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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Reward Showcase: Books, notebooks, and more!

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

Hi guys!

We have received a number of questions about our rewards. Although most of them are still being finalised, we are keen to show you our plans for them. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the rewards we have in mind!

The History of Broken Sword is a hardcover coffee-table book with a high quality wrap-around jacket and featuring gorgeous art. This amazing book will be filled with never heard before details, full-colour artwork and an in-depth exploration of the Broken Sword universe. From Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars to Broken Sword - the Serpent’s Curse, this book will describe the making of Broken Sword games in fascinating detail. Truly a unique collectors item!

We will be giving a signed version of this book to all backers who have pledged $250 and above.

After many years of writing Broken Sword games, we are delighted to be able to finally release our Broken Sword Design Document. This unique book showcases our archive of game design documents and related material, such as storyboards, concepts, and dialogue scripts. With take-outs, notes, and other never released before snippets of Broken Sword designs, this is a ideal companion to the History of Broken Sword.

We will be giving a signed version of this book to all backers who have pledged $250 and above.

If you thought our plans for those rewards were amazing, you haven't seen what unique flair Nico's "La Liberté" Reporter's Notebook brings to your collection! This beautiful "La Liberté"-branded item is signed by Nico and filled with clues and quirky contents - includes items such an incriminating café receipt (you will understand when you play the Serpent's Curse). To top it off, each book will be numbered and contains a hand-written secret from the game, completely exclusive and unique to that one copy. This one-of-a-kind treasure is an irreplaceable addition to any collection.

We will be giving a signed version of this book to all backers who have pledged $500 and above.

Code Jam

Wondering what on earth a Code Jam really is? This fantastic event is an opportunity to join the Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse developers once a month in an entertaining, informative, and interactive lifestream. Watch a live video and chat with us and each other in a chatroom. Interact with various team members, ask questions, and get inside snoops on what game development is really like at Revolution.

This reward is available for pledge level $250 and above.

The Box

Many of you have asked us what kind of box you will be getting. We are delighted to say that it will be high quality, old school, wonderful packaging! Inside you will find the game DVD, comics, poster, and soundtrack CD. We can also confirm that the box will be available in English, German and French - we will send you your choice of language. Furthermore, this box will only be available to our Kickstarter backers - so get your hands on one before your chance has gone!

This reward is available for pledge level $100 and above.

If you have any other questions then please let us know.


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    1. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      wow wow wow, those books really look awesome. although i have the same question as Rendref: if -theoretically- all 500+ pledges were sold out, then you would have to have 2058 different secrets about the game?!? already now you would have to put in 99 different secrets...

    2. Schadows on

      Do we know how many page will those books have (approximately) ?

    3. Schadows on

      Frankly, I'd rather see the printed design document signed rather than the artbox.
      I'm sure there is room for signs on the design book, but I fear the signs will just "ruined" (in a way of hidingwhat's behind) the art of the box.

    4. -gizmo- on

      It seems that you take very seriously the extras, when they reach my hands I can check (I invested $ 250).

      The truth is that they are great, I love all of them.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben_Polecat on

      I went with the 250 tier since the notebook may use leather / bicast leather etc I just don't see dead animal hide & think premium product like others might. It's not a matter of cost for me but a digital version even if it doesn't contain the limited content would be good but I can live without if need be :p

      Back in the day I bought LOTT on both floppy & cd-rom this was back before it became freeware & pc hardware was more reliable.

    6. Mike Brodu on

      Nico actually sounds more Russian than French to me, with that fake accent. :)

    7. wolkeundwasser on

      haha that's the exact reason I'll probably order the game in german. i just love the german voice of nico, and i can't stand this fake accent either.
      but i also grew up with the german game ... so that's maybe another reason :-)

    8. Mike Brodu on

      I'm going to get the game in English, even though I'm French, because I always prefer to have the original version of a movie/book/game. So I have to say, Nico's fake French accent is really irritating. Would it be possible to have a voice actor who's actually a French native speaker in the English version? She obviously would have to be speaking English well enough to be understood, but since I'm sure there are going to be a few French words thrown in here and there, at least she'll be able to pronounce them properly.
      That's kind of my pet peeve with English language movies trying to fake a foreign accent.

