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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Whey Hey – first Stretch Goal achieved

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

We are absolutely thrilled to have hit our first stretch goal at $500,000 – thank you all so much. We've put this video together to bring you up to date, and show you how we're progressing on the game. Reaching this milestone has provided a great excuse to publish it. 

This Kickstarter project has been incredible – the team are absolutely buzzing. We think that you are all amazing for the support that you have given us.

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    1. -gizmo- on

      We should be very pleased to achieve this goal.

      Congratulations everybody, we move on!

    2. Scott Abel on

      Congratulations on reaching such a tremendous goal!! I have been a huge supporter of the Broken Sword series and here's to contnued success!!

    3. Murat - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      May I ask who is the lady sitting and talking with Tony? And what is her position in the team? :)

    4. Nabil Mounayer on

      The best thing about Broken Sword was the 2D artwork during its time with parts 1 and 2. I love the direction they're going with now and I hope they continue to go to places outside Europe. Sometimes you just get bored of seeing one place all the time and doing most of the puzzles there. I enjoyed BS2 a lot because you get to travel around. The UI of the inventory I guess is for the android users since if they use a black bar it would be too small for the phone users. why not allow having a zoom option if you double tap the inventory bar. I still prefer the black bar from the first 2 games. Having a UI for the inventory slows the game down at times and you don't get to see your surroundings well. Please don't put a hint system in the game. It would be nice if George or Nico would remind us what we need to do instead.

    5. Stéphane Fernandez on

      This game will be a great one! Artworks are amazing, congrats to the artists.

      I agree with the fact that speech bubbles are not the better choice for immersive gameplay, i think to dragon's lair or classc animated movies for exemple. It's must be an option.

      Inventory UI seems really too big and breaks the gameplay , why not a slider from the left or right of the screen?

    6. Laura Walsh on

      @Martin Your famous now! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Juho Sorvali on

      Good comments by JJ and others. I also agree that the spirit of the first two Broken Swords might be lost a lot because of the small details like the inventory replacing black bar and the speech bubbles. Directors cut wasn`t a bad game at all but it had lost some original spirit for sure and I don`t think it should be the role model for the new game. Even though, the other platforms might be a big reason for those changes too. It might not be easy to implement the old style when the game must be playable with iphone etc.

      On the other hand: Despite being one of the people mooning for the style and spirit of the old games, I don`t think the Revolution should listen to the fans too much. People in Revolution are the ones making this game and they should trust their vision, just like they did when making the first too games. Who knows maybe we`ll see something new and even better. I mean, if the Revolution would make their decisions too much according to the fans, this game could become just some kind of a lame compromise trying to please everybody where the old characters and places would be superimposed. This new game has to have it`s own soul and it doesn`t necessarily have to only remind the first two games.

    8. Martin Mulrooney ⌠⌠ Order of the Goat ⌠⌠ on

      Great video guys - when I saw my name at 2.55 I nearly had a heart attack! :P

    9. S.D. on

      Looking great, team. Thanks for the inside preview :-)

    10. Gromber Fox on

      i hated Directors inventory.

    11. JJ - Order of the Goat on

      Sorry, make that: WE really miss it.

    12. JJ - Order of the Goat on

      Not discrediting the amount of hard work which is going into this game, but I was given the impression from Charles that the Serpent's Curse was going to build off from the first two ORIGINAL games, not the directors cut version. Any reason why the tacky icons in the corners and comic book speech bubbles are being carried over? I seriously knew this would happen. It's obvious to me that this game isn't being developed with us fans in mind (other than cheap references/nods to the first two games and returning characters to keep nostalgia-ridden fans 'happy') but for a wider market. Rev, are you scared that the game will not be recognizable or familiar enough to sell because of no inventory box or speech bubbles that appeared in the director's cut? Probably. It's weird because we shouldn't have to be telling you this because you're the guys who created the masterpieces that were Broken Sword I & II. I personally think the cohesion of the design, art, dialogue, music, execution, flair, risque humour & cinematic quality seen in the first two original games has been lost. Half of me kept telling myself that I was going to be pleasantly surprised, but the other half had me worrying and skeptical that everything I disliked from the director's cut versions would be implemented. I know it's still in its early stages, but please consider the feel and the design philosophies of the first two original games. I really miss it.

    13. a-side on

      Nice update, but I must agree with the fans. Why this BIG inventory box and why bubbles??? Please, Revolution, can you just do like in your classic games that we love? In my opinion, simple text lines are far better...

