Andere über dieses Projekt informieren


Andere über dieses Projekt informieren

Finally, a simple, easy to load system for processing 4x5 sheet film. Processes up to 4 sheets in only 16 oz (475ml) of solution!  Now available on our website:
Finally, a simple, easy to load system for processing 4x5 sheet film. Processes up to 4 sheets in only 16 oz (475ml) of solution!  Now available on our website:
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Samples have arrived; Rewards expected to ship this month.

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Samples have arrived, complete with threads! Testing looks good.

We now need to get the molds ready for production. The biggest step is adding texture to the outside surfaces. (This is always the last step before production, since once textured, it is very difficult to modify the mold.)

Here's the big news: all rewards should ship by the end of the month. Of course, standard disclaimers apply, stuff happens. But right now, we don't foresee any stuff happening.

We'll be sending out the survey this week. This is your chance to update your address etc.

We'll also be announcing our online store within the next few weeks.

New samples are on their way!

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The mold has been fixed and the new samples should arrive soon. Here's a photo of the threads and the caps they used for testing. (Yeah, we made them test it this time.) We should have an updated production schedule by the end of the week.

Lid with threads
Lid with threads

One positive outcome of having to re-machine the lid: we added a tab as shown here:

This will let you know that you've got enough liquid in the tank by just looking into the fill/drain port. In fact, you'll know that you have 450ml (approximately).

For those that keep asking: YES, you will be able to buy a SP-445 once the Kickstarter rewards have been shipped.  In fact, our online store should be up and running by next week (but without the SP-445).

Anyone see a problem?

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First Article Samples:

The injection molded prototypes just arrived. Overall, they look good and everything seems to fit well. Except for one little detail ...

Here's a photo of the injection molded prototype compared to the machined version. Anyone see a problem? (Hint: threads need to have a "start" and an "end".)

injection molded on left; machined prototype on the right
injection molded on left; machined prototype on the right

Instead of threads, they put a slanted ring around the neck!

We do all design work in 3D software and send "step" files to the machine shops. (For those outside the industry: "step" files, also known as "stp" files, are the mechanical design world's version of pdf files; a universal format that everyone can use to exchange designs in 3D.)

So how did this happen? I'm guessing that when their engineer "sliced" the part to make the two mold halves; he looked at the symmetry, forgot about the threads and "mirrored" the one side.

In any case, a rather embarrassed engineer at the molding company is busy correcting his mistake.

To my credit, I only spent about fifteen seconds trying to screw a cap on before finding the problem.

Next Steps:

We're heading back to our machine shop to perform a "neck transplant". We'll carefully cut the necks off of one of our machined prototypes and graft it onto the new version. This will allow us, hopefully, to continue testing for light tightness, O-ring fit etc, while the mold shop fixes the mold.

So when will we have new samples? Even working as fast as they can it will be at least three or four days before the molds are ready to re-shoot. Then they have to make samples. It will take another four to seven days shipping time for samples to reach us.

So, if I believe our factory liaison: seven days. If I listen to my gut feeling: three weeks. Realistically, we're expecting a ten to fourteen day delay. Now, we might recover a little time by pressuring them to keep our original production date, but we'll have to wait and see.

We'll publish another update as soon as something interesting happens.

Molds are finished, production samples coming soon; testing with Galaxy Direct Postive Paper

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Here are some more exciting shots of the molds:

tank top
tank top
SP-445 tank
SP-445 tank

 The production samples should be shot this week. And yes, we're a little nervous...

In the mean time, we've been playing with direct positive paper from Galaxy. Here are some test photos that we processed in the SP-445:

Inside the old mill
Inside the old mill

I really like the vintage/retro look. If you told people: "my grandpa took this photo back in '45", they'd believe you! (Everyone but true Jeep fanatics, I think that model was built in the '50s.)

Okay, the exposures weren't perfect but frankly, the scans don't do the prints justice, (no post processing except to reduce resolution; not sure what kickstarter does to them). Of course, the images come out mirrored but for most purposes that doesn't matter.

I need to play with the process to lower the contrast. The whole thing takes about 7 minutes plus wash and drying time. (I've had finished prints in 35 minutes.) I'm also trying to decide how much agitation is needed; probably more than I'm doing, given the mottling in the first photo, (the white specs are holes in the building), and the smudges on the top of the third photo, (I think they're from the fingers in the film holder).

With the SP-445, all you need is a changing bag and you could process prints anywhere. If I was trying to get back into the studio business, I could see setting up a "retro photo booth" at local fairs and offering old style prints for $5,(with my website/contact info on the back.)  You might only break even for the day, but it would differentiate you from everyone else else in the business.

Galaxy is running another Kickstarter for a Direct Positive 120 roll paper:

First photos of the molds; testing with Atomic X/monobath

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Production Update:

Here's a photo of the baffle mold and film holder mold.

SP-445 molds
SP-445 molds

Not much else to say about the molds. The shop is working on the tank/lid molds now.


Here's a shot I took with Atomic-X and processed in their Monobath. I really had to fight the urge to agitate it. You just fill the tank, tap once or twice, wait 6 minutes and rinse.

Atomic X  f/16 at 1/25
Atomic X f/16 at 1/25

Administrative stuff:

Just a reminder that we will be sending out a survey as we near shipping; you can update your address at that time.

Also, if you missed the Kickstarter, (and we get this question at least twice a week): Don't panic! We will be setting up online sales once all the Kickstarter rewards have shipped.

Remember that photo contest...

On a somewhat unrelated note, we had entered a photo contest at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. We were in third place, (based on voting), when the contest ended. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

The final decision was up to the Hotel staff at the Stanley, apparently they have exquisite photographic taste:

Needless to say, my wife is thrilled. The big question: how much film will I need for two days of wandering around Rocky Mountain National Park?