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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sun, September 9 2018 2:04 AM UTC +00:00.

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First created
S$ 53,488
pledged of S$ 10,000pledged of S$ 10,000 goal
24days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sun, September 9 2018 2:04 AM UTC +00:00.

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    1. CORI Creator 2 days ago

      Hi @Rohilla,

      Thanks for all the encouragement and feedback! We truly appreciate it. This improved version would not have been possible without the constructive comments and patience from our original backers.Do continue to let us know how we can improve to deliver the best product experience to our supporters!

    2. CORI Creator 2 days ago

      Hi @Gary,

      We have replied you in a private message regarding your order. Do feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. Thanks for the support!

    3. CORI Creator 2 days ago

      Hi @Antron,

      As the pillows are made of Memory Foam, you can compress them to fit inside the bag. In any case, we are planning to ship the additional set of pillows in an extra bag if we can hit our stretch goal. Thanks for the support as always =)

    4. Rohilla Nasreen 4 days ago

      I’m so looking forward to the next version I backed the ist cori & what a great team u took on board our feedback and camr back with a fab improved version and spoilt for colours!!
      I used it for travel across Europe really helps when I travel as I can clip on to my hand luggage no fuss. It’s real useful as my business colleagues ask me where I got this cool travel pillow. Much better than conventional designs has more variation to suit everyone’s need.
      Ps I like the way u keep me updated on my deliver thanks Cori team for giving me travel comfort and making my journey experience stress free

    5. Missing avatar

      Gary Sturdivant 5 days ago

      Added S$19 to my pledge for the extra pillows. Hope I did it right.

    6. Antron
      5 days ago

      I believe the travel bag will be big enough to accommodate when 4 pillows are being used and folded?

    7. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Sachin,

      To avoid sending too many emails and spamming our backers, we are spreading out our updates and communication weekly. Hence the last update was on the Stretch Goal which was requested by an earlier backer before you.

      But don't worry, we didn't forget your request! This Friday's update is dedicated to the additional pillows. We appreciate your patience and kind understanding.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sachin Sivaraman on

      @creator the video for the packing of 4 pillows is still pending.as per your update it was supposed to be shown in your last update . However no signs of it yet. Could you kindly share the same else can then decide to go back to the original perk .

    9. CORI Creator on

      Hello @Rafayet Tarafder

      Thank You for your support! We have sent you a message regarding your inquiry.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rafayet Tarafder on

      As a BackerClub member, I have pledged S$50 for one travel pillow to the UK.
      Is this correct?
      Thank you

    11. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Julie,

      Yes, the add on set can be of a different color =) Our team has been mixing and matching colors for our sets too. We'll be sending a survey to collect your color choices at the end of the campaign. Thanks for the support!

    12. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Harish,

      Thanks for the encouragement and excellent feedback. We are now preparing an update email on how to pack for 4 pillows. Thanks for your patience and support!

    13. Missing avatar

      Julie Sprehn

      Sorry if I missed Q&A on this topic - can the add-on set of pillows be a different color from pledged set?


    14. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on

      Hi creators nice idea

      Please share video on how to fold using 4 pillows

      All the best

    15. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Sachin,

      Yes it is possible! We'll include instructions on how to roll up the strap with 4 pillows with the extra pillow set. Thanks for the support!

    16. Missing avatar

      Sachin Sivaraman on

      Hi, Have pledge an additional 19$ for the extra pillows, however just wanted to confirm with the 4 pillows will it still be possible to roll up the entire thing like shown in the video

    17. CORI Creator on

      Thanks @Sam for the encouragement!

      Indeed we have learnt a lot through our first campaign and hence we are confident in ensuring fulfillment and achieving better shipping rates for our backers with our logistic partners. It is with the support and feedback from backers such as yourself that we are able to improve on our 2nd project.

    18. Sam Sng on

      Hi @creator

      I have actually went to read through the first version of cori and I can tell that despite some challenges on the logistics , you guys still pull it through.

      I would like to ask are we still using the same logistic company compared to the others ? Also, I have see the comments from the previous backers that most of them are happy and comment on the support the cori gave.

      Looking really forward for these. This is the third travel pillow I backed and hope these one will last!

      Support from fellow Singaporean.

    19. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Sam,
      Yes that's right. We'll send out a separate add-on survey and you'll get to choose the colours for your reward and your add-on set. Thanks for the support Sam!

    20. Sam Sng on

      Hi I have change the pledge to +$19 for the extra pillow. Just wish to clarify if I just need to update the pledge and the survey will be added for us to choose the colour ?