    14. Mathias Hagstrøm on


      I very much agree. An ability to make subtitels for the game would be amazing. It is a feature I also miss in SCUMMVM. I would love to do a danish translation if it was posible!

    15. Ayman Şanlıtürk on

      Multilingual support, or a system to provide our translations at least.

    16. Sam Holdsworth - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Agree with above. I don't know why speech bubbles have been carried over from the DC, It would work in BASS, but definitely not in BS. It's so plain and drowns out the artistic spirit of the first two original games. The art direction looks slightly all over the place - we have comic book speech bubbles, a big blocky inventory smack bang in the middle that sticks out like a sore thumb and 2.5D characters (I'm not saying the 2.5D design is bad, because I actually like it) I'm just stating that none of it molds together very well. The original first two games had a strong and confident art direction and design philosophies that felt intertwined, molded brilliantly and felt really glued together. It had flair. In my opinion, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

    17. Filip OotG on

      I'm happy with update but UI of the inventory is bad and ugly! And icons are to big. I didn't like speech bubbles in director's cut so I don't like them here. IMO, make like in BS1&2!

    18. LosT_SouL_VL on

      You don't have to apologize about your constructive criticism because it's just true, the inventory UI has a very poor look. It has a third world dev' look.

    19. Denis H - Order Of The Goat $7.77 on

      Not a big fan of the inventory look (why is it so huge?), but it's still in development and you have to consider it has to be designed for touch devices too, so you can't just hover over the black stripes as in the first two games.

    20. Sam Holdsworth - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      I have to agree with what others are saying about the UI of the inventory. The inventory window looks horrible in my opinion. The first two games were brilliant in using the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen for items and dialogue because it added a cinematic quality, but the blue box looks plain and cheap. Also, I don't understand why speech bubbles for text have been carried over from the director's cut, along with comic book styled font. I would of prefer coloured text - it was more charming, and gave the game a certain warmth. This small, black and white font feels cold, and empty. I wish I didn't have anything to moan about, and I really don't want to dislike anything but these things are really bugging me and my anticipation for the game has honestly dwindled slightly. I'm still looking forward to the game, but I do hope the final product is more inspired by the original first two games and not the director's cut.

    21. Kingslayer on

      Thank you for the video! I would like to echo the comments about the UI of the inventory. Perhaps it's just a placeholder, but it looks pretty cheap and very plain. Not the icons, I mean, the window that contains them. And yeah, the models have a distracting lightness to their animations, and a kind of roboticness. The recent Sam and Max games had a similar problem, but got away with it somewhat due to the cartoon stylisation.

      Anyway, sorry about the negativity. It's really amazing that there's going to be another Broken Sword game. The series is very close to my heart since they're some of the only games my brother has ever liked and thus some of the only games we played together growing up, me being a lifelong gamer and him usually avoiding games like the plague.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christopher Mountford on

      Really excited about the Linux version:)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jussi Vesa on

      That inventory looks horrible. Better have the old style back.

    24. Gromber Fox on

      3d characters move a little bad

    25. Brad on

      @Tony Technology is right clever int'it.

    26. JJ - Order of the Goat on

      Didn't Charles say in an interview that everything will be enhanced, not replaced? So why are we getting an inventory box instead the old style (I wouldn't even call it old style, but rather, Broken Sword style) black bar? Why are speech bubbles returning instead of the lovely coloured text from the other four games? It was enough heartbreak finding out that the characters weren't going to be 2D, but 3D. It's the little things that mean't so much to the fans that are still being replaced... :( Plus, Barrington Pheloung's return isn't looking likely. I don't see why these things need to be replaced... The coloured icons in the corners of the screen... Why? It looks tacky. The amount of fans who were upset by the design choices in the director's cut, but are being carried on over to the Serpent's Curse. The problem is that the true fans over here at Kickstarter are really just a small fraction of who Rev are selling this game to. I'm sorry, I'm going a bit crazy, but it's because this series means so much to me

    27. Tony Warriner - Revolution - OOTG on

      @Gerard yes, and you should see an iPad in the video. You can swap seamlessly between Mac and iPad via iCloud, or dropbox. In-fact using dropbox you can go Windows > Mac > iPad > Android however you like...

    28. Missing avatar

      Gerard Young on

      I just wanted to ask if there's an iPad release as well, will you be able to work in some kind connectivity between Mac and iPad. You see, I have a Mac and iPad and on whichever device I play it on, I'd like to be able to pick it up from where I last left it

    29. Tom Minton on

      Great Update. love the character animations.

