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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update: A peek at the game in progress

In this latest update video, Tony and Charles talk about the current visual look of the game's characters and how we have reacted to your feedback. We really look forward to having you all as part of our team and to hearing your comments throughout the project.

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    1. Blanchard on

      Si je devais faire une critique, je trouve dommage , que les personnage soient differents des premiers opus ! Il on un nez de cochon Pig lol noz pig

    2. BsUnofficial - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Just looking at all the red doodles on left hand side of gallery floor. Is that, perchance, a hidden trapdoor? "Sewer Jaques" springs to mind.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alec Dunn on

      You know what, I was happy that this was even announced. Now you keep showing awesome work inprogress videos like this I'm totalyl excited! Brilliant, so glad Revolution are doing this.

    4. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      Yohmi: I agree that you can't compare this to TTG. But there is one very neat thing they did with the Wallace & Gromit games: They created skratches/fingerprists flaws on the character models so as to make it look like it appear like clay animations like in the original stop-motion shorts. The result was pretty impressive. Though the BS series represent hand-drawn animation, I think finding a way to make the animation/movement rougher and adding 'flaws' could potentially create an illusion of hand-drawn animation.

      It always frustrated me how 3D modelled objects like cars etc didn't blend in with the rest of the objects and characters in traditionally animated films from the 1980-2000s. The shading in particular gave the whole thing away. I think one of the few animated films that managed to combine 2D and 3D in an effective way was Atlantis: The Lost Empire (the following Disney feature, Treasure Planet, didn't manage to do this as effectively)

    5. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Oh that's crazy that you're even adding the old UI as an option. You guys really do read all the comments!

    6. Lester Paredes on

      nice art direction. loving it so far. it's always been my favorite part of the 2d broken swords.

    7. Pablo Rodriguez on

      It would help also has some background animation like car passing, birds, leaves falling, clouds moving. Even in this scene which all the action happens inside a gallery, every time I saw the window feels like a zombie city... c'mon its Paris, one of the most alive european city!!! BTW congratulations to all the Revolution team, keep the good working!

    8. Missing avatar

      oihanguren on

      You really hear people. I love that you changed the interface. It looks awesome! Thank you!

    9. Anfalmyr on

      The "Itemsbar" ! Thanks !

      The game looks really fine, even if i'm a big fan of Full 2D, it's really classy

    10. Yohmi on

      @Ladislas, indeed, these cutscenes were short and worked very well, I think we all remember them :)
      I think it's not a good idea to compare with TTG productions, they first destroyed the licenses they worked for, and they have very special development constrains : one game per month. They even reuse characters from sets to sets, that's pitiful. If they were asking for a new ToMI, I wouldn't back. But if LucasArts was asking for a sequel to CoMI, I would.
      The last Pendulo project needed 300k to get realized, with their pre-rendered 3D characters. It hasn't been funded, by the way.

      Taken from this Kickstarter very FAQ section : « We did experiment with an artist creating the character animations but it would simply have taken too long to create them. »
      Not talking about budget, but about time. While the game needed 400k to be made, we'll be soon at point that we're supposed to allow Revolution to « realize their wildest ambition for the Serpent's Curse ». Characters are the most important component of a « talking » adventure game. Maybe it's not enough (money and importance) to hire another animator to divide the duration by two, maybe it is (I honestly don't know the costs ;) I'm backer, not producer ^^).
      I don't have any doubt about the quality of the game. I know it's going to be witty, clever, passionating. I know the cast is great, I know the story's going to be awesome, the puzzles are going to be perfect. We saw the backgrounds, they're stunning. Actually, there is only one single aspect that is not correct. Whether it's their 3D modeling, animation, rendering, many people seemed to have something to add on the topic.

      As for me, I just want a sequel to the Smoking Mirror. It's been 15 years we're waiting for that. I've played these games when I was not even a teenager, since then I replayed them many times, and always enjoyed them, not for nostalgia, but because they are so good, just like my favorite movies. Because they look great, even for today. They're just not that sharp on new screens, and for sure in my iPad 3, from BASS to the Shadow of the Templar, it's quite blurry. But it seems like they're selling good, aren't they ? ;) I guess that's because the formula was already right. You can tweak it, with a better drag and drop system, stuff like that. But 3D characters, the way they look for now, it just doesn't work. Maybe it will, I guess Revolution is working hard on that, but 3D animation has so many traps… for now, BS characters are trapped. It doesn't mean they'll stay there forever, though :)

    11. Bee- Order Of The Goat $7.77 on

      I think the detail and look of the game looks fantastic :)

      I also think its important to note that you can't please everyone and shouldn't try! I believe the old adage that "too many cooks spoil the broth" let's leave the vision to this awesome game in their capable hands.

