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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
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Additional rewards and top-ups

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

Hi guys! Thank you so much for all your suggestions. Many of you have told us you would like to see additional rewards. Well, we have been listening, and here's what we have come up with:

We have now added Beta Access to our Broken Sword Silver Member ($50) pledge level. Wondering what this means? We will give you access to a part of Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse before it has been released and invite you to comment. We really do find your feedback incredibly valuable. 

Good news for all our $250 backers and above! You will receive an exclusive goat-shaped 16GB USB memory stick in addition to all your current rewards. We have not yet finalised the design, but here are some concepts that we are currently exploring:

Broken Sword Platinum Member ($175). This is a brand new pledge level, in response to the requests that so many of you have made! If you upgrade to this pledge level you can now have your box signed in addition to all of the lower level rewards. And we are delighted to say that Rolf Saxon (the voice of George in English) has agreed to sign the box alongside key team members. On top of this, you will receive the 'Broken Sword Design Document', which we showcased in this update. Of course anyone pledging $250 and above will have the option to have their box signed. 

Some of you have been asking for additional goodies and multiple T-shirts! So like many other Kickstarters we are happy to offer you this option. 

Available top-ups:

+$15 to add an additional digital copy of the game for Windows/Mac/Linux

+$30 to add a T-shirt (choice of at least 3 designs, available in S-XXL sizes)

+$50 to add a 16GB goat-shaped USB memory stick

How to top-up:

It's really simple to top up. Just go to "manage your pledge" and increase your pledge by the appropriate amount. You can top up as many times as you want with as many items as you want!

To give an example, if you're pledging $25 and you want to add a T-shirt then you select the $25 reward and add $30 to your original pledge. Now your total pledge amount equals $55 ($25 + $30 = $55). So it's pledge/reward level + top-ups = total.

Once the Kickstarter term ends, we will send out a survey to find out exactly which top-ups you want in addition to any other information we might need to send the rewards to you.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with this.

Thanks so much for your input and your continued support!


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    1. Lechevalier Denis on

      me too i would top up for the history book and collector box :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Philip Leach on

      I agree with Carl. It would be nice to be able to top up for 1 or both books :-)

    3. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Joana: If you already included $15 in your previous pledge, naturally you do not have to add it again, and only top-up $30. If there were no physical goodies in your previous pledge, you have to top-up $45. You have to pay delivery either via KS (before the campaign ends) or via Paypal (before it closes).

    4. Carl England on

      I'd like to add one of the 2 books available as a top up! :)

    5. Ismael on

      We ask Tomas to turn Tomas Rubio in Spain. Please: (

    6. James Furlong on

      Its a bit late in the day but any chance of a game poster top up?

    7. Joana Lisa Dungca on

      I read somewhere that there is an additional $15 fee for international deliveries, in my case, the Philippines. If I wanted a Shirt, should I top-up $45? Or should I top-up $30 and I will charged for the delivery separately?

    8. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Philippa: Probably the Paypal-link will still be available for some time after this campaign ends so you can still add the money there (and maybe shoot a small message to Revolution they have to add those two together).
      Please keep Nico's notebook out of the digital goodies.

    9. Martin Opseth on

      Haha. I agree with you, Jessica!

    10. Jessica Hawthorne

      I demand a full body goat. Heads will not do...I want something that will sit on my desk, and if I offer it coal talk to me.

    11. Brandon Starkweather on

      I would really like to be able to top-ups with one of those hoodies I see offered at the Seneschal Level!

    12. anska on

      really gutted as so would pay the $50 more for goat but sadly get pay after this event stop is there anyway of giving you the $50 later if you made a pledge

    13. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      lol, i love the goat concepts, hahaha awesome!!

    14. Schadows on

      Same as Jennifer above, "A" design seems the more pratical & funny of all (how do you make design "C" stands ??).

    15. GeekJen (OotG Knight Commander) on

      Design C is total nonsense (non-practical). You can't even put it on a shelve.
      Either A or B would be the sensible and intelligent answer.

    16. Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on

      Definitely USB Design 3, it's unique and really cool!!
      Love that there'll be digital content on the USB too, look forward to that. :)

    17. Luzifer Skalaar - 777 Order of the Goat on

      I would vote for design C for the usb. It's fresh, angry and have never been done before.

    18. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      Thanks guys for the tip, that sounds fun enough that i just joined up :D

    19. LauraKat on

      Any chance of getting things signed as a top up? I'm at the $100 level and I'd LOVE to have my poster signed, not so worried about the game box, but the $500 pledge level is way outside my budget.

    20. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      @Michael - Not Revolution, but yes. Whatever your pledge tier is, add $50 to it to get the goat USB. Even if your tier is $15, if you add $50 to it, you get the goat USB. When you click "manage pledge", be sure the total dollar amount showing at the top is $50 higher than whatever reward tier you have checked off. Then on the survey, indicate that the extra $50 is for the goat USB.

