disappointing to see the creators continually pussy foot around the issue of this project failing to come to fruition. Just own up to it and tell us the truth.

    4. Creator JayMichael 6 days ago

      I'd sign up for a class action lawsuit, or something or rather...

    5. Creator Zach Hartpence 7 days ago

      How you manage to burn through a million is beyond me.... Granted KS walked away with 102,000 of it.

      Sadly this isn't the only product that has failed - I will NEVER back a KS project again (at least one that hasn't secured everything down to production)

      I would like to think that these guys feel remorseful.

    6. Creator John on November 23

      Gents - we need to be louder complaining to KS - from yet another failed campaign that made the news...

      Dear Zano backers:

      We've heard from many of you in the wake of the Zano project's failure, and we've been reading your comments. Like you, we’re extremely frustrated by what’s happened with this project.

      We learned the news of the Zano bankruptcy the same way that you did — through a bare-bones project update. We emailed the creators as recently as two weeks ago to encourage them to be more communicative with their backers, but received only a cursory response.

      You deserve more than that, and we are committed to helping backers get to the bottom of what happened here.

      Finding out what happened

      Today we sent an email to the Zano team informing them of their obligations to backers, and asking them to share an open and transparent update on what happened with the project. We have asked them to post this update by Monday, November 30th.

      If they do not adequately brief backers by that time, Kickstarter will independently pursue an inquiry into the Zano project. Should this occur, we will share those findings with you, the backers, once completed.

      Kickstarter’s terms

      Kickstarter’s Terms of Use set up an agreement between creators and backers that outlines what is supposed to happen if a creator is unable to complete their project. This agreement requires the creator to come forward and explain what happened and how funds were used, and to offer any remaining funds to backers. (Kickstarter does not issue refunds — the creator does so if there’s money left.) You can read this agreement in full here.

      As of now, the Zano creators have failed to meet these obligations. And as our terms state, this failure can subject them to legal action by backers. In addition, creators who fail to fulfill, and who fail to meet Kickstarter’s expectations of transparency, are not permitted to launch further projects. The creators of Zano will not be allowed to launch another project on Kickstarter.

      Failure is a possibility whenever someone tries to create something new. With open communication, this can be an unfortunate but acceptable outcome. But failure without honesty and transparency for backers is unacceptable. We are determined to help backers get the full account that they're entitled to and deserve.

      Thank you for your time, and for being a member of the Kickstarter community.


    7. Creator Brett Schenker on November 23

      I'm looking in to small claims court. This is ridiculous.

    8. Creator paul warren on November 22

      me too wtf!!! this is bullshit!!

    9. Creator Adnan Raja on November 18

      What the hell ! ! ! !

      I want my money back ! ! ! !

      All 144$ of it, with interest ! ! ! !

    10. Creator Alex on November 17

      HEY CST YOU LOGGED IN YESTERDAY, how about you just being fucktards and tell us whats going on.

    11. Creator paul120987 on November 15

      Well, looks like they won since no one in the US is going to do anything about it.

    12. Creator Iwona Krajewska-Kranas on November 15

      I still want my money or my watch!

    13. Creator John on November 11

      @Erik - they gave up on us a long time ago - we funded a two year long party for them, and they have moved on.

    14. Creator Erik Verbeek on November 3

      CST- we all learned valuable be it. Now it's time for resolution. You havea a lot of money, patience and good will from this crew. It's hard to be respectful when there are no updates for some time.

    15. Creator Mark Wheadon on November 3

      [Watches tumbleweed drift past – gives a sigh and moves on]. And I funded two of the things – my only error of judgement on Kickstarter so far, but a doozy.

    16. Creator Brown Dog Gadgets on November 2

      Well, their website is down. (Its was up earlier this summer, taking orders still.) Looks like their running for the hills.

    17. Creator Rubén Barbero on October 31

      Hey, I still want my money or my watch parts!
      He didn't prove where the money was spent, that graph doesn't mean anything to me...

