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Using sushi as a vehicle to promote sustainability, culinary diversity and creativity among kids in the South

Sushi Y'all is a traveling sushi service that promotes life lessons through hands on sushi practice and active dialogue (via skits and storytelling) with children ages 4 and up. Workshops are presented in schools, community centers, theaters and any other willing spaces throughout Tennessee and Mississippi. Children learn the history of sushi then create and eat their own sushi made from local, Southern ingredients.

So far, only children in the greater Memphis area and a few Mississippi border towns have had a chance to experience these sushi workshops. For most, this is their first sushi and/or exotic food experience. Very few of the schools/organizations interested in workshops have money to pay for them; so I fund them. My motto: Lack of budget should not be a deciding factor when it comes to expanding the culinary horizons of kids.

Now I want to expand the good news of sushi to children further South in the Mississippi Delta and beyond.

The goal: 800 kids, 35 workshops, 15 towns, 1 heck of a sushi trail left behind

With the workshop materials I've created, I'd like to present nicely printed activity binders to each classroom teacher or group leader with focused sushi related activities that promote the mission of sustainability, culinary diversity and creativity beyond the sushi workshop experience. Additionally, I would like to give each student participant a keepsake recipe booklet they can share with their family and friends.

Your generous donations will go towards printing costs for the sushi activity binders and recipe booklets, materials for a traveling sushi kitchen and help with food costs. My personal investment includes my travel expenses, consideration for assistants and most of the food costs.

Thanks, y'all for your consideration and your good vibes.

Happy Sushi!


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