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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal update: Your likeness in the game!

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

Hi all! 

Thanks again for your tremendous support! We have entered the last week of this Kickstarter project, and are getting closer and closer to our next Stretch Goal. Inspired by your requests and support, we decided to further add to our Stretch Goals!

At $700,000 we will add a character sitting outside the cafe next to the gallery - someone integral to the gameplay. That person will be based on one of our backers (likeness and name). Yes - you'll have the chance to appear early in the game!

At $800,000 we will add a neighbour for Nico - that neighbour will also be one of our backers (likeness and name). You could be Nico's neighbour! This character will also be integral to the gameplay. 

We will select those people at random from our full backers list once the Kickstarter period ends. 

You guys have been absolutely fantastic, and we would be delighted to include you in the game! Thank you all so much for your support. We couldn't do it without you!


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    1. Shane Sweeney on

      How about you don't put a Kick Starter in, and you green light Beneath a Steel Sky 2 instead :D

    2. Dean Cutsforth on

      Nico's neighbour, huh? That will be interesting... And funny.

    3. Chris MacDonald on

      If I'm the neighbour he'll need to be Scottish! :P

    4. LionToast on

      I can be Nico's neighbour!

    5. Scott Abel on

      Unbelievable!! The support for this project is amazing!! Glad to be a backer and can't wait for the release!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniele on

      You should update the stretch goal! 650000 GET!

    7. Augusto Breitenbach Diniz on

      Finally got my money and became a official backer : D Can't wait!!!

    8. Paul McMahon on

      Delighted to become a backer to this amazing project! Wish i could of donated more!

    9. Missing avatar

      Sophie weller on

      Haha, what cool additions to the stretch goals! Genius d

    10. Benjamin Schreck on

      @Maxim: With almost 40k pledged via Paypal we are less than 4k shy of the 650k Mark. I have no doubt it will be reached. Although there is typically another bump at the end I doubt this Project will reach 800k. Dosn't mean they wont add stuff at let's say 730k that wouldn't be there if the total was 650k just because there is no stretch goal. More money means they have more time to spend on the game which will make the game longer/more Polished.

    11. Harmen ter Horst

      @Maxim I wholeheartely agree! Done the same thing, so I really hope they can add the exotic locations. Would be nice to play a LENGHTY quality adventure again. Got lots of fond memories on playing through the BS games :-D

    12. Maxim Shelovov on

      Don't get me wrong - supporting this game (a game of my childhood) isn't a question for me at all ) But I want to get long forgotten feelings back like it was after playing The Shadow of the Templars, so I'm supporting as much as I can. But if backing will stop at 640k preventing Revolution Software from making the game better, it will be unfare, to say the least. The question is: does 10k really means that much? Is it impossible to make this great adding to Serpent's curse with 640k?

    13. Teemu Kurikka on

      @Maxim: "All for naught"? I don't think it's for naught if you support a great game like this, even if the second stretch goal isn't reached.

    14. Maxim Shelovov on

      One little question: is there a possibility to add Exotic locations into the Broken Sword - Serpent's Curse if the second stretch goal won't be reached? It would be a shame to try my best and donate not a small amount of money, but all for naught (

    15. Missing avatar

      Bubu on

      Lol, I meant Computing ( bad Ipad !)

    16. Missing avatar

      Bubu on

      I wish I could be in the game . I've this dream since I was young. This game in fact inspired me to earn money to do my second degree in Compiting game :(

    17. Gabriele Venturato on

      Sorry but I don't like 800k Pledge.
      Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is great, but i think another Kickstarter Project for that is better.

    18. LosT_SouL_VL on

      @Darren Singleton, Everyone has the right to voice his or here own opnions, that's called freedom of speech; If you can't handle it go outside and give a shout or let go of a fart instead of petty name calling.
      If you look into a mirror you may see the biggest one yet...

    19. Jamie McCue on

      How can you say you'd rather have the money spent on better and longer gameplay? At this stage it's already determined what the game will play out like with just a few tweaks to go in, which have been highlighted in the stretch goals. Come on people! It will be good! Don't start doubting it before you even know what's happening with it!

    20. Darren Singleton - Order of the Goat on

      Anyone saying negative things about the stretch goals - you're an idiot. Of core we need stretch goals, that's the point of kickstarter, for when targets are exceeded...!

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew R on

      I'd rather see Nico flashing again than some random backer in the game:…

      Thing is, nobody here is recognisable enough so it would be almost the same as a totally random fictional character. It would be better if someone like Cecil went into the game.
      What I'd really like to see are more elaborate 2D animated FMV sequences that really play out the story. Years ago, I always found FMV sequences to be a reward for the gameplay.
      Perhaps just the intro and ending can be done in the traditional 2D animation style.

    22. LosT_SouL_VL on

      @Rendref ; I think you've got a point, using the funds for better and longer gameplay is more logical and no waiste of resources than taking 2 persons out of 11k+ persons.