    18. Creator W on October 27

      I'd like to remind everyone asking why the Illinois Attorney General isn't doing anything to help, Illinois is having some budget issues at the moment, the state is a little short on money. At the end of the day the AG looked at how much money they could possibly recover, and how much it would cost them to pursue the claim, chances are it is a negative number, as in it would cost the AG more than they would get from any outcome.
      It's over people, move on.

    19. Creator Jamie O'Rourke on October 27

      I'm baffled how people can ignore an Attorny General and it just goes away - what's the point of an AG if they can't enforce something?

    20. Creator GWE on October 25


      They are having a great time - traveled all over the world, collect 1 million plus, get away with fraud by ignoring the AG and continue their lives like nothing happened so whats the problem.
      These guys are not concerned about this, they have moved on with new jobs and full bank accounts.

    21. Creator David P. Polce on October 25

      Surprise surprise, no update yet. These guys are scum and I hope they are living miserable lives right now. Hopefully they aren't enjoying our money and are truly broke. I would love to see them living under a bridge begging for money.

    22. Creator paul120987 on October 25

      I can't believe people aren't posting here more angrily! How could two guys possibly spend $1,000,000 + investments and not provide proof of anything close to that kind of cost.

    23. Creator Bert on October 24

      same pledge than paul120987 ($100).

    24. Creator Jamie O'Rourke on October 20

      @Morgan Shieh I really wouldn't put any faith in that, that's EXACTLY like an e-ink wrist band project I've seen before, I wouldn't even consider investing in that.

      The Tago braclet, $105,000 raised for a $40,000 project.
      Closed March 2015, still taken "pre-orders", check the comments, surprise surprise, not a word and everyone has been let down

    25. Creator Mogan Shieh on October 18

      Not for nothing, looks like another unrelated company is now trying to do something similar, but more immersive:

      Wonder if they will run into the same problems.

    26. Creator paul120987 on October 15

      Does anyone in the US know a lawyer who is willing to take on a class action lawsuit against these guys? I'd be willing to put at least $100 to see these guys go down. If 7000 of us do that is a pretty sweet $700,000 pot.

      I see no evidence that they bought 1000s of parts for the money they received.

    27. Creator Brett Schenker on October 14

      Class action is the way to go. Attorney General's seem to be worthless. They've decided not to pursue because they were ignores. My VA one did suggest taking them to court though.

    28. Creator Russell Brown on October 14

      Creator Central Standard Timing on July 2
      Hi everyone, the last we heard from Flextronics is that we will need to wait for about another week before we can get their response about the parts we will be picking up from their facility. As soon as we hear back, we'll let you know.

      3 months later......

    29. Creator Rubén Barbero on October 12

      This liar... It looks like we will not have anything more. I hope him do not succeed with any of his projects, because he can't take any responsibility.

    30. Creator Peter Moretti on October 12

      Ignore it till they forget it

    31. Creator Joe Faasen on October 11

      I would love to get my money back from these scum bags, but a class action isn't going to result in us getting back what we lost. That's just putting money into the pocket of a lawyer and us getting pennies back in return.

    32. Creator J S on October 11

      What would one do if a neighbor for example takes $100 to mow my lawn but never does it.
      First he says the lawnmower is broken than that the gasoline from the ggas station was faulty. When I wanted to see if he even has a lawn mower he refused to show it to me and the gas station people have seen him once but he never actually bought any fuel.

      Small claims court?
      Lets say he is in hiding and doesnt appear in court?
      Would he be ruled to pay it back plus some penalty and court costs (how high would they be?)
      Will they issue an arrest warrant for him if he fails to pay these amounts?

    33. Creator Jonathan H on October 11

      Come on man. What is going on?

    34. Creator stanteate on October 9

      I'm starting to think that Kickstarter should be considered legally responsible for allowing scammers to run amuck. While this is a good forum to get businesses started, it is also a breeding ground for scammers, while Kickstarter gets is payments up front, not caring what happens afterward. If they share in the profits,t they should share in the responsibility too. I hate to think of getting lawyers involved but if holding project owners accountable to weed out scammers and just plain idots who don't have the business sense to carry a project through to successful completion, should be a requirment BEFORE starting a campaign.

