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We are revolutionizing the convention going experience, changing the way people make friends and connect with each other.
We are revolutionizing the convention going experience, changing the way people make friends and connect with each other.
We are revolutionizing the convention going experience, changing the way people make friends and connect with each other.
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    1. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hey Aaron,

      We are still technically in public beta so there could be some bugs, however, our last update has patch a lot of the crash issues (especially on the iOS side), do you have the latest version of the app? Currently as of today, we are on version 1.27 (you can check your current version by going to settigns and scroll to the bottom).


    2. Aaron Kierpaul on

      Hello the app keeps crashing on my iPhone. Have you had this problem with anyone else?

    3. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hi Erin,

      We have been working days and nights to make one of a kind app for this community. From bullet points I have written down on a notebook paper at a coffee shop to start designing the app UI and to finally have it available on both the iOS app store and Andriod Play Store, I have always tried my best to ensure the delivery of this app. I don't believe me being lazy would help our success in the creation of this app. And I want you to believe me when I say that creating a simple username & password system would be a lot easier than to keep submitting drafts and UI to Facebook so we can get it approved.

      I don't think using FB login would eliminate catfishing behaviors completely, similar to most physical locks are not able to stop criminal from stealing and breaking in. But the extra steps and efforts would deter and discourage most people from creating fake accounts. I am not trying to create a platform for people to hide behind a username but foster genuine friendship, just like the one that I have personally experienced myself. There are many websites and places for people use a pseudonym or even being anonymous, but I don't want this app to be one of them.

      While using Facebook might not be the best way as a login system, but it does have features that I think that could benefit the users, such as easy one-click login, auto-import name, bio, and photos, and the lack of needing to remember an email-password combo. (I have seen many people give up on using a site or updating apps just because they can't figure out their password and are unwilling to reset it). So overall, I see the benefits outweigh the disadvantage of use Facebook as a login method.

    4. Erin

      It takes two minutes to create a new Facebook and verify it with an email - an email also created within 2 minutes. I did this with your app so I could actually test it out. Not sure where you're getting comfort and safety from with Facebook because nothing is more shadier than a requiring use of a website that is clearly out to sell personal information and one where it is ironically, really easy to catfish.
      Not offering an alternative to Facebook for logging in doesn't come off as you trying to play it safe it just comes off as being too lazy to integrate an alternative log in.

    5. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hey Usagi hibiki,

      Currently, we want to maintain people using FB to login because we want to minimize catfishing behavior, people are more comfortable and feel safer seeing other real users around them. We also want to foster the building of genuine friendship with real people, so we believe using our real names is the best first step establish a trusting relationship.

      In your backer survey, there is a question for asking your FB email address. If you don't see your rewards Skins assigned to your account, just send us an email at so we can look into it for you.


    6. Missing avatar

      Usagi hibiki on

      I really hate the option of signing up with our fb. I use a different email for fb and Kickstarter. Will this be fixed later?

    7. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hi ChaosEve,

      We haven't assigned the Kickstarter rewards yet during our beta period, but we will be doing that soon :)

    8. ChaosEve Resident on

      Have the backer rewards been sent out yet? If so, how do we claim them? I assumed they would be added automatically if we signed in with the email we provided.

    9. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hi Cuauhtli, currently we are only using Facebook login so we can lessen the chance of people catfish catfishing.

    10. Cuauhtli on

      Hello Martin! I hope that you're doing great! I don't use Facebook, is there going to be other option to login and use the App? Thank you for your attention!

    11. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hi Erin, we use Facebook only login so we can lessen the chance of people catfish catfishing.

      If you have another issues or suggestions, feel free to email Thanks!

    12. Erin

      Where can I submit problems that I've had with the app? Only had the android beta for a few minutes and there's a slew of problems I would like to point out. Especially the fact that you can only sign up through Facebook and that whatever name is on said Facebook can't be changed on the app.

    13. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hey Ashley, we will adding the skins go accounts once we have the Android version done. Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ashley Hehir on

      Hi! I backed the project and was wondering when we will receive skins for the app? I downloaded the app for ios, thank you so much for making it easier to connect at conventions!

    15. Martin Wong Creator on

      Hi Matt,

      The app is now downloadable from the iOS app store and we are working on the Android version right now.

    16. Matt Cipoletti on

      Hey any update on this project? Haven't heard anything in about a month. Just curious =)

    17. Missing avatar

      Christina Mazzola on

      Don't forgot Florida! ♡♡♡

    18. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      BGG.CON please!

    19. Martin Wong Creator on

      We will slowly adding as many conventions as possible.

    20. Manuel A. Rodriguez on

      Is this going to cover only the major cons or small ones too?

    21. Kevin Pack

      Thanks Martin. I've been going to cons around the world and photographing cosplayers for about 40 years, and this sounds like a great idea.

    22. Martin Wong Creator on

      @Kevlin Pack, yes, this will be roll out the whole world.

    23. Kevin Pack

      Will this be setup for UK/European cons too?