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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Reward Update: More goodies, new top-up, T-shirts designs

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

Hi all!

With less than 48 hours left to go, we are going for the final push. Thanks to your enormous generosity we have surpassed our $700,000 Mini-Stretch Goal, which means one of you will be featured in the game. 

Your tremendous support has taken us past three Stretch Goals already. And now we are getting close to the $800,000 Stretch Goal! Let’s bring back Pearl and Duane! Let’s put one of you in the game as Nico’s neighbour. We are designing the most amazing extra elements that could previously only have been dreamed of, had we not had your wonderful support. And let’s not forget about the terrifying, coal-eating goat! 

Check out these fantastic reasons to increase your pledge.

We can finally tell you the results of our backer T-shirts survey. As a backer, you will have a choice from the four T-shirts above. Most of you requested that the front and back of design 4 were inverted, so we did this! These designs are not final - we will polish them up and make sure they are high-quality prints on high-quality T-shirts.

Wondering how you choose your design? Don't worry! We will send out a survey to find out which T-shirts you wish to receive after the Kickstarter finishes.

Want more than one T-shirt? Just add $30 to your pledge for each additional T-shirt. For more information, please refer to our FAQ.

We are adding another quirky item to our list of top-ups. For an additional $30 this goat bottle opener on a keyring will help you pry open any tricky bottles in no time! The final design is still to be decided, but we thought you'd like a rough idea of what we're working on.

Wondering what the Order of the Goat is? Head over to the Kickstarter comments section and ask! The Order of the Goat will be waiting...

To work out how much you need to pledge, choose your reward level and add the required amount on top. For more information, check out our FAQ.

Our $50 premium digital reward tier is getting a wonderful boost! On top of all your other rewards, you will receive a recording of an amusing phone conversation between George and Nico, a papercraft collection including a Paris scene and the infamous goat on .pdf file, and twenty witty one-liners from the game (in audio format)! And on top of that we will put together the funniest bloopers from our Kickstarter videos and best outtakes from the voice recording for the game!

Of course this is not only fantastic news for all our $50 backers, but higher tiers as well. Everyone from Broken Sword Silver Member $50 upwards will receive these bonuses!

We would love to further clarify the Broken Sword Design Document to you. This wonderful book contains an archive of game design documents and related material from all of our Broken Sword games, not just Serpent's Curse. This unique book will only be available to our Kickstarter backers, in .pdf format from $50 upwards, as a physical book from $175 upwards, and the book will be signed by the Director, Charles Cecil from $250 upwards.

The Templar pendant is modelled after a coin which Noirin Carmody brought back from a Commanderie in France when she was gathering inspiration with Charles for the very first Broken Sword game! Ever since it has acted as a symbol of Broken Sword. This pendant is solid metal, two-sided, with a diameter of about 4 centimeters.

You can receive this special item with a pledge of $250 upwards.

Our Knight Commanders are in for a treat! Tim is designing an amazing Collector's Box to put all your Broken Sword goodies into - a massive Collector's Chest! When Tim has completed this design we will put it on the front page and send a message to our $500 backers. On top of this we will also give you the Order of the Goat bottle opener and an additional T-shirt of your choice!

Of course our Knight Seneschals will receive all of the rewards above! But on top of this we will give you the complete T-shirt collection. So every Knight Seneschal will receive four T-shirts of their choice.

Once again, many thanks to all our backers! Your support means the world to us!


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    1. Stephen R Gibson on

      Bleh, I hate t-shirts with just the logo on the front. I want a cool design, not an ad. I'll probably end up throwing my BS5 shirt in with the rest of my old promo shirts (which never get worn).

    2. Steven "George Stobbart" Diliberto on

      I agree. The whole reason I voted on T-shirt number 4 was because the graphic was on the front. What's the deal with swapping it around?

    3. Trond Lunde on

      Ok so I am now a Knight Commander. :-)

    4. Andrea on

      yes! the templar pendant as a top-up!

    5. Missing avatar

      Indianajuan on

      Hello Rvolution ! Great Rewards ! However I have one great request to do I possible. I would be great to have the templar pendant as a top-up. Would this be possible ?
      I think a lot of people would be interested and would increase their pledge.

      Keep the good work guys !

    6. Emma McBryde - Order of the Goat on

      I'm hoping to win the Euromillions tonight so I can become a Grandmaster ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I hate word "Collecor's..." When I hear it I immedeatly want to get it. I ordered the most collectible edition of Uncharted 3... And I want the collector's chest from BS5. My God, it's Broken Sword!)) I just HAVE toget this collecttor's chest! :) Hate you, Revolution :) I suppose i will increase my pledge to $530... And after that it will be only a 50 dollars in my pocket for about a week :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Oh god, I hope this makes the 800k... Was just a kid when the first four games were out, but I love adventure games! Looking forward to exploring SC with my Broken Sword old-hand friend.

    9. Carlos Veliz on

      Please, make it possible to top up our pledges for the Templar pendant too.

    10. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      What about the goat usb? What was the winning design?