    35. Creator Nicolas Duhamel on October 9

      I tried to fill out complaint but as I'm living outside the US, it's seems I'm not allowed to do that. (first thing is:you need a US address...)
      Well at least if someone is gathering people contact info here for a class action, I'd like to be informed. Please contact me at :
      I think first step, if not already done, is to gather all backers on some kind of private forum or so.
      More than 7k backers together will be heard!

    36. Creator James Fisher on October 8

      Given these two have show them selfs to be as dishonest as they come. It would come as no surprise to me, they have sold what they can, and walk away with that money. All be it considerably less than we (the backers) paided for it. Even if they managed to get 5% of the value. That would be 25k each.

      Which I hope would be considered as fraud

    37. Creator corporate3-6 on October 8

      I don't think we will be hearing from the CST guys again. It's been 6 weeks since they logged into the site and 4 months since they provided any updates.

      I got in touch with them a few months back, I was interested in possibly connecting them with some venture capital people I know, or helping myself (I am in electronics manufacturing) to get the products done somehow, or maybe even buying the rights/raw materials and trying to get these done. I also am a business partner in a venture with the founder of an American watch company that grew to over $3 billion in sales and has over 10,000 employees. Another potential way forward was an introduction for CST to this guy and perhaps he would be interested in buying the idea/materials or injecting some capital to finish the project.

      I received a reply to my first email and I explained the ways I think this could be moved forward. I got no reply after that, despite sending another follow-up.

      I initially thought perhaps they had found a way to proceed without additional support, but at this point it appears they have just ditched the project.

      I think that is a big problem because their posted financials show close to $1 million in parts and fixtures. Those parts have significant value and where they are and who owns title to them is a big question mark at the moment.

    38. Creator Jamie O'Rourke on October 8

      Saxbourne, that tweet was from Ausgust 2014, over a year ago :P

      In other news, I've now finally finalised and bought my first house :D

    39. Creator Saxbourne Cheung on October 8

    40. Creator Saxbourne Cheung on October 8

      @GWE funny how similar that new product looks to be in the background of Jamie Klings' @techinatLABIX flextronics post

    41. Creator SC on October 7

      Unfortunately, I doubt they're still at that address. They're in full on hide-mode now.

    42. Creator Reiner Knudsen on October 7

      quoting ANDREW from a comment to the most recent project update:

      Everyone, if you haven't already done so please fill out complaints to the Illinois Attorney General and FTC.
      Illinois Attorney General Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form:
      FTC Complaint: Select "Internet services, online shopping, or computers" then "Online shopping"
      Seller/Provider: Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary doing business as Central Standard Timing
      Address: 3039 W Fullerton Ave # 2
      Chicago, IL 60647-2807
      I just filled a complain with the Attorney General.

    43. Creator Nekola Noel Prosperie on October 7

      How do I file a complaint and with who?.....I would like to do the same with "radiate athletics" campaign...I lost $303 dollars on that one & $130 on this one...

    44. Creator Peter E. on October 6

      Filed a complaint with the FTC online

    45. Creator Joshua Conlan on October 5

      @GWE OR its the idiots than ran this kickstarter rebranded after blowing the money we gave them in this one trying to get more money

    46. Creator Patricia B on October 3

      I have filed with AG and FTC but haven't heard from either. How many people do they have to hear from before they do something? What are they waiting for?

    47. Creator Jordan on September 30

      Great article by the Observer. Thanks for the link, GWE. I'm still waiting on a response from the IL AG. We need everyone (non-US backers as well) to fill out complaints with the FTC and IL AG.

      Illinois Attorney General Consumer Complaint On-Line Submission Form:

      FTC Complaint: Select "Internet services, online shopping, or computers" then "Online shopping"

      Seller/Provider: Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary doing business as Central Standard Timing
      Address: 3039 W Fullerton Ave # 2
      Chicago, IL 60647-2807

    48. Creator vincent naro on September 30

      fucking scumbags.

    49. Creator Henrik Nerup Rant on September 30

      If this is really what the article says then i'm all in to ensure that we get our funding back.

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