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Peer into other side through the eyes of dealers, customers, and law enforcement officers. An exploration of the internet black market

Peer into other side through the eyes of dealers, customers, and law enforcement officers. An exploration of the internet black market

Peer into other side through the eyes of dealers, customers, and law enforcement officers. An exploration of the internet black market Read More
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Update 06/18/12: Table of Contents now Live!


Drugs, Digitized is a multifaceted exploration of the interaction between drugs and the internet. It's a detailed, objective compilation and analysis of the history of drug legislation, the latest scientific research into the effects of illicit narcotics, and exclusive interviews conducted with members of various clandestine online drug communities, health experts, law enforcement officials and policy makers.

Over the last 5 years new underground communities on the internet have exploded into existence. These secret networks involve vast numbers of dealers, consumers, producers, and related middlemen who operate as escrow, provide means of secure communication, quality control, and even authentication services for consumers and vendors. It is possible now to have illicit drugs delivered to your doorstep anonymously and securely, around the world, from your computer. The CDC has reported that more teenagers today smoke marijuana than tobacco. The world is quickly changing and we need a legal framework that suits this new world.

How does unprecedented access to drugs change the way people use them? How large are these communities? Where are they based? How do they operate? How have they avoided prosecution for so long? Can the DEA do anything to stop these high-tech rings? How has the internet contributed to the public's view of drugs? What do health experts think about the risks and possible uses for the most popular drugs? How effective is our current set of laws at reducing drug abuse? In what ways do economists, law enforcement officials, and doctors think we could improve the current legislation?

This novel explores the new phenomenon of internet-based drug dealing and online drug communities in depth. It provides both an exhaustive written analysis and dynamic visual representations of various complex systems and ideas related to the online drug trade. Extensive peer-reviewed medical documentation and the history of various illicit substances are explained with clarity. The capstone of the book is a large section with dozens of exclusive interviews with online vendors (who sell everything from marijuana to LSD and heroin), money launderers, customers, and law enforcement officials. Drugs, Digitized provides a never-before-seen glimpse into the minds of individuals deep inside the black market, and into the minds of experts who are trying to change our legislation to adapt to this strange new world. Peer under the floorboards of the internet to learn about this billion dollar a year industry!


In addition to eternal gratitude and good vibes, rewards include physical and digital copies of the book, as well as other goodies, check them out on the right side of the page!


Your money is used to pay for the editing, printing, distribution, and promotion of the novel, in addition to funding all the rewards for kickstarter-backers (yourself included!). A portion of all eventual book sales will be donated to charity.


Can I give my pledge as a gift?

Of course! If you wish, you can send your reward to someone else. When you are contected to give kickstarter your shipping information, just note that it's a gift and give us the recipient's shipping info.

Is the Kickstarter really all or nothing? What happens if the goal isn't reached?

Yes, it really is all or nothing. If we can't raise the whole amount, we will receive nothing, and your credit card will never be charged.

Can we exceed the goal?

Yes - how awesome would that be?! Kickstarter lets us keep whatever amount we raise within our time allotted so long as we reach our goal.

Can I increase my pledge once I've made one?

Yes! After your first pledge is placed, just sign into Kickstarter, click on the "Manage Your Donation" button, enter a higher amount and, if you wish, select the corresponding (higher) reward.

What if I don't want to receive a reward?

TOO BAD! No matter what you will receive good vibes and eternal gratitude for supporting this project. If that's enough of a reward for you and you don't want the physical or digital gifts, there is a button you can select indicating that you don't want a reward ;)

Will my pledge be displayed publicly?

Nope. No one will know how much you pledge except for us.

If I don't live in the U.S., can I still back this project and receive rewards?

Yes! But, if you live outside of the USA please add 3-4$ to pay for additional shipping costs. :)

*Drugs, Digitized: Modern Developments in Internet Trafficking is a working title, and subject to change before publication. Publication estimated at 350 pages, and should be delivered during November of 2012: just in time for the holidays :D


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