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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Charles Adams 2 days ago

      I still haven't started the second part as in my eyes I never expected to see another broken sword game and I am keeping for a rainy day. I wonder if the backers names will be in the PS4 version as well

    2. Creator Thierry 3 days ago

      @Charles Adams -- About the 800,000k : yes, we did =>

      This is the same for me : I've never pledged as much money as for this project. That's why I feel disappointed about the final product, because promises were huge thanks to this 800,000k stretch goal. Just read Charles' interview in the link above :

      "so players have a genuine choice in how they choose to approach puzzles" => I've played the whole game several times, and I can't remember any puzzle you could solve by more than one approach...

      "The second part of the game is now going to be considerably expanded to include that section in the Middle East" => It was probably the more disappointed bit for me : this section was really short and easy, far from the 650,000k stretch goal which was supposed to be "exotic locationS in middle east/north africa".

      In a nutshell, I'm sad because I thought this game would be a huge point'n'click game, a kind of new standard for all adventure game lovers. But as someone wrote here after finishing the game, it's "a solid addition to the serie". So dont' get me wrong : it's a good point'n'click, and all Revolution fans seem really happy with it. But as an hardcore adventure game lover, I was hoping it would be long, complex and epic. And in the end, as far as I'm concerned... it isn't :-(

    3. Creator Charles Adams 4 days ago

      I didn't spend quite as much as you But 100 is still way more then I have ever contributed before. Did we ever get confirmation that we hit 800,000. I don't regret helping get the game made but next time I'll probably contribute for just the game.

    4. Creator Thierry 4 days ago

      @Charles Adams -- I feel like I wish the promised original game were finished, before considering a PS4 port... Remember the 800k stretch goal ? There was a director's commentary option inside, which sounded great to me :

      I upped my pledge to 250$ to make this happen, because I thought it was a very promising feature... May I ask : where is it ?

    5. Creator Stuart on April 2

      Interesting that somebody got their damaged books replaced as mine came all tattered, i may take some photos and contact Revolution

    6. Creator Stuart on April 1

      @Jonathan Thomas I was just above $500 too and i made it clear to Revolution that i felt ripped off as well and that i would never have backed had i known. I've backed some great projects and received some cool stuff. However Revolutions is not one of them, nor will i back another of their projects, they produced some great games but fuzzy childhood memories are not enough to justify my cash.

      Lesson learned, pick up the next Revolution game on steam or humble for a couple of quid next time. The mistake here was thinking that becuase they were dealing directly with people that they would want to produce something special for the people giving them their money, now i just wish i could have my money back form them as i feel robbed in regards to this project!

    7. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on March 27

      Can't wait for the next update, it's the big one about the last of the rewards and any possible rumours for the next project! ;)
      (Come on In cold blood remaster/sequel) haha

    8. Creator Charles Adams on March 9

      So how about another revolution game?

    9. Creator Charles Adams on March 9

      So how about another revolution game?

    10. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on February 20

      As if there was any doubt as to the Rev teams intentions :D

      Congrats to Charles Cecil and the Revolution team for winning 3 Aggies from :)
      In best writing - Comedy, Best voice acting and for best crowdfunded adventure. Well deserved too! :D

    11. Creator black_cocoon on February 18

      I'm delighted to hear that there will be a collectors chest now! Maybe our comments urged them to change their mind ... Nevertheless, it's just the right thing to do! I hope it will live up to what they promised. Haven't played the game yet, I wanted to wait for all the pyhisical stuff being finished and the right time for me to play it. I'm happy that I can now put all what belongs to the game in a little treasure box. Everything else - I'm sure - wouldn't just have felt right for a great game like this.

    12. Creator BumBum on February 14


      Couldn't agree more. The game is fantastic just the wuality of the physical rewards isn't close to being perfect and change too much from what got promised in the first place. That's the bigger deal if you have pledge more than $250 and that's the disappointing part of this project!

    13. Creator Jonathan Thomas on February 10

      I appreciate that pleasing everybody truly is a thankless task. I apologise anyone who has been offended by what I've written. However, I take issue with the guy who said we're complaining about useless stuff, quite the opposite really, we're taking issue with sub-standard quality of promised rewards, and even lack of promised rewards in some cases.

      It is indeed okay for those who backed the game for $35 to be very happy with the game itself, no problem. When I finally get around to playing it, I'm sure I'll be incredibly happy with the experience. However, I will always make my point known when I am unhappy with physical rewards that have been promised on the basis of me paying upwards of $500. If those rewards are not as good as what was initially promised or better, then my money was taken under false pretense.

