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Worlds First Video Game Battle Suit: For Playstation 2&3, XBOX 360, PC/MAC

Worlds First Video Game Battle Suit: For Playstation 2&3, XBOX 360, PC/MAC Read More
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Jamaal Bey
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Greetings Kick Starter. My name is Jamaal Bey, CEO of Bey-Technology.
What we do for video gamers is what the U.S. Military does to its soldiers in war games. They train, give them a suit, gun and throw them into battle.

Well, we @ Bey-Tech have created a virtual reality video game battle suit, we call Project-X. This suit launches the players into the game . Project-X alters your strategy and amplifies the games intensity by throwing you right into the action with battle suits vibrations.

About 3 years ago, my oldest son started playing video games on line and he said hey Dad, you're an inventor, why dont you invent something a player can wear that feels the vibrations of the hand controller? You know, like a Battle Suit or something.  I thought it was a great idea and I jumped on it.
It took about a year and 1/2 before I got it right and now we have proto types thats ready for action. This is my first proto type and I've since produce many more.

You see, the problem video hand controllers is that you can only feel the physical vibration with your hands. We are the first company to integrate our patented battle suit with video game consoles like... Playstation 2 & 3, Xbox 360, PC/MAC. We think that Project-X will be the next generation of gaming entertainment.


Here's where we need your Help, we can't do it alone. We now have our Battlesuit Patent Pending, some supplies and a crew to put them together.
We want to open up a small Virtual Reality Video Gaming Center and Loung, with a manufacturing shop on site to make custom orders of our Game Battle Suit and a place where customers can go play games, interact with one another and be entertained and with your help, we can make it happen


  • This suit gives it to you. Unlike any hand controller or gaming vest, it's a generation ahead of it's time. Victory comes standard, a military tour de' force. This suit will change the way you experience all vibrational games forever. Project-X is the next generation of gaming suits.
    Once you've tried it, you'll never be the same.
  • This Battle Suit does it all. Not only do you experience shots, stabs and explosions, like in gaming vest, but you also feel the guns blazing ammo at your targets. Project-X is virtual reality.
  • This suit is a serious piece of equipment. No computer programming. No downloading of software except, PC/MAC. This is out of the box ready!
    Our Nano-technology takes gamers into a 3 dimensional world, surrounded by action, explosions and the ability to experience its physical consequences.
    Our Bey-technology places the entire video game experience, into a Battle Suit. Project-X Video Game BattleSuit supports All Vibrational Games.

The same vibrations you feel in the controller, you'll also feel in the suit. This Battle Suit will transform the war to you and the feel is unreal.
So when a player shoots from the right side of the controller, the right side of the body and parts of the back side will vibrate, and when the player gets shot or beat up, the player feels it on the left side of the body and parts of the back side of their body. Everything that the controller puts out, from the left side to the right side, you will feel it all.

10 Vibration Motors:

Each Battle Suit contains 10 vibrational motors, five for the right side and five for the left. When shooting from the right side of the controller, the lighter vibration motors on the suit is activated and when you're hit with gun fire, the heavier vibrational motors on the left side of the suit vibrates. When there's explosions and complete mayham, both sides of the suit is activated, it's like being in a real gun fight and you feel it all.

Vibration Control Knob:

Each Power Station Ammo Box has a control knob, this knob controls the vibrations of the battlesuit. So if you want extreme vibration, turn it up. If you want it mild, turn it down. You have total control on how hard you want it.
This suit actually improves your shooting. From the first shot you feel, you'll have time to set up a shot, get to cover, or just haul ass!

We appriciate all that you can do to help us and as a reward we will be giving away some gifts. Take a look to the right and pick a reward and help us out.

Just take a look at the video of some of our Gifts above, we really need your help to Kick Start our Project-X. So be a part of history. This is the dream come true FPS system that every Hardcore gamers has been waiting for.

I've been inventing products since I was 8 years of age and I have always been curious about how things work, how they put them together and take them apart.

Our plan is to purchase the supplies and manufacture the suits ourselves. We believe in "Made in America"  and suppling jobs right here in the Hudson Valley. Pricing of the supplies varies, from the body armour prices from $85.00 to 120.00 per suit, controllers for PC & MAC, $25.00 to $35.00 a piece. Playstation 2&3 and Xbox 360 wireless controllers prices from $55.00 to $75.00 a piece. Then we have the vibration motors $50.00 for set of 10, ac to dc adapters, boxes, relays, wires, cords, $89.00, plus labor, etc. These supplies cost money, but with your help, we can get them @ a lower price. Our simple patented technology is used to activate the suit and the power from the controllers brings the suit to life.

Bey-Tech has been in business since 1995. We have a trained team of 9 employees right now that knows how to assemble and how the system works. We have a small assembley area where we assemble our products and it's to small for a large operation. With your help, we can move into a bigger facility to manufacture our patented Battle Suits for you and the world. We are the only manufacture of this suit, this is Bey-Technology.

In conclusion I'd like to leave you with one thought, the next time you see a commercial about video games, you'll know that today you have seen a technology that will forever change the way we experience entertainment in a virtual reality gaming world and remember, this is the worlds first Video Game Battle Suit, the wait is over:)

Thanks for your time and we'll catch you in the Matrix.


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