    9. barbarian_bros on

      About pledges steps :
      This KS campaign lacks a real lower pledge. Other projects often have a 5$ pledge (reward is only Wallpapers/ digital artworks) and a 'symbolic support' pledge of 1$... (which usually gains 3-4 hundreds $ )

    10. barbarian_bros on

      @Liam : Signed books should be hand-signed by a staff member, a printed signature has zero added value for a collector. At this time there are 363 backers who will get signed books... I guess the team could handsign 726 books.
      And yes i think 2 book with luxury leatherstyle softwrapped hardcovers and handsigned by charles Cecil himself (or by Nina) worth 75-100$ more than a simple illustrated softcover.
      And many collectors would choose the signed luxury pledge at 250$, when most of interested people would choose the 'non luxury/no signed' edition and then up their pledge to 150-175$ if only it would exist.

    11. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      @Jon Magnus - Det är inkluderat för Norge.

    12. Laura Walsh on

      @Nina thanks for the info & pics was enquiring about it myself I think the bigger book would be best! :)

    13. Jon Magnus Stavik Vold on

      I have upped my pledge, so I can get my hands on those gorgeous books. I can't wait to play this game. At the moment I am playing game number 4. Will postage to Norway be included in the $250 pledge, or do I have to add that?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Etherington on

      @Liam It's been confirmed by Tony that it will be handwritten.. no prints.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carbin on

      So sad. Really wish I could afford to pledge enough to get my hands on these beautiful things. The games have been a true inspiration to me.

      I'll be playing the lottery twice a week. If I win you can have $10,000. Promise.

    16. snuffy on

      The books look amazing, I'd be happy just to hold them in my hands for a second :D Can't afford them though... I'm curious what will the box look like, an old school box sounds great

    17. Gonchi on

      @Erik Grape; No, he was not implying that at all, and if he was trying to he made a very poor job of expressing it. I find your own extreme example a rather poor one as well, especially using an unrelated tier. People are still backing at the $250 tier despite the books and comics being available digitally or unsigned for much less, so I think your suggestion that a couple of backers maybe could lower their pledges because the notebook is offered digitally is rather unrealistic and, frankly, pedantic. By that reasoning maybe a couple of thousand backers will raise their pledges too, who knows.

      Every Kickstarter has offered a digital only tier for those who prefer to avoid the hassles of shipping, import duties, wish to avoid clutter or simply prefer the digital version over physical. Digitizing a hoodie is kinda pointless, digitizing books, booklets and comics isn't, which is why it's already done. Revolution opting not to include the one printed material that actually ties into the game "filled with vital clues" and "vital items" is a pretty massive oversight and I'm going to be very disappointed if they dismiss it or try to do damage control by saying something akin to it not actually containing anything vital, just insignificant fluff that won't affect anyone's enjoyment of the game.

    18. Liam OotG_$7.77_ on

      Well I suppose the signatures will be prints and not handwritten on each individual book? So to create a pledge with unsigned books will make people who have paid $250+ to lower their pledge and probably disgruntle a lot of people as well.
      I have 6 days left to decide if I want to go into my overdraft to buy these books...

    19. Florian Valois on

      Wouah! Amazing books! Oo
      Now, it only needs a visual pack the game to complete everything. :D

    20. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      @Gonchi - boB could simply be implying that making a digital one may make some lower their pledge because you are changing the relative value of the tiers. An extreme example is putting everything of the $1000 tier in the $100 tier except something trivial. That would probably make most +$100 backers lower their pledge to the $100 level (not considering the cost).

    21. wolkeundwasser on

      i think printing 2 books of that size in that quality is more expensive than a code jam ...and probably also than the keyring
      i don't think it's worth it for only a $50 raise ...
      don't get me wrong, but the bigger part should go into the game and not the rewards

    22. Guillermo on

      Wow, all those rewars look great! I'd like to have Spanish package too, though! :(

    23. Nina - Order of the Goat on

      To everyone asking about the size of the History of Broken Sword, I took a picture of roughly what sizes we are considering. We don't know for certain yet, but it will definitely be a landscape book.