      I may be living in a dream world by hoping for good quality physical rewards, but "risk taking" backer or not, no one will ever take my money and get away with delivering unsatisfactory goods and broken promises. If you can't deliver what you promised initially (which caused backers to pay more as they were sold on a particular bracket of rewards based on promises made) then it is my opinion that you should go out of your way to find a better alternative and talk to backers about it, it's not rocket science. Making uninformed decisions and delivering sub-par products isn't an option, again, in my opinion.

      I don't want to sound ungrateful or negative, I'm thankful for the work of the Revolution team, and I really did come on here to apologise to those who I may have offended.

    14. Creator anjali (order of the goat) on February 3

      Have not received a single physical reward yet. I understand being patient but this has become unfair. It was a collective effort and everyone wanted the game to be made, but at the end of the day they promised a product and we paid for a promise of the same. I have always loved broken sword and was super kicked about this kickstarter but i cannot keep following up on a package for 7 months ! and continue to do so for another 7 months. I wish them all the best for the future and ive learnt not to share my money like this. It is very disappointing.

    15. Creator Psientologist on February 2

      I still haven't had my physical rewards? What is going on? I haven't changed address.

    16. Creator Mariusz on January 30

      Is it possible to get my money back? Game was released year ago, but still no Polish text version. I'm done. I don't want to wait any longer.

    17. Creator BASS2 - Philip Proud - Order of the Goat on January 28

      Hey why haven't they made Beneath a Steel Sky 2 yet!? I blame people like Leonard Challis and Sara Patrick!

    18. Creator Leonard Challis - OotG on January 26

      @Thierry I was active here during the campaign and after because that's when it was a community. That has now shifted elsewhere - the forum, facebook, messengers, in person, etc - and this page is just a place for people to throw out accusations and opinions as facts, or at best to just complain when something's wrong.

      The collectors chest doesn't affect me, so I'm sorry I don't have an opinion on that. As for everything else, including the things that changed, I'm delighted. Everything looks fantastic and is great quality and I'm enjoying them, thanks. The best thing though is that there was a new Broken Sword game and possibly more from Revolution in the future. And on top of that, I have some fantastic new friends who I speak to on a daily basis.

      A lot of us spent a great deal of our time supporting Rev and the community and it was fantastic. Now Revolution have scaled down to a very small team and things are pretty quiet on the Kickstarter front and we all have our lives, so please don't single any of us out, because it's none of your business on how we decide to spend our time. But some of the opinions and comments here about what must have happened and what must be the truth (both recently and in the past) are quite insulting to read. Anyone who genuinely spent time speaking to Revolution, accepting that the size of the team and huge amount of work and learning curve the Kickstarter has been, would know they're genuine and aren't the type of people to "not care". Seriously, if you think Charles and co just wanted your money and now don't care, you're insane. As soon as something changes, there is outrage. It happens here, other Kickstarters, etc. in the grand scheme of things we have to remember we took a risk to fund this project and although accountable, Revolution and other project creators do have to make changes. Of all the projects I've backed, there hasn't been a single one better than this. That's my opinion, and I'm sure the vast majority of other people too, not just the noisy minority.

      You ask why people like myself are no longer here? It's because I'm happy, I've moved on, and look forward to the next one.

      I hope your issues get resolved, but think about what you're saying.

    19. Creator Sara - Princess of the OOTG $7.77 on January 26

      @Thierry - Hey, Actually we are still active Goat members, I still run the order of the goat page with Stew and still post on there. Have been out of the country over Christmas and Just got back and JUST got my Broken Sword goodies, I came on here to comment about it actually and was disappointed by your comment. Everybody has a reason for everything Leonard is a father and has a young child to take care of along with having a full time job and you shouldn't assume the worst. I have personally thanked Rev for all of their hard work and effort put into all of the amazing rewards. Being negative solves nothing, so let's just be happy about how far we have all come, being backers, developers and friends. :)

    20. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on January 16

      I'm quite positive about the collectors chest, Revolution have been outstanding amongst other KS creators who many of haven't even delivered a game as yet.
      They've not forgotten us, nor will they give up on us. :)

    21. Creator Charles Adams on January 13

      Wow so many people complaining about useless stuff... thought the important thing was the game which was amazing. To each their own i guess and i mean no disrespect other then to call to fact that we funded something we all wanted which was another broken sword game ( 2 if you really think about it)

    22. Creator Visa | Tormented Dreamgoat of Eternity on January 9

      Got my replacement keychain and artbook today. Yes, Revolution actually sent a full second artbook to me, instead of just a new dustjacket to replace the damaged one (and I had pointed out in my email to them that I'd be okay with just the broken keychain being replaced). Plus, they also shipped the replacements separately instead of sending them with the OotG shirt, bottle opener, collectors bag/chest (whichever it turns out to be) and any other remaining goods. So I got the replacements faster than I expected.
      All in all, despite the possible downgrade of the collectors box (I'd be happy with the bag if not for the logo/design), I'm really happy with this kickstarter and will be here if and when Revolution returns with another campaign.