    21. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Sam,

      We've made some MAJOR improvements to the CORI Pillow, based on feedback from our first Kickstarter campaign. Upgrades include:

      - Improved user friendly and intuitive strap design
      - Cooler, breathable silky soft fabrics
      - Improved premium grade fastening system
      - 15% Lighter than previous model
      - Increased choice of pillow colours
      - Option to personalize with your name

      What remains unchanged is our signature CORI custom fitted support that adapts to your individual preference.

    22. Sam Sng on

      Can you tell us what's the main difference with the first version of cori?

    23. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Sam,

      We know exactly how you feel.

      With our revolutionary modular design, you get to customise the type of support, where you want it and how you want it just by shaping the pillows to your desired support configurations. You can also tighten or loosen the strap to adjust the firmness and even add on additional pillows for the extra plush.

      Think of us as the "Lego" of travel pillows. The possibilities are limitless.

    24. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Zeehan,

      Thanks for the excellent suggestion. We are currently working on a exciting announcement and am ironing out the details as we speak. We will be posting an update soon and keep the feedback coming.

    25. Sam Sng on

      Really hope this will have neck support.. have backed a few travel pillow and so far none of it is working..

    26. Zeehan Shaikh

      It would be great to get some stretch goals lined up so more people are motivated to back the project.

    27. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Kaye,

      Indeed a personalised set of CORI would make an excellent Christmas gift. We are working closely with our partners to ensure that all our orders are shipped out by Nov (latest early Dec) and they should arrive before Christmas.

      Just ensure you update us with your details and choice of colours as soon as you receive our backer's survey at the end of the campaign!

      Thanks for the support!

    28. Missing avatar

      Kaye Murakami on

      Hi There,

      I am considering topping up my order to buy 2 pillows & adding personalization as a Christmas present for a friend. Realistically, can I expect to receive the pillows before Christmas?


    29. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Antron,

      You have read our minds! We are indeed planning for a pouch to store your CORI travel pillow. However we need to meet the minimum order quantity from our supplier. Am counting on the community's ongoing support to make that happen. Do continue to help us spread the word and look out for the announcement when we hit our stretch goals!

    30. Antron

      Sure, on a side note.. ever thought of creating a pouch for the pillow?

    31. CORI Creator on

      Hi @Antron,

      We'll send out a survey at the end of campaign and you'll get to choose the colours for both CORI and the extra pillow set. And yes, we'll show you how to pack all 4 pillows with the strap. 2 pillows will provide basic support while 4 pillows allows you more support configurations and a plushier feel. We specially sourced for a breathable, lightweight, silky soft fabric for maximum comfort.

      Hope this helps and we look forward to hearing your review after we deliver! Thanks again for your support!

    32. Antron

      On a side note, is the material good at not containing heat? So we won’t get hot and sweaty over time?

    33. Antron

      As a SG creator, I am supporting and going for the couple set with extra pillow. I hope I can also choose the color for the extra pillow so I can play around with them.

    34. Antron

      I have backed a few neck pillow on KS and they couldn’t do the job.. I hope Cori is gonna the the right one! =)

    35. Antron

      Hi, sure. Can I also check if adding extra pillow will fit into the holder?
      Say 4 of it and fold them altogether?
      In addition, can 2 provide adequate support or 4 is even better?

    36. CORI Creator on

      Hi there @Antron,

      Based on very helpful feedback from our first campaign, we went all the way to source and experiment with many more options to find the highest quality and suitable fastening system for the Cori Pillow 2.0, experimenting with several different brands based on their strength, durability, overall feel, and lasting power.

      Cori Pillow V.2 uses premium Velcro© for all of its fastenings. Nothing compares the original inventors of the hook & loop system, Velcro© brand velcro.

      In regards to a review, you can check out our first Cori Pillow 1.0 Kickstarter campaign page, where we brought the CORI Pillow to the street & asked for honest reviews!

      Hope I’ve answered your concerns!

    37. Antron

      How does the fastening works overtime? Would they lose their strength? The velcro that is used, are they able to maintain their strength overtime? On a side note, any live review or feedback by anyone who has used then pillow before for your first campaign?

    38. Samuel Chee

      Oh. But the concept still the same?

    39. CORI Creator on

      Hi Samuel,

      First of all thanks for your support! And yes, this is indeed an upgraded version. We made improvements on the design and materials based on the feedback and suggestions from our 1st campaign. =)

    40. Samuel Chee

      Is this a upgraded version? As I have same cori i bought from Grouphunt last time.