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Juilliard graduates, Carlye Eckert, and dancers Arika Yamada, Esme Boyce and Troy Ogilvie are making a dance to premiere March 25@Dixon Place in NYC!

Remember when you were a kid in school and that exciting time of year would roll around when you went from door to door asking for pledges of a quarter, a dollar (sometimes more if you were lucky)? Remember asking your neighbors, family and friends for pledges for every book you would read or for every lap you would run around the school track?


We are knocking at your door and asking for your support. No, we're not running laps or blasting through books... WE'RE MAKING DANCE!

The "dance" in question is a piece conceived by Juilliard graduate, Carlye Eckert, involving three tremendously talented dancers (Juilliard graduates; Esme Boyce, Troy Ogilvie, and Arika Yamada) and one tremendously long rope. The piece deals with ideas of control; who has it/who doesn't; power over existence; permanence, change, surrender. We ask ourselves: What does it mean to be tied up?

When Carlye first set out to do this project she thought that she would be able to fund it herself by using her apartment for rehearsals, save what little money she could to pay everyone, and use her closet for costumes. Well, once the process got started she realized she was being completely unrealistic: her apartment was too small and she was not making enough money at her other jobs to pay her three dancers and two collaborators (composer, Daniel Newman and film maker, Yara Travieso). Word has since gotten out and the piece is now going to be performed throughout the spring and summer following it's premiere at Dixon Place in New York City on March 25th. (Future dates announced soon)

Carlye and everyone involved in this project are huge advocates for artists getting paid fairly for what they do just like anyone else. Please help us change the system...

Help Carlye create!

The funding that we receive will first and foremost go to the performers/collaborators and what is left will go towards covering the cost of renting rehearsal space. The costumes will still be coming out of Carlye's closet.


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