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Help a first generation family farm increase local and sustainable food availability in their community!
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What a Start!

Posted by New Life Farm (Creator)

Good morning everyone. It's only been 3 full days since we launched our Kickstarter, and I am amazed that in that short amount of time we have raised almost 20% of our goal! I cannot express my gratitude in words. What the current momentum shows me is that there are people who care and believe in what we are trying to do.

I wanted to share a thought that came to mind after a conversation with someone who is a bit cynical of the notion of crowd funding, or simply "going out and asking money for free money." As a preface, I have always been a proponent of hard work, thrift, and saving, and had to contemplate the decision to pursue capital by means of crowd funding. So, here is my consolidated thought. Perhaps I will publish a longer more thorough treatise on the beauty of crowd funding:

In most cases, a lending institution gives you money because they want to make more money off of the interest you are giving back to them. With crowd funding, people give because they genuinely want to see you succeed, and in most cases, believe in what you are trying to accomplish. When it comes to ethical food production, as many of you may know, the cards are stacked pretty high against small farmers. We do not have the security of subsidies when we have a bad year. And in most cases, we do not have the support of a consumer base that understands the value of food produced with integrity.

So with that being said, how do we, as a group of conscientious consumers counter our consumerist culture (lots of c’s there!)? When a lending institution will throw money at someone who is establishing a chain franchise, but laugh at someone who is dedicated to a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible enterprise, what do we do?

I like to think of crowd funding as a way of voting for the type of community and business you believe in. Through the collective support of REAL people, other people can realize their dreams who would otherwise be subject to the anguish of modern day finance. No one is forcing you to give. No one is giving because of some self centered motive. You and I give because we care.

With that being said, thank you for caring about us. Another great way you can show how much you care is by spreading the word about our project. The more people who hear our story and learn about our cause, the more likely that this fund raiser will be a success. Until the next update, thank you all so much and Merry Christmas from the Bryk family.


Cory Bryk

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