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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
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Mini Update: Meet The Team - Peter Brooks

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)
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Hi guys! Thank you so much for your continued support! Today we have another mini update for you, and are delighted to introduce you to Peter Brooks, one of our Coders.

Could you introduce yourself to us?
I'm Peter, a long term fan and it's been a long term dream to join the development team at Revolution.

My role at Revolution includes working on getting features implemented between various platforms and implementing whichever cool APIs we can connect into our games. I also take care of the web requirements Revolution has, as a big Python fan I integrate many of our web apps in Django.

How did you get involved with Revolution?
I first came across Revolution when the original Broken Sword was released on PC. Back then we were subscribers of PC Gamer and used to play through the various demos provided on the CD. One such demo was for Broken Sword and like many fans I instantly fell in love with the game. I had an eager few months to wait for the full game as it was a birthday present. I then became active within the fan community for Revolution Software and was introduced to various members of the team. Over a decade I got to know Tony and he eventually offered me a position at Revolution.

What is your fondest memory of Broken Sword?
I would have to say it's when you discover Emily is a ghost. Revolution executed moments such as that very well.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I'll be found most nights at the Red Goat climbing centre here in York. This new centre opened up on the 27th and we aren't ruling out a link with the Order of the Goat.

Here's me climbing 'the cave' at Awesome Walls:

Anything you'd like to add?
It's very humbling to see the Revolution's fan community come alive again with the announcement of the new title - Revolution really has some great fans.

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    1. Steven "George Stobbart" Diliberto on

      Peter fucking Brooks. I am both happy/depressed to see that you finally "made it" to the big time. We were once just two schmucks posting on Revolution's message board back in the early days. Now the only schmuck left here is me.

    2. Missing avatar

      patricia stewart on

      Thank you so much Juho, I remember Emily now, I'd forgotten her name. I didnt realise she was a ghost, I'll have to play again. Thanx again!

    3. Hayley Morris on

      It would be nice if we could get to the $800 000 in the next 43 hours but I guess it's a long shot. I upped my pledge from $50 to $175 I can't go any higher. I'm sure there are many others in the same situation. Good luck to everyone though.

    4. Missing avatar

      Juho Sorvali on

      @Patricia: Emily Ketch is the girl in Ketch Museum that is in the Caribbean Island, in Broken Sword 2. That area is one of my favorite locations of the game. I didn`t realize she was a ghost the first time I played, because it`s not directly mentioned. I recommend you to play that part again. It`s interesting to see Rio`s and the old ladies`s comments about her when you know she`s a ghost.

    5. Missing avatar

      patricia stewart on

      Hi Peter, have I missed something....'.when you discover Emily is a ghost' who is Emily and where did I meet her? I dont ever remember, that. Please remind me,

      regards Patricia Stewart

    6. Peter Brooks [ Order of the Goat $7.77] on

      @Leonard : Not for the iOS versions, but i will be ensuring we have Dropbox support on all platforms.
      @ TheChosenOne : Hopefully not too many spoilers, many people miss the fact and we didn't mention her surname :)
      @lalolana : Her Aunts were pretty crazy though, they were also living near to a place called "Zombie Island".

      Thanks for the climbing comments, I'm really nothing compared to a few other people at the centers I climb at. Yes I do get outdoors, though been a bit busy this year getting my life moved around relocating to York to get outdoors much. However Yorkshire is definitely a good area to be as a climber.

      @speedster - Yes, Python is a personal favorite of mine. It just lets me get things done quicker. Though all of our games shall strictly remain in C++ for good reasons :)

    7. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      ... and we called him the mountain goat. :)

    8. Brian Tague Order of the Dreaming Goat on

      Is Emily really a ghost? Everytime I played it, I just thought she was a kid that hid in the treasure chest. I didn't realize she was a ghost until you mentioned it.

    9. LALOLANA on

      What is your fondest memory of Broken Sword?
      I would have to say it's when you discover Emily is a ghost. Revolution executed moments such as that very well.

      Oh No. I cant believe this!!!
      Why her aunts get down to look for her when George tell them she is with Rio!!

    10. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      Same here, holy crap, i didnt realized that i have been talking to a ghost.. now i just need to check and see if i have a savefile from back then..

    11. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Hayley Morris: see "Is Emily Ketch dead?" topic on revolution forum :) I'd also been shocked when I discovered it lately ) 10 years of playing and nothing switched in my mind, except some little feeling of strange :)

    12. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      Great to have you on the team, Peter! And nice climbing! Do you ever get out to climb "in the wild"? Or is this strictly an indoor exercise for you? Either way, it's a pretty cool talent. I've tried it - no talent here!

    13. Hayley Morris on

      And my moronic response to that is SHE WAS A GHOST, WHAT THE HELL!? 25 years old and I have to contemplate playing it yet again. Was I just really dumb?

    14. Missing avatar

      Sophie weller on

      I didn't realised you worked or rev, peter! I seriously missed something on the forums, obviously! Cool!

    15. BsUnofficial - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Awesome climbing - I'd love to be able to do that

    16. Missing avatar

      Ville on

      Some mad skillz in the video!

    17. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      thx for the update and thx for introducing yourself Peter, nice video!

    18. Ronald on

      Hehe, red goat climbing centre ^^

      The background on the picture looks Dutch by the way :P

    19. Richard - 'Order Of The Coal Black Goat' on

      This is a site raising money for the 5th installment in a game, how is it 'spoilers' to assume that people on the site will have at least played the first 4? lol

    20. Martin Mulrooney ⌠⌠ Order of the Goat ⌠⌠ on

      The Red Goat climbing centre in York?! That's brilliant! :D
      Like you, I also loved the reveal that Emily is a ghost in Broken Sword II - nice to meet you Peter!

    21. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      Ah, do we have you to thank for Dropbox support in the newer games? +1 for that