    11. Vadim on

      Totally agree with Franziska on this one! Really wanted to suggest this right from the start--T-shirt number 1 is great but "Broken Sword" on the front makes it kind of too obvious... perhaps it'в be better to put Paris in the spring on the front and the name on the back or better yet change the name for something even catchier--like just the symbol of Broken Sword!! Just imagine how classy Paris in the spring is going to look on the front--juicy!!)

    12. Franziska Herzmann on

      I would have prefered the graphic on the front as well instead of the logo. That makes it even more special. I mean, everyone can read a name of a game if it's on the front for everyone imediately to see. But only the real fans would be able to recognize Broken Sword on first glance if you put the graphic on the front ;) Would make me feel like i'm part of a secret society... how fitting with the neotemplar theme ;)

    13. LosT_SouL_VL on

      Very nice new insentives/upgrades

    14. Celeste GB(Order of the Goat) on

      I want the Order of the Goat shirt :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      Why the logos are on the front of T-Shirt??? I hope I misunderstand it, and they are actually on the back - because one has not to be too smart to realise that back (with a nice graphic) will be covered with backpack or jacket and would not be visible for the backer who wears t-shirt, only for those who watching him. It's a strange thing. I want nice graphic on front of the t-shirt.

    16. Missing avatar

      qmzpwneb on

      i remember that coin from the loading screens of the PS1 version!

    17. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      OK, you forced my hand. With Nico's notebook, the Collectors Chest and all the awesome Order of the Goat items, I had to become a Knight Commander (+$7.77). So, all topped up for the extra loot, not to mention I really, Really, REALLY want to make at least $800K!!

      @Emma, yes I remembered to add in extra for my spiffy little goat! :)

    18. Gangxxter ⌠⌠ Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      @Atle Lerøy You can choose the OOTG-shirt if you're pledging $100 or more OR if you up your pledge by $30. The OOTG-shirt is just like any other BS-T-shirt, only with a special design.

    19. jaus - Order of the Goat on

      @Igor same folk!!! Nico's notebook will be fine for 250€ and up pledges. Minium a pdf version... T_T

    20. Stefan Goetzke - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Atle, that would be nice! But I guess we'll have to ante up the 30 bucks extra - or you could deduct the 7.77 you already paid, but wouldn't that technically cancel your membersjhip in the OotG? I'd love to get one of those bottle openers but I'm not sure I'd like to spend USD30 more...
      On the other hand, this is not a sale where you get the most value for your money but they are trying to raise more funds, so I can understand their "pricing policy".

    21. Igor Kurtes on

      please put Nico's notebook in the 250 tier.... that would justify it for me... please?

    22. Atle Jarnæs Lerøy on

      Regarding the order of the goat t shirt, is it for those who pledged $7.77? Or do we have to add $30 extra?

    23. NotDomo on

      (To clarify, I like the logo; It's just that logos period are not super-nice.)

    24. NotDomo on

      I don't understand why people like shitty logo on the front of t-shirts with the nice large graphic on the back. The back often gets covered by a backpack or jacket, while the front is also what you interact with people with.

    25. Luke Harrison on

      This is great and all but please put the money into the game rather than into manufacturing and shipping out goods. I'll be really upset if you don't hit $800k and put everything planned into the game but instead you use what money you could have done towards that printing t-shirts, making boxes, usb drives and bottle openers.

      If you think you have enough money to start making more goods, I really hope you have enough to do what you've promised at $800k

    26. Missing avatar

      PuerNoctis on

      @Martin Blazek
      Totally agree. I've waited more than a decade for Duke Nukem Forever, and although the common critic was not very positive on that one, I enjoyed it just because of what it was. Revolution should have no fear of "disappointing" their pledgers, and no matter how long it takes, we all will be grateful for their work.

    27. ET3D on

      The additions to the $50 level make it very tempting.

    28. Missing avatar

      Martin Blazek on

      All of this is wonderful, just one concern..
      I want to make sure the cash is spent on the game and not all the sweet bonuses (which we of course love). Just making sure that enough is left for Rev and the game, and less is being spent on these souvenirs... Other than that, cannot wait!
      (and take your time to finish the game, no need to deliver in Q1/2013 as you know we all can wait few more months to get a bigger and better BS5!)

    29. Missing avatar

      PuerNoctis on

      @Gerog M.
      I hope so too, but the deadline is very nigh :/
      Damn, I get a big payout in ten days and would gladly increase my pledge to $500 USD, but then it's already too late :(
      But let's stay positive, the support so far has been huge, maybe there's a surprise in the last remaining hours that we don't forsee yet :)

    30. Schadows on

      Does the "History of Broken Sword" hardcover book is also exclusive to kickstarter ? or will it be available in store afterwards ? The "kickstarter only" stamp has been put on almost everything else except that one.

    31. Tomimt on

      Paypale pledges cover the rest of the sum total. There's a link to them in the front page.

    32. Lisa Downey on

      @Tom Spencer I think it's including Paypal donations :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Tom Spencer on

      Is there a separate pledge total elsewhere? I ask because the update says $700,000 has been reached however the kickstarter total is only $660000.

    34. Gangxxter ⌠⌠ Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      I'm really excited about this chest! :)

    35. Vladimír Nekvasil - Order of the Goat on

      Thank you revs!! :) I am mostly interested in the papercraft items! :)