    23. Creator Lee Dempsey on January 8

      Can't say I'm surprised about the chest. I knew as soon as it was announced that the end result would be underwhelming just based on past experience with "collector's edition" video games. At the least it should be cardboard and saying it would not hold up in transit is an excuse that doesn't fly. Cardboard can be very sturdy and look fine when treated well at the print stage with various effects.The real reason I suspect is that Rev just realized it would cost more to ship it than they figured and someone would have to create the artwork and manage the production. Downgrading to a bag means they can just send a logo image to one of the many services that will just stick a graphic on a stock bag. No designer necessary and can be stuffed into a small package for shipping.

      Like many projects BS has all the signs that the creators did not plan adequately for rewards and were too fixated on just making their product.

    24. Creator Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22 on December 29

      Got my OotG-shirt today here. Once I noticed the return address on the package (York) I knew it had to be Revolution :)
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    25. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on December 27

      Got my OotG shirt today!!! :D
      Wearing it with pride for that weird bunch of misfits i came to call friends :)

    26. Creator ABCHEE Alex on December 23

      receive my little box with the 5 broken sword game I'm happy with the comics and tshirt

    27. Creator BumBum on December 20

      @black_cocoon: Woult think so too - so complain also directly at kickstarter so this won't happen again!

    28. Creator black_cocoon on December 17

      I'm afraid Rev. won't even read these comments anymore ....

    29. Creator black_cocoon on December 17

      The bag Rev. is suggesting to replace the chest is just ugly and cheap ! I would really be disappointet if they would decide to go this way ... I feels like they don't really care and just want to complete the whole think the cheapest way possible. The chest was one item I really looked forward to store all my BS5 stuff in. As the box for the backers is already not the best solution because of the paper wrap (also bad indeed) the chest would have made this good at least. I didn't complain - because with such a project there can always be disappointings and things that won't go exaclty as planned and for me all the delays or little changes were just minor mistakes - until NOW. If this is your solution, I won't pledge as much money the next time, definitely!! Seems you can't count on them, as you dont't know what you'll get in the end anyway ...

    30. Creator black_cocoon on December 17

      The bag Rev. is suggesting to replace the chest is just ugly and cheap ! I would really be disappointet if they would decide to go this way ... I feels like they don't really care and just want to complete the whole think the cheapest way possible. The chest was one item I really looked forward to store all my BS5 stuff in. As the box for the backers is already not the best solution because of the paper wrap (also bad indeed) the chest would have made this good at least. I didn't complain - because with such a project there can always be disappointings and things that won't go exaclty as planned and for me all the delays or little changes were just minor mistakes - until NOW. If this is your solution, I won't pledge as much money the next time, definitely!! Seems you can't count on them, as you dont't know what you'll get in the end anyway ...

    31. Creator Thierry on December 16

      @Ben Etherington -- Yes, that's exactly what I said in the last update comments. I'm really surprised too : guys, don't you really care about your money ?
      Even more, I find it disappointing that people like Leonard Challis, Sara Patrick, Emma, etc. didn't post a comment here since monthes. They pledged a lot of money, were crazily active during the campaign and... nothing since the game release.
      Are all these people incredibly rich and/or so much in love with Revolution that they can't even say a word about all these problems ?

      For a lot of backers, it seems the campaign itself was far more important and exciting than the game and rewards they gave money for... How sad :-(

    32. Creator Ben Etherington - Cayne Shareholder. on December 16

      @Bumbum I can easily afford $500, but it's the principle I suppose. When you pay for something, you expect to receive the correct items. I figured the chest would be great for storage, but instead we get a bag, which I don't even really need. I already have a bag at home. It's like buying a Ferrari, but instead they give you a ford, expecting you to be okay with it. I'm surprised that everybody is so silent about this. It is clearly false advertising and although they have explained reasons behind it, they really should have done some research, whilst the kickstarter campaign was active and not over 2 years after.

    33. Creator BumBum on December 16

      @Ben Etherington:

      That's what I think too - we should have gotten the chance to change the pledge with these main changes made :(

      No chest - ist this one really canceled? So you got not much for your 500$ :(
      So you must be even more disappointed than I am. Sorry

    34. Creator Lextarget on December 16

      Got my t-shirt yesterday! Wearing it now! It's awesome!

    35. Creator Ben Etherington - Cayne Shareholder. on December 16

      Bit disappointed about all the changes post campaign. No history of Broken Sword, No collector's chest and signed signature on a postcard. If you are going to make changes, then you should have gave people the option to change their pledge too.