    12. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      Looks great. But, to be honest, I feel the characters, in particular the facial animation, still looks a bit plasticky due to it being a 3D model rather than classic 2D. 3D models often seem to lack some of the expressive, slightly disjointed quality of hand-drawn animation. It just gets too smooth and even. In particular I think this is evident in the facial animation/lip sync. That's one of the problems I had with Runaway games from Pendulo. I don't know whether anyone else see this, I guess it comes down to taste.

    13. Trisha Underwood - order of the goat on

      wow it looks fantastic, you guys are so talented

    14. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Davhuit: no, it just looks that way after you press "Post comment" but once you refresh the page the double disappears.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###

    15. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      A great update! Good to see choice being talked about!

    16. Missing avatar

      Davhuit on

      Damn, it posted my comment twice :/

    17. Missing avatar

      Davhuit on

      @Yohmi : More than a lack of time, real 2D would cost too much (they would probably need a few millions to do the same game with only 2D graphics). As Charles said, back then, they had Virgin which didn't really care about the cost of the first game, and it isn't the case anymore (Broken Sword 2 is shorter than Broken Sword 1, and feature less things, like World Map, probably because of budget problems).

      So I think it was "3D characters or no Broken Sword 5 at all" (we still suffered to reach near 800k, we would have never managed to get a few millions if the project would have been 2D only).

      Most adventures games are done like that now because it's cheaper (Pendulo's games, Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit, Back to the Future and in the last ones I quoted, it's more than 3D characters, it's full 3D, backgrounds included) and because they couldn't be done right now (especially with the HD resolutions nowadays).

      By the way, we know since the beginning it will be 3D characters, so we have to deal with it (it don't bother me at all personally, it looks pretty good). In 1996, Broken Sword looked pretty good but when I see it again, if I forgot the nostalgia, a same game in 2012 wouldn't look really great in terms of graphics (except if you do it in HD, which will raise the budget by 2 or maybe more, especially when you release the game on so much systems).

      If there is a BASS 2 one day, you can be pretty sure it'll look like "Broken Sword 5".

    18. Threepwood on

      This is kickstarter at it's best. On a normal published game when fans complain about ui if they are luck in 3 months they'll get a patch. But 99% of the time we get told it would cost too much or the team has moved on to other projects or whatever. Here it is changed for the fans in a week's time.

    19. Missing avatar

      Bollebib on

      Javier Meseguer de Paz

      yes,you picked on ,on what I neglected to see or mention.
      That man in the background was indeed not quite right.

      The shadow is good. Not sure bout the current color,but it was a quick fix I'm sure. It feels a bit better.

      Also the sharpening could very much be needed. (except when the scene valls for depth of field ,perhaps.

      So I kinda agree with your points.

      Add them to mine,and some of the others I have seen,and Revolution could have the winning ticket

    20. Jacob Mahal - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      This really does look beautiful! The artwork is phenomenal, I can't wait!

    21. Missing avatar

      lou k on

      The game looks gorgeous! If you can show more demo videos of different areas in the game to see how the artwork looks like (preferably larger spaces) it would give an idea of where you guys stand. I love the dedication and the nostalgia that this KickStarter is giving me, I might even top off my pledge. Dot change a thing, and I really can't wait to play this game! Amazing work guys!!

    22. Liam OotG_$7.77_ on

      I think its looking really good. I think there is something that can be changed in the way the game looks but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its a size proportion that I am not use to. The room looks small compared to the size of the characters, but maybe I am thinking about how the size proportions of the characters in the original BS games look within the atmosphear compared to this video. But lets face it, a game never looks right until you are playing it.

      The Revo team will know if the game does not look right on screen, and if it is agreed amongst the Revo team, it will be sorted. There is still a long way to go in the development.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ladislas on

      Thanks for this new video and all your updates, the project seems to be absolutely wonderful , can't wait to play to this new BS ! We really appreciate that the team pay attention to some notes/ideas of the backers that's a goooood point.
      I enjoyed the way light evolve in the scene (shadows & light source it's a great success i think!)
      I would like to add an idea of a thing which i think i will not be the first to suggest :

      - I remember that when i played to the first & 2 Broken sword a couple of years ago i was just ABSOLUTELY stuned by the 2D CINEMATICS in the story (like the wonderfull introduction of Broken Sword 1). I think it's a central point of the identity of Broken sword i used to wait for some cinematics & i remember the smile on my face when it appeared in the game.
      The kind of traditional animation sequences in the game was so good to watch & is an important part of the identity of Broken Sword ( the animation of the characters was very cool "European style" for the 2D animation was brilliant so i hope ( and i think i will not be the only one ) there will be some of them in the new Broken Sword game. I've read that the team is made of some brilliant animators & illustrators so i bet they will totally be able to reproduce theses wonderful sequences !
      Thanks for all your work guys! You cannot imagine how long some of us have waited for this new episode more close to the original games of the serie.