    30. Matt Mitchell on

      Lovely video update! Would love more in the style of these going forward. Slightly concerned at the size of the characters against the background in the gallery scene? I'm sure this is adapted per scene?

      Regardless, great work (impatiently waits for next update!)


    31. Mich-666 on

      No text bubbles please! I still think that BS1,2 style of font/text above character heads would be better. and I really hope PC version comes with old fashioned top/bottom mouse-over inventory, this one is too big for large monitors.

    32. Nabil Mounayer on

      Great Progress! I agree that the UI might need more tweaking. Recent 2.5D adventure games annoyed me a bit with the inventory because there would be times that you want to take an item out and use it on an environment object but need to move around to avoid the object from being obstructed by the inventory. I'm realy liking the artwork. Here's hoping to see more places outside EU. Have you guys though of using southeast asia for a part of the game? Dubai would be a nice destination as well to render.

    33. Simon Brown on

      No, I think the interface is fantastic. If anything the icons maybe a little large but that will work well with touch devices such as the iPad etc. From the video, the brief demo on the iPad looks great! I really can't wait to get my hands on the game :D

    34. Robin W on

      Bit harsh - I don't think it looks awful, but agree with a lot of comments that having the bar at the top like the original would be best!

    35. Roman Zaytsev on

      Luke Harrison, I agree with you. The interface looks awful( I hope they'll redesign it and will be look like in the original.

    36. Callam Warner-Billington on

      Seriously glad this series is getting a new game, absolutely love the game and the updates I'm receiving by email, can't wait till its release!

    37. Luke Harrison on

      Interface looks terrible and the old phone looks a lot better than what a generic touch screen device would. Please work on the UI rather than the time it takes to fade something in-out of it.

    38. Bourdon Jordan on

      I love you

      I love Broken Sword 2D Game's

    39. Rob Pickin on

      It's looking great so far guys! So glad i googled broken sword today and found out about the kickstart.
      It was nice to give something back for the enjoyment you've provided over the years.
      I remember the first time i played a broken sword game it was a demo of the smoking mirror that came with my ps1 back in 96(ish). It was the the scene where you have to get past the the guard and his dog by the docks.
      By the time i saved enough pocket money to buy the full game i was pro at that scene lol. Still gives me that warm nostalgic feel everytime.

    40. Moeez Siddiqui on

      Wow, looking really good! The phone thing was pretty funny.

    41. Liam OotG_$7.77_ on

      The game is looking fantastic! I like the kwerky idea of having a choice of which phone you can carry in the game. Glad to hear some of the old characters will be back. Will also be good to see the old war veteran from Shadow of the Templars (the chap who's manhole cover George appears from after being in the sewer), he made me laugh.

      Can't wait for the release and there's still 10 days to go. I will be making another pledge on the very last day to try help reach the last stretch goal

    42. Ben Salmon on

      Also glad I wont have to carry an Iphone, Android all the way!

    43. Ben Salmon on

      I loved the peek at how things are progressing. The New screen was a nice surprise, I have been wondering how you'd add screens and content to what I imagine by now is a pretty laid out linear idea of how you want the game to go. Especially if we hit $650k, that's adding a whole new area and story element into the mix. It's all so intriguing! :)

    44. Nina - Order of the Goat on

      The inventory is not permanently visible. It pops up when you open your inventory (click/tap an icon on the side of the screen). Without the old style black bar, you get to see more of the gorgeous background. Besides, it's a UI that works across platforms - which means we can spend more time making a great game and less time worrying about cross-compatibility. That's how I understood it anyway. :)

    45. Daniel Greaves on

      Congratulations guys. It's really good to know that a market does exist for this genre and that there are developers who are still passionate about adventure games.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ben S on

      Hoping for a different UI for PC too, the BS1+2 inventory is a good starting point. We don't need a clunky box like that filling the screen on PC, put it in a line on the bottom or top (that might pop up when you hover over it or something).

    47. Missing avatar

      Ben S on

      I really hope it reaches £650k but I doubt it will as the cash hasn't been rolling in as fast as the first 2ish weeks.

    48. Missing avatar

      Bobby F on

      Excellent update!

    49. Wild@x on

      Fantastic, I continue to love the Paris art style. Also the perspective change in the windows is one of those "little" things that make the difference. Road to 650k :)