    21. Michael Bunkin on

      @Revolution, tell me please, can I get the Goat USB stick for extra $50 even if my pledge is less than $250? In my case, will I get one with a $150 pledge ($50 + $100 reward level)?

    22. Revolution Software Creator on

      @Matthew It would depend on which reward level you have selected. If you have selected the $250 reward level you will receive 1 T-shirt. If you have selected the $100 reward level you can receive 6 T-shirts ($100 reward + 5 x $30). Pledge/reward level + top-ups = total.

    23. Matthew Lee Venner

      @Revolution could you tell me please how many t-shirts would I get for the $257.77 pledge?

      Thank you!

    24. Revolution Software Creator on

      Or two different T-shirt. Or the same T-shirt in different sizes! The choice is yours!

    25. Revolution Software Creator on

      @Kevin Callau You will have a choice of 3 designs (maybe 4), you can get the same design twice if you want to. It is the same T-shirt as at the $100 pledge level, so if you pledge $130 you can get 2 T-shirts if you want. :)

    26. Michael Hartmann

      The short answer: The Order of the Goat is a fun way to increase pledges. Just add $ 7.77 above your current reward tier and you are a member.
      The long answer and a history of pledge clubs:

    27. Kevin Callau - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Just a question, is the $30 T-shirt, the same which is in the reward of the 100$ pledge ?
      Thank you.

    28. Martins Antony on

      @mrfatso, nothing secret, it's just so many people were stucked in front of the goat in the broken sword 1... So it became the symbol of the game!

    29. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      Guys, a silly question but just what is this order of the goat that i kept on seeing repeated here and there, is that like a secret cult or something much more sinister? Thanks.

    30. NotDomo on

      Just make sure the key ring isn't on a part that breaks off somewhat easily. I'm not sure how sturdy those ears are. Also, same concern as those above. the ring should be on the actual USB part. =)

    31. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Varoli - Order of the Goat on

      I really love you guys. By the way i like the B concept of USB goat drive, much more functional than the others 2

    32. Hayley Morris on

      I do not like you now revolution, you are the first company to extract $175 off me, even pinkerton road only got $50. I just increased my bid. Would have loved the coffee book but now I is poor for a week lol. So glad this finishes on payday.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Varoli - Order of the Goat on

      It's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. : I really love the idea of a goat shaped USB; and for just $15 more I get an extra copy of the game.

    34. Hayley Morris on

      Whyyyyyy Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I just don't have the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Goes to cry in the corner.

    35. Oliver Hoelzl on

      It would also have been nice to get the templar keyring as a top-up option.

    36. Björn Horn on

      The beta will be synced in different languages​​?

    37. ItsGameInc on

      $250 was a bit too high for me, so I went for the $100 mark. Great decision on the new inserted level, as I now upped to the $175 - level. (Well, I added a little bit more to get into our great Order)

    38. Gösta Larsson - Order Of The Goat 7.77 on

      Loving it Revolution. Great, no fantastic work. Gonna have to add 60 to get another BS T-shirt and a Goat T-Shirt

    39. Missing avatar

      Rabster on

      Since the reporter's notebook is a $500 reward, I think it should be included as a PDF for $175-250 backers.

    40. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Those Goat designs look absolutely amazing haha!

    41. Rewak on

      I like the updated pledges and the top up idea, but could you please have a PDF of Nicos Notebook included at the $50 all digital content level? Please?

    42. Evert Jonker on

      I upped my pledge from $15 to $50 (Silver Member). Beta Access is always interesting! :)

    43. Trembles on

      Yay! I am so excited! I quite like design A for the Goat USB, but agree with others the keyring part may need to be on the tail?
      I certainly like the idea of the mug, but am feeling so spoiled at the moment, cannot possibly ask for more, can I? :-)
      Love the idea of Rolf Saxon signing the box!

    44. Emma*Pirate Princess OOTG Armikrog Army* on

      Eek! Amazing update! Thank you Rev for being A) Brilliant! and B) Listening to us! =D I have now bankrupted myself, as I MUST have the USB stick and I suggested the pledge of $175 with signatures! So I may as well up to $250 =D amazing rewards!! I love design A for the goat, but agree with having the keyring on the drive, I like the idea of a goat having its head stuck inside my pc =) also the original broken sword goat had a very odd tail...but i like the concept art of the new BS goat with a proper tail better =) not sure i follow what nina said about the usb having content on it, is it the digital files directly as per rewards or something extra?

    45. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      @Raphael - That doesn't surprise me at all, though it does make me a little sad. RPG's have a huge fan base to draw from, just like Homestuck Adventures. There aren't as many adventure gamers, though I think adventure gamers are generally more dedicated to their genre.

    46. Roman Schaub on

      if you were to lose*

    47. Roman Schaub on

      concerning the usb stick design: based on experience, it's better if the key ring is attached to the actual drive rather than the cap. If you were to the part not attached to the keys/keychain, you'd at least still have the drive.