    24. Ilia on

      I agree with some of the comments. A tier between $100 and $250 would be great. For example, I know I personally would upgrade to $150 if one or two printed books were added in it, without the keyring, codejam, and other stuff in the $250 tier. If even a third of the folks from $100 upgrade to $150 you'd add an extra 30k to your pledge.

    25. HonournGlory on


      If they were to give Design Documents and History of Broken Sword, some of the people from the $250 tier would drop down to the $150 tier. I agree that they should add a $150-200 tier with some goodies to encourage people although I see myself going for the $250 even though it's a lot of money for a game but it's a game from my youth so what the heck. :)

    26. Moeez Siddiqui on

      $250 rewards are mighty tempting! Could see people upgrading from $100 to that.

    27. barbarian_bros on

      More maths :
      There are almost 2 thousands (1862 at this time) '100$ backers', and only 271 '250$ backers'... (it's a real big amount of money for a game).
      If only one of four 100$ backers would upgrade to a 150$ pledge... il will up the total pledge by more than 23K $

    28. barbarian_bros on

      I still think that a 150-175$ tiers could be a big success, and many 100$ backers would upgrade to 150$ if they could get these rewards :
      -Download of Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse - DRM FREE - PC (Windows and Linux) & Mac
      - Regular Developer Diaries, ideas Exchange Forum and Video Updates
      - Access to exclusive digital content: Game Artwork (inc. poster and wallpaper); Director's Commentary on previous Broken Sword games & Archive Videos
      - Android Version
      - Hi-Res Digital Comic Books of Broken Sword - The Serpent's Curse, Broken Sword: Director's Cut, and Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
      - History of Broken Sword eBook
      - Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse digital Concept Art - character sheets, layouts etc.
      - Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse Digital Soundtrack
      - Copy of any one previous Revolution game on (Broken Sword or otherwise - PC only
      - Exclusive digital Game Design Content: Scripts of Broken Sword: Director's Cut, Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Remastered, and Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse; Game Design Document for Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse; Archive of existing Game Design Documents for previous games
      - All Revolution game titles on Broken Sword 1 - 4, In Cold Blood, Lure of the Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky (PC only)
      - Boxed Kickstarter special edition of the Game, includes: CD / DVD game with full packaging, Game Comic Book for Broken Sword – Director’s Cut, Broken Sword 2 – Remastered, Broken Sword – the Serpent’s Curse; game Poster; CD with full Soundtrack; Kickstarter Backer T-Shirt.
      - Early access to digital Music Soundtrack
      -‘Broken Sword Gold Member’ credit in the game!

      PLUS :
      -Unsigned 'Design Documents'
      -Unsigned Printed 'History of Broken' sword, unsigned and without wrap-around jacket (a printed cover would be fine. The luxury wrapped hard-cover may be reserved to the signed version). If it's a matter of cost, a paperback version would still be enjoyable.

    29. Gonchi on

      @Palindrome Bob; What a disgusting attitude. There's no reason for people that prefer digital over physical versions to miss out on any of the notebook's content. A digital version devalues nothing, you'll still have your exclusive item.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I don't get it, there will be actually 1000 secrets in the game (if secrets are unique to one notebook, and the number of notebooks is 1000??? Isn't it a way too much? Of course, at the moment Revolution need to produce only 17 notebooks, but still. Damn. I want such a notebook, but to give another 250 to make 500 just to have the notebook it's a little bit hard for me) Don't have the money, I mean) All looks great. Well done, Revolution! :)

    31. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      @boB - I agree with you. You always have to consider all the tiers together and not each one separately when making new ones or altering (improving) existing ones.

    32. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      There's an ebook of 'History of Broken Sword' in the 50$tier. So, if you print it out and bind it yourself, or have it done, you have yourself a perfectly unsigned book. Two different version of Nico's notebook (one without easter eggs) is rather impossible. I'm also not a fan of digitizing Nico's notebook, and putting it in a lower tier, as that would 'devaluate' the exclusivity of the product IMHO.

    33. Liam OotG_$7.77_ on

      Maybe a good idea to do a limited pledge for a $170 pledge, like there is for the $500+ pledges?