    24. Matt Combes on

      I think the moving background is AWESOME. Everything is looking great guys; don't change a thing.

    25. Ryan Sherwood on

      All looks like it is coming together, I just hope the character models are improved further as they don't blend in quite right, perhaps a paint effect over the 3d models or ink outlines would be better. I appreciate the reason for the move to 3d but the characters just don't look right too shiny. Also I would love to see more animation in the backgrounds. Moving cars, birds in the sky, litter being blown in the street or leaves moving in the wind. Perhaps a tall order but it would be more immersive and atmospheric. Hoping the original composer is back as well, as I liked the music in the first two.

    26. Missing avatar

      Javier Meseguer de Paz on

      I also believe that the characters seem a little out of place. I have make a screenshot of the video and I have tried to try to find out why. Then I tried to "preview" what would result from making the changes I though about. Here you have the two pictures:

      * original:
      * modified capture:

      What do you think? Do you think there is an improvement? Please, keep in mind that this is just a preview, a screenshot is not much to work with!

      In case you are intested, this is what I did:

      * I add a shadow to the man on the right so that the lighting on the man match that of the floor and wall.
      * I also changed the global tone of the man on the right. The entire atmosphere of the scene is orange-ish, but the man's gray was too much... plain gray.
      * Finally, I sharpened the image of both characters -this had the biggest effect, I think.

      The thing is that I believe that the characters stand out from the background because they lack the amount of high-frequency detail that the backgrounds has. They need more contrast and more defined lines and features to match it.

      So, in order to improve the integration of the 3D and 2D parts, I would ensure that the 3D parts have enough fine detail, and I will try to postprocess the render to highten contrast and to do a little tone grading to match the overall scene atmosphere.

      That along with the awsome shadows and outlining should go a long way. Also I would consider adding some subtle screen space ambient (or directional) occlussion. I don't know if it would actually work against the integration or not, but the fact is that 2D backgrounds have it (look at the upper parts of the wall of the background).

      Of course all I have said might be completely wrong...

    27. Michael Bunkin on

      I'll dare to offer my humble comments and suggestions, since I hear you welcome feedback. I've played all games several times, my favorite is the 4th (just to be different), on PC, iPhone and iPad. Sorry if my ideas were suggested before or are already implemented :)

      I'd like a feature in the touchscreen version of the game to pan the scene by swiping, like you'd do with a big web page, and not just tapping on a spot and waiting when the character reaches it to pan the screen. It's something I constantly try to do in iPad, instinctively. Panning can be limited by the "reach" area of the character, if required by the game logic (not let pan further than he can reach / see, if that area should not be available at this point in the game).

      I'd also like a way to interact with objects (use an object) without holding mouse button to carry them over. Simply because on my macbook it's hard to drag due to non-slippery finish of its trackpad. I'll soon get my fingerprints wiped out drag'n'dropping there :) Would be cool to just point and click, without dragging - at least as an option.

      Might (not vital) be a nice feature to adjust character speed or make him go somewhere instantly by double tapping on the spot, for example. It would be fun if George could then run to a selected spot, and not just walk gracefully (causing raised eyebrows of cafe visitors? :). I never was really annoyed by him slowly walking around, especially since going to another screen was done instantly, but slow walking can potentially annoy a modern impatient player, I think. Running would require additional animation, of course, but double tap and instant "teleportation" might be possible without extra investment, if it won't ruin the feel of the game of course.

      The video looks great, it's hard to pick on what you are doing. I can notice a few things, I think there's a spot of the floor visible between his feet and the shadow, but I might be wrong. When he turns, the animation looks a bit jerky. Overall movement animations are looking great, I think it can only be possible to make them more realistic by capturing real people with motion detection equipment (to make a Broken Assassin's Creed Sword game). Frankly I didn't expect the new game to look so cool :)

    28. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      Simply awesome! And nice that you are offering the player a choice of interface. Considering that this will be offered on mobile platforms, as well as for PC/Mac platforms, it may work out that the interface choice is needed, since what works well on one doesn't necessarily work well for the other.