    36. Creator Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on December 15

      I was a bit surprised that I should get more stuff (sometimes it's good to have poor memory). Very happy with the rewards so far.
      Plus, my pledge was mainly for what you gave me all those years ago and to give you the opportunity to give the same to some younger ones.

    37. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on December 15

      I do like the look of the Canvas bag, but it would be a shame if you can't sort the collector chest. But i understand the use if materiap and shipping would be difficult

    38. Creator Yazorius on December 13

      I've just recieved today (France) the last shipment (the third one) : all is fine. Game in box, artbooks, t-shirts, USB Key, DRM-free DVDs,... Yeah ! ^_^

    39. Creator BumBum on December 12

      That's my problem too - if I would have known these changes in advance I would have changed my pledge to the 100$ - that disappointing art book is really not worth that money and I'm really sad about that too. Had high hopes for the History of Broken Sword. :(
      Kickstarter should interfere here and also change that for the future that if you change main points of a pledge for the worse the backers should get the option to change their pledge then too.

      And yes - seems like most of the backers don't care or are happy - which would surprise me. Strange. :(

    40. Creator Thierry on December 11

      @BumBum -- No, I haven't... At this point, I'm afraid it wouldn't change anything :-( And that's precisely what really bothers me : they made this choice at a point where we backers couldn't change anything to our pledge.
      Now, I can't do more than saying it's a shame for me, as the artbook isn't worth the 150$ I put for it. But hey, that's my opinion, and maybe a lot of people are happy with it...

    41. Creator BumBum on December 11

      Have you written Revolution and email regarding the generic art book and gotten a reply?

    42. Creator Thierry on December 7

      @Legio Morbidius -- About the artbook, well... Welcome to the club :-( "soulless" and "lazy" describe exactly what I felt when I discover it.
      Sorry to say it again and again, but I do think Revolution should explain themselves about that change from "great History of Broken Sword" to "generic art book with not a single word in it" (except one page introduction)...

    43. Creator Legio Morbidius on December 7

      Went out to my postoffice to collect the second shipment of stuff today (Sweden). It included these items (art book, design document, signed comic print, DRM-free gamedisc, goat usb memory stick and templar keyring pendant). My items wasn't damaged so I'm happy for that.

      I must say I'm dissapointed in the art book. Much more could have been done with some more work with this book. The art book felt soulless and lazy. I backed Shadowrun Returns and their art book which was filled with art and some text and stories which really gave life to the art book.

      Overall I'm very happy with this kickstarterproject. If you do another game in the future where you use kickstarter to gather funds I will back the proeject if it looks interesting! :)

    44. Creator Emilie BS - Order of the Goat on December 6

      Two years ago, i gave my hope and my money, to have a game in my hands.
      Nothing is arrived again.
      I am waiting and waiting...where is my box? Thanks for your answer.

    45. Creator Michael Hartmann on December 1

      No, the stuff from the $500+ tiers (including the bottle opener) hasn't been shipped yet.

    46. Creator Necrosis Thanatos on November 30

      I received this latest shipment recently (art book, game design document, goat usb, key ring, etc.), but the bottle opener is missing. But more importantly, as a $500 backer, I'm still awaiting the collector's chest that will hold all this stuff (see first page of this kickstarter). Has anyone else received that yet?

    47. Creator BumBum on November 28

      Doesn't sound good but thanks for bringing that up - will have to test my disc too - haven't had the time yet.

      @Lee & Thierry:
      It doesn't feel too good to sit in the same boat. So what can we do?
      I don't want that to happen for anyone else in the future - I mean major changes on the campaign without the chances to change your pledge due to that :(

      I'm really happy with the game - love it - just started Episode 2 with my wife on our little vacation. But there still is a bad taste left - I mean the signed box set got changed to a signed card (I understand the reasons but you should have brought that up before the project ended), the DRM problem which happily got solved, the box art which isn't that different from the original one (also would have loved to get a set that can house all the extra content in it) and the change of the history book (that was a main reason for me to pledge 250$ - now we got a artbook which doesn't look bad but it's just not informative at all and not what we were promised too). So all in all by far not worth 250$ even if I consider 50$ being a donation for making the game. Too bad but what can be done now. :(

      Again I'm superhappy with the game and also like my box set but I wouldn't have spent 250$ - would have gone with the 100$ pledge as the stuff you got for the extra 150$! is really not worth it. Maybe an extra 50$ but not 150$.

    48. Creator Jake Higginson on November 27

      Finally received my DRM-free disc and can't even get the thing to work. Keeps saying I've inserted a blank disc -____-

    49. Creator Bee- Order Of The Goat $7.77 on November 26

      Final bits and pieces of Broken Sword Knight pledge arrived today in Australia!
      Thank you all :) it's been a pleasure to be involved (in small part) of the Broken Sword community.

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