    34. Hayley Morris on

      I'm glad I at least get digital copies of the first two. Would be really nice if we got a digital copy of nico's book without the extra special easter eggs. Because I can't afford more than $50 sad times.

    35. wolkeundwasser on

      thank you very much for this great update ! the books look awsome !

      i was wondering if nico's notebook would be blank or filled with BS stuff. happy that you made that point clear ! indeed very special. so happy about it !
      and can't wait to see the final t-shirt announcements! and the comics of course ... oh man that is so much great stuff :D
      will we actually get a glimpse on the hoodie's and jackets as well? will they have the same design as the t-shirts? not that I could afford unfortunately ... but still curious ;-)

      same here Erik ;D

    36. Liam OotG_$7.77_ on

      I'm with Imbafestor on this - The book looks amazing but $250 is out of my price range. If there was a pledge for $170 and had an unsigned copy of the book I would be able to pay it

    37. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      Sweet! Seems like I'll get tons of really nice stuff (AND a new Broken Sword).
      I'm a happy camper at $507.77, a happy camper indeed. =)

    38. Imbafestor - Knight of the Goat 7.77 on

      Please please add a new step at 170 with the unsigned book. I' currently at 107.77 but the step to 250 is too high. This book just looks awesome

    39. Ian Campbell on

      I am so excited about a new broken sword game - pledge increased just to get to the next level of rewards!

    40. roediger on

      Please add a 150$ pledge level which adds an unsigned History of Broken Sword coffee table book.

    41. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      I too am surprised Nico's notebook is filled with information and thought it was just merchandise, but it's much more than that. This a most pleasant surprise, as I have already upped my pledge to 507.77$. Now my problem is: where will I find the time? :-P

    42. ET3D on

      I love that goat! (Even though I'm not part of the order.)

      As for the frequency of updates, the frequency during the Kickstarter doesn't matter to me much, although I think that once every two-three days helps keep interest up. I do love frequent updates (weekly, for example) after the Kickstarter ends. "Malevolence - The INFINITE RPG!" had tons of updates, and I learned that I appreciate that, while I wait anxiously for news on projects which update only once a month or less.

    43. Schadows on

      I would have pledge 250$ (instead of 100$) if it was not that time of the year (after holidays when budget is used, and September/October is when income taxes and other stuff are coming ... too bad, those books where really interesting T_T

    44. David Fitt on

      Damn, I was so happy with my $100 pledge - helping the game without getting broke. And now that I just saw the books, I had no better choice than upgrading my pledge to $250! If I can't eat at the end of the month, may Nico come to my place bringing me some food please? I leave in Paris. Thanks a lot.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ed Jones on

      For the folks that are unhappy with the updates they are getting, I suggest (as other people have done) that you unsubscribe from the updates, and then set yourself a calendar reminder to dip into the updates page weekly and read the headlines.

      I'm personally happy with the updates that we're getting, I like seeing the guys that work behind the scenes and additional info that comes out... It was great seeing that they had it running on a Nexus 7 for example)

      The extra's that are being thrown in if you pledge certain amounts do look very cool and if I could afford to I would totally pledge more money!

    46. Yohmi on

      That looks awesome :) I wish I could pledge that much money ^^
      And I laughed when I saw the ticket for Paris metro :P my pocket is full of BS goodies :D (note that I think it's a great gift for everyone outside France indeed ^^)

    47. Wouter Cox on

      'The history of Broken Sword' looks awesome. Also, the 'design documents', especially since I've always wanted to create computer games from a young age on (at 8, I didn't want to be a fireman, but 'work at Sierra's adventure game team' :-) ).

      $250 is a LOT, but I might just upgrade my pledge. I will have to do this in the next 9 days then I suppose?

      Also, thanks for the regular updates, I really appreciate that you're putting a lot of effort into getting those out!

    48. Tomimt on

      Those look very nice. I'm certain people will be pleased with them.

    49. Elliott Orban on

      I'm soooo tempted to upgrade to $250 even though it'll almost break the bank! Too much kickstarter fatigue haha, but yes just curious how large this coffee table book actually is?

    50. Gavin Young on

      The History book looks gorgeous, but I really hope it's not the tiny size some game "art books" are, to be stuffed inside a tin with a DVD box. A coffee table type book would be great!