    29. Missing avatar

      cowmangler64 on

      Looks cool. I think it's a big improvement from what they first showed. Keep it up!

    30. Missing avatar

      LINK on

      Dunno, it doesn't seem to fit right with the background.

    31. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Amazing work on the shadow effects, they look incredible! It would be cool to have other real time effects to make the environment look real in the game and for the characters to feel like they are part of the background. But over all it looks great, you guys are awesome!
      Keep up with the good work

    32. Missing avatar

      Kay Downes on

      Mixing old and new... I like it!

    33. Mark Kirkham on

      This is looking incredible! You guys are doing an amazing job.

      I can't wait to play it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Juho Sorvali on

      Bollebib had a very sharp-eyed and well put summary of things that Revolution should be paid attention to in the future. This was a really nice update and the option to have the old style inventory is great. I do not think that Revolution should listen to the fans too much because you can`t please everyone. So they should just trust their vision like when making the first two games.

      However, I do think that there really is something wrong with the 3D sprites right now. Like Bollebib said they do seem to be kinda tacked on the background. It`s like the characters and the background dont`t belong together and you`re just moving the character on the background, rather than the character being the part of it. And when it doesn`t feel believable that the character belongs to the background, it really takes away some illusion and atmosphere of playing a magnificent adventure game.
      It might be too big of a task to make the characters 2D and animate them, but I do hope that something can be done with the 3D sprites. One thing is that now they look a bit too polished and perfect. Bollebib above gave some ideas to make them a little more "alive".

      I think that right now the characters are the biggest challenge to make this game feel as magnificent as the original games. Even though I don`t mean this should be a copy of them. But I think that some the extra funds of the kickstarter should be used to fix that problem and make the characters more alive and to look more part of the background.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Kenny on

      Thank you so much for including the original interface! I very much hope the game still has the white gloved hand beckoning you onto the other side of the screen, didn't notice that in the clip.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bollebib on

      @augusto(and pablo):hahah thanx. I am confident though that the crew at revolution are miticulously watching at the feedback (I got that impression anyway) so hopefully there will be no need for spamming =D

      @Yohmi: i agree perfectly with you,ofcourse 2D would be nicer. And while it is true that it takes a long time to make 3D as well,when you get it right,you can copy paste ad infinitum,more so then 2D.

      I fear the ship has sailed on true 2D for this broken sword,so I'd like to make the most of it.

      I wonder if they offer jobs though,at revolution,for the next few months ^^

    37. Gromber Fox on

      i like black color for original inventory

    38. Missing avatar

      Richard Fretwell on

      I quite like the idea of using parallax where appropriate, maybe if people have a problem with it there could be an option to turn it off.

    39. Missing avatar

      Fazlić Sanel on

      Nicole is pretty on the last Picture !

    40. wolkeundwasser on

      that moving background makes me dizzy +lol+

    41. Leo S on

      That demo looked SMOKIN HOT!! I'm upping my pledge level!

    42. wolkeundwasser on

      exactly, the backround moving in the window (the paris scene). i really find that distracting. BS is no jump and run !!!! ;-)
      it's about investigating. and that is distracting attention. i really think that moving background breaks up the 2D concept.
      to me it looks more like the art gallery itself is moving.

    43. Dean James Robinson on

      Looking really good and is a really good idea to have a choice on how we like to play the game :)

    44. Tomimt on

      Nice update. It's great that you are taking the fans of old UI in concedaration as well.

    45. Lewwy T - Dream Traveller on

      @tony you have a very large Adam's Apple!

    46. Josep M. Pons on

      Are yo going to make the shadows to have the. Colour integrated in the background?

    47. Augusto Breitenbach Diniz on

      @ Bollebib Dude, you got everything! That's exactly the things that felt wrong, while looking into the game but I couldn't tell it. You should send this infos to the devs, try to make them read it. Or even post it in some more times, some may consider it a spam, but the info you gathered there could receive the attention it need.

    48. Stéphane Fernandez on

      tony thank you so much for the updated interface. The game looks so great now. Congratulation to you

    49. Yohmi on

      About the « moving background » you are talking about, are you referring to the multiple layer scrolling out the window ? That's a nice effect, I think, it gives more depth (and probably has no effect on the gameplay, it's just good 2D eye candy, just like in the gorgeous Rayman Origins that has about 12 scrolling layers, which is madness ^^). But they may have exaggerated the displacement a bit…