    23. Gamlet on

      @Francois-Xavier Pingeot

      Yes, thanks

    24. Guillermo on

      Wow! It'd be great if I appeared in the game! :O

    25. Esa on

      Damn, I so want Beneath a Steel Sky 2 more than anything else.

    26. Missing avatar

      Oddbjørn Skauge on

      Would be fun to be a character in the game!:)

    27. Missing avatar

      Tron on

      Just WOW....

      The developers actually listened to my idea regarding adding someone at random from the backers into the game.
      Best idea ever

    28. Francois-Xavier Order of the goat on


      here you can find location where you wont be chargef for shipping and if you are not in the list i hink it ll cost you you have to add $10 for shipping
      hope it helps:)

    29. Gamlet on

      tell me, please - shipping game box and other thing available for Ukraine, UA?

    30. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I also think that these two new characters should be people who pledged $5k. But really, what's the point of rewarding two people out of 12000??? For the rest of us it will be really envy. It's just waste of time. Spend these money clever. Also, I actually don't want to hit 700-800k for these strange goals. What I really want is exotic locations - that is an hours of gameplay and it's great goal. So, increase pledges and hit 650. We have 6 days. Hope if we do not hit it but get near it, exotic locations still will be presented in the game.

    31. Taylor Smith on

      I actually don't mind this in the slightest. It gives a chance for those who cannot spare the money for max tiers (which are awesome) and gives them a lottery chance for being in the game. While I myself never win anything and am skeptical of my chances I think this is pretty neat idea by Revolution regardless.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lynn Thomson on

      I think the additional stretch goals are great, however instead of choosing kick-starter backers at random, I think the opportunities to have a character within the game should be given to the two backers that have pledged $5k... $5K is alot to pledge towards a game- especially during yet another credit- crunch!

    33. Moeez Siddiqui on

      @Lee Dempsey: You do get all the previous Revolution games for the $50 goal.

    34. Missing avatar

      Craig Browning on

      I have to agree - a 'stretch goal' that for $50,000 they add one player likeness? That seems likea rip-off in terms of just pocketing all the extra money.

      Add an extra $350,000 - over 50% of the previous budget - and you get a second likeness and a really vague 'ambition for game'. Again, totally unclear what they're giving for all that money.

      Other games add whole new game areas or gameplay features and things. This is a turn-off.

    35. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on

      Can't say I'm impressed with stretch goals that benefit only one person. Those type of rewards would be far better as higher tier incentives.

      I would rather see stretch goals that everyone can reap, such as animated mini-movies featuring George and Nico or free copies of previous Revolution games.

    36. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      Or $10. Or even increasing by $5 will be great! :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      Guys, lets increase our pledges by $12 :) It's not really too much for anyone, but it will be crucial for all the fundation of the game! :)

    38. Ayman Şanlıtürk on

      Still no word if you are gonna let us to translate subtitles into more languages. You know it is a crucial thing for you to reach more users. But if you are not willing to reach non-English speakers, it's your choice. You can reach whatever your desired stretch goal is by now if you go more multi lingual .

    39. Meatloaf OntheRadio on

      @Jaus - but its not just the name that would be appearing it would be the persons likeness and they cant illustrate all the backers for the game

    40. Sean on

      We'll blow past $700,000! If everyone increased their donation by $12, we would be there now. :-)

    41. Iain Baillie on

      We're not getting to $700,000 anyway, guys.

    42. jaus - Order of the Goat on

      I'm not happy with 700k STRECHT GOAL, We'll be better if:

      Before begin the game appear a screen with:

      -Select backer name for NPC (you just need introduce the list with all backers names and each player will select the name before begging)= Everyone backer could appear with you do this.

      -Select Gender (Male or Female). Depends of choice character will be a women or a men.

      For me select a random name between 12K backers it's rubbish. For no backers will be good a key for SELECT RANDOM NAME or simply choose one of the list.

      You're backer= You appears in game, YES OR YES!! if you're not a backer donate asap for appears in the game.

      I hope someone of REV listen this, It's very interesting and everyone will be happy with this.

    43. Chocwise on

      Even if it won't be me who's chosen to take on of the roles in the game, I'll be excited to look out for the two lucky ones. I think it'll feel really cool to meet two of us backers in the game. And imagining that lots of other players, who'll buy the game after this kickstarter campaign, will be absolutely oblivious that these characters are actual real persons out of the backer community, makes it even more exciting to be one of the chosen few to know about that fact right from the start. :D

    44. Tony Q. on

      Hi Nico! I'm your new neighbour!

    45. Denis H - Order Of The Goat $7.77 on

      There should definitely be a Rolf Saxon cameo too! :D

    46. Cyril Andrieu on

      It would extend the project to try to get the $800,000 if it does not happen until the end.

    47. Caliebre on

      Great idea. You guys are amazing!

    48. Patrick Damm

      @ Roman: We already have more than 600k.

      Look at that page. It includes PayPal pledges.

    49. Roman Zaytsev on

      6 days to go.. I think we can expect only for $650k. It's too slow.